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EVE Online Holding Mass Test Today to Test Uprising's Heraldry Emblems on Server Performance

With the Uprising expansion on the way, EVE Online will hold a special mass test event today to test new corporation and alliance emblems in the new Heraldry system on the way.

New Witchfire Short Story, 'The Preyer', Gives a Look Into the Lore and Powers at Work

A new short story, "The Preyer" gives insight into the lore of Witchfire, and the team also showcases some horror-inspired themed works.

Albion Online Unveils The Mists, a Major New Feature Coming in the Beyond the Veil Update

The newest Albion Online dev talk details a major upcoming feature--the Mists, and what to expect from entering, unique creatures, and what's there for both PvE and PvP oriented players.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Gets Season Pass 2, With Details on the New DLC to Expect

Season Pass 2 for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been announced. Owlcat Games has also released details on the DLC to expect with the pass, ranging from standalone experiences to followup from prior campaigns.

Naraka: Bladepoint Previews Weekend Co-op PvE Mode, Showdown II, Coming Friday

Showdown, Naraka: Bladepoint's weekend-only co-op PvE mode, is getting new content this week, including new enemies, new heroes, and three new stages with different mechanics to take on.

CD Projekt Red Announces Fool's Theory Developing a Full Unreal Engine 5 Remake of The Witcher

For the 15th anniversary of the very first Witcher game, CD Projekt Red and developer Fool's Theory will remake the 2007 game in Unreal Engine 5.

Swords of Legends Online Brings Back Halloween Hide and Seek and Extends Battle Pass Season

Halloween is back in Shenzhou with the latest Swords of Legends Online update. The 3v3 Halloween hide and seek minigame is back, with rewards to claim.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces the Mysterious, Independent Sea Elf Pirate Captain Siravaen

A new Firesong preview introduces us to the mysterious Sea Elf Captain Siravaen, whose intentions on the new zone Galen are neither loyal to the Dreadsail pirates, nor clear.

Save Some Souls and Slay Undead With Broken Ranks' New Event, Forefathers' Eve

Whitemoon Games is launching a themed event this week in Broken Ranks. Forefathers' Eve will give players the chance to help some tormented souls wandering around by defeating hordes of the undead and securing some needed items.

The First Phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch Brings New Talent Trees, Customizable HUD, and Tauren Rogues

The new chapter of World of Warcraft has begun rolling out, with the first phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch now live. This phase brings the new, flaxible talent trees, the overhauled UI and HUD, new race and class combos, and more.

Dive into World of Warcraft's New Talent Trees and Specialization As Dragonflight Pre-Patch Goes Live

The Dragonflight pre-patch is out today, and Blizzard has a look at the huge overhaul to talent trees and specializations.

Multiplayer Mech Shooter With An Arthurian Twist GALAHAD 3093 Has Gone Free to Play While in Early Access

Multiplayer hero arena shooter with an Arthurian twist, GALAHAD 3093, has gone free to play. Simutronics' game will remain in Early Access on Steam, but will be accessible to all going forward on PC.

Diablo Immortal Will Merge Some Servers For Better Grouping, With Free Server Transfers Now Open

In November, Diablo Immortal will merge servers to make grouping easier. With today's update, character transfers are open, with one free transfer for all. The update also adds new items, boosts dungeon XP, and more.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is Getting Buildable, Customizable Player Housing Friends Can Visit

Buildable, customizable player housing is coming to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. Friends will be able to visit with the Creative Space update. There's also a new look at the fourth region, Stia, and a new Sonic collaboration coming in November.

RuneScape Adds Spooky Halloween Rewards and Bonuses and Updates Fresh Start Bonuses

Halloween has arrived in RuneScape, with a new miniquest and activities, along with returning tasks. This week also brings Treasure Hunter: Grim Harvest, week five of Fresh Start worlds, and a major update to the Jagex launcher.