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Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition Broadens the RuneScape-Inspired Indie With Lots of New Content

Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition is out on PC and mobile, giving the RuneScape-inspired idle game new content, expanded lore, new items, skills to train, and enemies to defeat.

Zenith: The Last City To Use New AI-Powered Voice Chat Moderation Tool

In order to keep a positive space to play in, Zenith: The Last City will use a new AI-powered voice chat moderation tool.

Cooperative Sandbox World Eternal Online Open Alpha Begins

An upcoming blockchain sandbox MMORPG, World Eternal Online, has announced an open alpha.

Atlas Adds New Small Company PvP Server and Xbox-Only Server To Broaden Opportunities

Several new servers came to Atlas this week, with the addition of a new Xbox-only server, one for small companies, and a new standard PvP server.

Black Desert Online Update Balances Maegu's Damage, Fixes Issues, and Begins New Events

This week, Black Desert Online tweaks Maegu and other classes, continues adding more helpful UI changes, fixes a number of issues, and starts a new round of events. 

Naraka: Bladepoint Showdown Continues This Weekend With New Content, New Boss, and a New Hero

Naraka: Bladepoint opening Showdown Chapter III, Gelid Yushan, this weekend. the weekend PvE mode gets a new hero, new boss, new Souljades, and more.

The Trading Post is Open in World fo Warcraft, With Mounts, Pets, Armor Sets and More to Earn

Dragonflight's Trading Post is now open in World of Warcraft. Use the new Trader's Tender currency to claim a mount, pet, armor sets, offhand items, and more.

Fractured Online Eyeing March Return After Progress on New Server Platform and Closed Development

The Fractured Online team has an update on the game's closed development. After work on its new platform and some successful tests, they're looking at a possible March return after making significant progress.

Blade & Soul Adjusts 2023 Update Schedule and Outlines February Events

In 2023, Blade & Soul will tweak its update schedule slightly, starting with a smaller February update, followed by a large March patch. Still, February will be full of events and activities.

The Day Before Team Promises New Gameplay Footage is Coming Tomorrow

The recently-delayed (again) The Day Before, which devs planned to delay before being hit with a trademark claim, may be getting some promised gameplay footage tomorrow after all.

Ill Omens Skirmish Returns to The Lord of the Rings Online  This Week With Update 34.2

The Ill Omens Skirmish returns to The Lord of the Rings Online. Update 34.2 also fixes a number of issues, from incorrect Delvings access to accidental teleportation.

After Mixed Feedback, What to Expect in 2023 From Conan Exiles?

After big changes in 2022, Conan Exiles will get several improvements this year, from regional pricing on Steam, better mod community support, stability improvements, and more content.

It's Carnival Season in Albion Online, With the Saddled Terrorbird and Beefed Up Referral Bonuses

It's Carnival season in Albion Online with the latest monthly challenge. Get your hands on the swift Saddled Terrorbird mount and more loot. Sandbox Interactive is also offering additional new referral bonuses.

Naoki Yoshida Warns Final Fantasy XIV Community on Third-Party Tools and Cheating in The Omega Protocol

Naoki Yoshida has strong warnings for those using third-party tools to get through Final Fantasy XIV's hard content, saying that development of that hard content only makes sense if people aren't cheating their way throguh it.

Respawn Will Shut Down Apex Legends Mobile On May 1st

EA is shutting down Apex Legends Mobile on May 1st. Battlefield Mobile Development Scrapped.