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Path of Exile: Heist Hits On September 18th

On September 18, 2020, Grinding Gear Games will release one of the largest League updates for Path of Exile, ever. So large, we cannot fit all the information in just one article. Welcome to a new way of playing PoE with the Heist League!

A Conversation With Warframe's Senior Producer Dave Kudirka

A day before Tennocon 2020, I had a chance to sit down with the Senior Producer of Warframe, Dave Kudirka, over Zoom to ask him a few questions about the new update Heart of Deimos. While some of my questions were answered during Tennocon Live, there were a lot of tidbits I discovered during the interview that are very exciting. The new update comes out on all platforms on August 25, 2020.

Tennocon 2020: Warframe's Heart of Deimos Reveal

Revealed at Tennocon 2020, Aaron takes you through some of what is coming with Heart of Deimos, Warframe's next major update.

Tennocon: Art Panel Warframe 2020 Reveals

One of my favorite part of Tennocon is the art panel. During this year's Tennocon art panel there was a whole slew of great concept art shown. The most exciting part of the art panel for me is to see the new warframes that are coming out and the deluxe skins for the current frames.

Path of Exile: Harvest Gameplay Impressions - Harvesting The New League

Grinding Gear Games has released its latest league for Path of Exile, titled Harvest. How does the new league fare? Join Aaron as he breaks down his time in Path of Exile: Harvest.

Taking a Look at Warframe's The Deadlock Protocol Update

Update 28, The Deadlock Protocol, brought a large amount of changes to Waframe. While the update was filled numerous changes and additions to the game, there were some changes that were not as great as Aaron hoped.

Will Warframe Be On Xbox Series X At Launch?

Aaron breaks down his thoughts on what he saw regarding Warframe in yesterday's Xbox Series X game reveals. Digital Extremes was listed as working on the new console, so does this mean it will launch with the MMO?

Warframe Devstream Details Future Updates - A Break Down

Aaron dives into the recent Warframe DevStream, breaking down the major announcements and how they might impact Warframe in 2020.

Warframe - Forced Reboot

A few months back, Aaron's PC decided it just wanted to stop working. As a result, in order to get his Warframe fix, he picked it up on Xbox One while he awaited getting a new PC. Aaron touches on his thoughts during his forced reboot of the MMO.

Warframe Empyrean Virtual Tour

Warframe Empyrean is launching and this is what you can expect when it does.

Warframe: Empyrean Here We Come!

It has been almost two years since Digital Extremes announced Railjack, now Empyrean. Just last week, during Dev Stream #133, the developers announced they were going to drop the precursor patch to Empyrean, on PC shortly after the Dev stream concluded. Join Aaron has be breaks down the Rising Tide patch in Warframe!

Breaking Down Dark Age of Camelot: Endless Conquest

Recently it was announced that Dark Age of Camelot was getting a free-to-play model. Join Aaron as he breaks down Dark Age of Camelot: Endless Conquest.

Warframe Beginner’s Guide to Getting Ready for Empyrean

Empyrean is coming soon to Warframe, and now is the perfect time to prepare. Here's our beginners guide.

Warframe: The Old Blood Impressions

On Halloween, The Old Blood update hit Warframe. Since then, Aaron has been putting in a good amount of time checking out the new content. Join him as he breaks down his impression of Warframe's latest update.

Warframe: Mainline is the Lifeline

Join Aaron as he talks about Warframes Mainline updates, the frequency the team updates the highly popular MMO, as well as The Old Blood update.