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Warframe Reveals Lua's Prey, a Prequel Update to 2023's The Duviri Paradox, and More in a Roadmap Update

Lua's Prey, a new prequel update for Warframe's 2023 the Duviri Project, will be out this winter. Digital EXtremes released a roadmap update including content, Voruna, the wolf Warframe, and update on cross-play.

Guild Wars 2 Releases Profession Balance Change Philosophy Policy After Stream

Guild Wars 2 devoted its Friday stream today to the balance team's introduction of overall balance change philosophy and goals. As promised, the team has also shared their "living document" philosophy policies with the community.

New World Team Details the 80s-Inspired, Over the Top Design Process to Bring Nightveil Hallow to Aeternum

The New World team is giving a deep dive into the design process of its colorful, schlocky 80s-horror film inspired Nightveil Hallow Halloween event, from setting to demons, to boss fight design.

Path of Exile Announces November Events After Pushing Back 3.20 to December

The Path of Exile team is laying out some plans for November, confirming the status of Lake of Kalandra, and confirming that the next expansion, 3.20 will now be released sometime in early December.

World of Warcraft Rated Solo Shuffle Will Get Stronger Penalties for Match Deserters Next Week

Rated Solo Shuffle will be getting strong penalties for those who leave matches, including increased deserter penalties for repeat offenders.

Torchlight: Infinite Pits Free to Play Players Against a Whale With Unlimited Spending in a Speedrun Challenge

Starting today, Torchlight: Infinite will put free to play players on one side against streamer Rich Campbell in a speedrun challenge that puts a spin on that question of whether free to play players have a chance against those who spend money on games.

Steam Free Weekend for V Rising is Now Live, For the Wannabe Undead, through November 1st

Steam free weekend for V Rising is now live through Tuesday, letting wannabe vampires try out the dark fantasy survival RPG just in time for Halloween.

Former Mythic and BioWare Devs Start New Studio Loric Games to Tell Richer Stories in Online Survival RPGs

New studio Loric Games, founded by some former Mythic Entertainment and BioWare devs, has just gotten a round of funding to work on its mission to "bring rich storytelling to online survival RPGs".

Angela Game Stole Code From Snail Games and Tried to Hide It, According to Independent Expert Report

According to an independent expert, Myth of Empires' Angela Game stole code from Snail Games, and tried to hide it. The legal process will continue, however, with Snail Games getting an advantage here.

Preview Firesong's Druid Mysteries With the Latest Elder Scrolls Online Devblog With Druid Laurel

 The Druids are going to take center stage in The Elder Scrolls Online's Firesong DLC, which hits PC and Mac next week, and the latest preview from the team is in the form of a Q&A 'answered' by Druid Laurel of the Stonelore.

Amazon Reveals New World Fresh Start Worlds Rollout Details, Including a Third Character Slot Coming

Next week, New World Fresh Start Worlds are coming. Amazon has released timing and details on the rollout plan for these new servers, along with all the info you need to know.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Getting More Player Testing Following Successful October Pre-Alpha

Visionary Realms is laying out the present and future for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, as well as giving us a peek at November, and updating the roadmap to alpha in its latest newsletter round. 

EVE Online Holding Mass Test Today to Test Uprising's Heraldry Emblems on Server Performance

With the Uprising expansion on the way, EVE Online will hold a special mass test event today to test new corporation and alliance emblems in the new Heraldry system on the way.

New Witchfire Short Story, 'The Preyer', Gives a Look Into the Lore and Powers at Work

A new short story, "The Preyer" gives insight into the lore of Witchfire, and the team also showcases some horror-inspired themed works.

Albion Online Unveils The Mists, a Major New Feature Coming in the Beyond the Veil Update

The newest Albion Online dev talk details a major upcoming feature--the Mists, and what to expect from entering, unique creatures, and what's there for both PvE and PvP oriented players.