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Grand Theft Auto Online's Major Update, Los Santos Drug Wars, Goes Live

Grand Theft Auto Online has its latest major story update with Los Santos Drug Wars. The new update is live now, beginning a new, multi-part story, with new missions, new vehicles, new job types, clothing and tattoos, and experience improvements.

Dragonflight Season 1 is Open, With Vault of the Incarnates, a New PvP Season, and World Bosses

Dragonflight Season 1 is officially open in World of Warcraft. The Race to World First is on, the first raid is here (including cross-faction), four new world bosses, PvP season starting, and more to come.

New World Devs Talk Their Favorite Zones and Go Behind the Scenes of Updating The Winter Convergence

The New World team talks their favorite zones in a new Forged in Aeternum episode, and takes us behind the scenes of what it took to create this year's newly revamped and expanded Winter Convergence Festival.

Showdown on Ruhnuk, SWTOR Update 7.2, is Live With New Planet, New Story, PvP Revamp, and More

Showdown on Ruhnuk, Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest update is live with a new planet, Ruhnuk, new story content, including the hunt for Heta Kol and her band of Mandalorians. There are also changes to PvP, a new Daily Area, some gearing changes, and Life Day celebrations.

Lost Ark's Wreck the Halls Update Brings the Summoner and the Brelshaza Legion Raid Tomorrow

"Wreck the Halls" is coming to Lost Ark tomorrow, with the Summoner advanced class, the six-gate Brelshaza Legion Raid, a holiday event, new Guardian Raid, new dungeons, and much more.

Watch 10 Minutes of New Blue Protocol Gameplay, Including Combat, Environments, and Bosses

A 10-minute video of new gameplay from Blue Protocol is out, and it shows off the visuals for the upcoming MMO. Get a look at combat, character customization, monsters, bosses, towns, and much more.

Dragonflight Season 1 Begins Tomorrow, With Four New World Bosses, New Arena, New Gear, and More

Dragonflight Season 1 begins tomorrow, and in addition to the arrival of the first raid, there are Mythic+ dungeons, four new world bosses, a new arena, the Primalist class armor sets, and much more.

World of Warcraft's Trading Post Will Let You Earn New Cosmetics For Free Each Month

The newly-announced Trading Post for World of Warcraft will let you earn a new currency to trade for a rotating monthly selection of cosmetics just for completing activities.

Diablo Immortal Terror's Tide Update Adds First New Zone, More Hell Difficulties, Bosses, and More Drops

Terror's Tide, Diablo Immortal's second major content update, is coming this week, with more Hell difficulty levels, a brand new zone, Stormpoint, new bosses, and a catch up system with drop and XP bonuses.

War Thunder Apex Predators Update Highlights Aircraft and is Coming This Month

War Thunder has announced 'Apex Predators', the game's big December update to come, featuring three well-known combat jets, and dozens of vehicles overall. The update will add to the potential tactical options.

Old School RuneScape Reveals New Grandmaster Quest, Bounty Hunter, and Desert Treasure Returns in 2023

The Winter Summit for Old School RuneScape revealed a new Grandmaster Quest coming in January, a continuation of Desert Treasure, the return of an improved Bounty Hunter, and much more.

New World Explains Next Server Merges and Re-Enables Trading

The New World team details exploit after re-enabling trading, and clarifies why Return to Aeternum servers are going to merge with Fresh Start Worlds

RuneScape is Raising Money for Charity With Humble Bundle and Drastically Lowering Death Costs in 2023

Death costs are dropping drastically in RuneScape in 2023, as the team teases its next reveal. Also, RuneScape and Humble Bundle have teamed up on a charity bundle with RuneScape goodies for charity.

World of Warcraft Classic is Bringing Back the Joyous Journeys XP Bonus Event

Blizzard is helping World of Warcraft Classic fans with an extra boost, with the return of the Joyous Journeys 50%+ XP bonus into January.

Final Fantasy XVI Launch Date is June 22, 2023, New Revenge Trailer Out, and Preorders Open

As revealed when Naoki Yoshida presented a new trailer, titled Revenge, Final Fantasy XVI will release on June 22nd, 2023 and preorders are open now.