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September 2006
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September 2021
Prosperous Universe Mobile Coming, Possible October Release

Prosperous Universe dev diary shares reflections on development, feedback, the state of the mobile UI, and how close they may be to a full release.

WoW Classic Overlords of Outland is Live With Raids & Looking for Group Tool

Some new ways to have fun in WoW Burning Crusade Classic, with the release of Overlords of Outland. The update brings some new raids, opens arena season 2, adds some quests, and even adds the much needed Looking for Group Tool.

Valheim Hearth & Home - First Major Update Changes the Game

Valheim Hearth & Home launches with the game's first major update. Weapons and food are overhauled, and you can even name your animals.

Fractured Fall Alpha Begins September 22 With Major Changes

Fractured's fall alpha begins next week with major changes to character progression, weapons, PvP, the world, and more.

Guild Wars 2 - The Catalyst Unleashes Elemental Power for Beta Event

The final one of the elite specializations ready for next week's beta event for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the Catalyst. 

Bitcraft, a Community Sandbox MMORPG, Announced With First Teaser

Clockwork Labs has announced Bitcraft, its new "community sandbox" MMORPG and released its first teaser.

Into the Echo First Teaser Marks Pre-Alpha Signups

Into the Echo, a "time travel odyssey" MMO, releases its first teaser to mark opening up pre-alpha testing signups.

EmberSword Land Sale Claims Slow Site, Show Demand

EmberSword's land sale final claim stage began and slowed down the site as the community clearly showed demand.

New World Dev Diary Shows off Cultural Influences on Design, Lore and Endgame

Explore the cultures and civilizations in a new developer diary video for New World that shows off the creation and ideas behind some of the game's zones.

SWTOR Sorcerer and Assassin Combat Updates Now on PTS

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been on a tear updating its full slate of combat styles. The latest to get the update are now up for testing on the PTS: the Sorcerer and Assassin.

Enjoy the Moon Festival and Harder Dungeons in Swords of Legends Online 

Swords of Legends Online has a brand new update tomorrow with the Moon Festival event, along with three new extreme level dungeons, a hard raid, and new items.

PlanetSide 2 Overhauls the New Player Experience in Big Update

PlanetSide 2 has released a redone new player experience with major changes to UI, character creation, and a transition intended to make starting seamless and more intuitive.

Valheim Hearth & Home - Iron Gate Recommends Starting New Worlds for Launch

Valheim Hearth & Home launches tomorrow, and the team has some advice and recommendations (which include starting over).

WoW Update Details Events, New Changes, and 9.1.5 Changes

The World of Warcraft team has shared a list of updates and events for both current development and some changes and content for Classic. It's a packed list with a variety for everyone.

The Bladesworn is Guild Wars 2's Warrior Elite Specialization

The next elite specialization unveiled for the upcoming Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion shows us the next step in the warrior's potential path - the Bladesworn.