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Warframe - Fortuna is coming… Fortuna is coming… FORTUNA!

If you haven’t heard, Fortuna update is coming to Warframe in November. The next major update will bring the second open-world experience to Warframe and it is going to be HUGE.

Fallout 76: What Faction Will You Help?

In MMOs factions have become a big deal. It is a game feature that players can relate to and join up with to help identify their character further. In many games factions can take on a whole life of their own. Look at Warcraft with the Horde and Alliance. Fallout has given us some classic factions in their day and a few returning to 76 will be familiar. However, we also get two new factions.

Nobody Wants Destiny 3

Even though we are all having a great time in Destiny 2: Forsaken and talk about it daily, none of us trust Bungie to keep moving forward without ripping the game out from under us and to make Destiny 3.

Warframe: To Grind or Not to Grind?

It is weird no matter how much you love a game; there are times you need to take a break from it. I have spent a half of a decade with an on and off relationship with Warframe. I truly love the game and want to play it for many more years to come, but there are times I can’t bring myself to play it. I know I am not the only one that feels the same about Warframe.

Bill is Wrong

Frankly, I felt bad for all the other press members at TennoCon because they will never get the chance to feel as connected to a game as I am. It makes me sad real game journalist like Bill, are too busy to be able to sit down every night and enjoy the game they love like I do. What they do every night is to ensure you, the reader, have the most unbiased snapshot of a game.

Let’s Talk Codename: Railjack…

First of all, let’s talk about what we know about the new game mode coming to Warframe in the future, and then we can talk about what the possibilities are. If you have been living under a rock, under the sea, and far away from MMORPG.com, you might not know what Codename: Railjack is. I had the pleasure of attending TennoCon 2018, and of talking to Dave Kudirka the Senior Producer for Warframe

ArtCraft Entertainment Interview with Todd Coleman, Josef Hall, Gordon Walton

The team behind Crowfall has been working hard on their MMO. However, more is going on than just a game. Recently, Artcraft Entertainment announced that they would license out their MMO Artisan Engine for other MMO creators in the market. It is something that Josef Hall, formerly of Shadowbane and Wizard 101 fame was brought on board to do. Todd, Josef, and Gordon all took time to chat with us yesterday about the plans for the Artisan Engine and how development on Crowfall is coming along.

Fortuna Takes Tennos to Venus, and Railjack Revealed

Last year at TennoCon the community was shocked and excited to finally be able to venture into an open world to shoot, bullet jump, and fly like a ninja without being constrained to a hallway. In 2018, Digital Extremes went all in with creating better open-worlds. Even though the new open-world, The Orb Vallis might appear to be similar to Plain of Eidolon, it has a more refined experience.

The Sacrifice and the Future

It’s been over a week since the highly anticipated quest, Sacrifice came out for Warframe. Since the release of Warframe in China in 2015, fans have been waiting for the mysterious Umbra story to come to the west. For almost three years fans of Warframe have been waiting impatiently to get their hands on Excalibur Umbra and least year at TennoCon Digital Extremes announce Umbra would be coming with a price. What are you willing to sacrifice?

Does Warframe Need a Gear Score?

Warframe is mainly a player verse environment (PvE) game that only helps your team in a mission if someone has paid for anything with real money. Naturally, everything can be obtained through time and luck. There is one thing about Warframe that has confused me for almost five years playing the game, what level am I? That question constantly pops up when I am running a mission, selecting mods, and trying to figure out what I can and should do next in the game.

Warframe: Plains of Eidolon Review

Plains of Eidolon is a massive redirection in thinking for Digital Extremes that pushed the studio into a very scary direction for the game. I applaud them for constantly asking the question, “What can we do to make our game better than it has ever been?” Seriously, just keep asking that question and making it happen.

TennoCon 2017 Interview - Sheldon Carter on Eidolon

The game Warframe is constantly growing and the developers pride themselves on thinking of new ways to prevent stagnation in their game. Plains of Eidolon (PoE) is the next evolution in how we will play the game. I sat down with Sheldon Carter to get an idea of what PoE was going to bring to Warframe in the future.

TennoCon 2017 Recap

Warframe recently held its annual TennoCon in London, Canada. We sent our own Aaron Couture there to see what Digital Extremes had to unveil. To put it mildly, Aaron is a fan of Warframe. But he did not expect what he saw at this year's show...

Everything You Need to Know About Plains of Eidolon and Landscapes

Right now in London, Canada, our own Aaron Couture is at TennoCon: the annual gathering of fandom and devs for the mega-hit F2P online shooter Warframe. During the convention, Digital Extremes unveiled a radical new direction for their game - Landscapes, in the Plains of Eidolon Expansion.

The Shocking Beta Update

Firefall has been in beta for a...long time. Today, we take a look at what's upcoming in the next beta patch for the game. See what we found out before heading to the comments to talk it over.