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Philip (or Phil, no preference) is a lifelong gamer and writer. He has written and edited for The Trinity Times, Polar Stories, and other publications, as well as dabbling in fiction when he has the chance. When he’s not busy with his studies in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, Philip can be found in No Man’s Sky, Foxhole, Overwatch, Minecraft, or working on his latest tabletop RPG campaign. Website: philharker.ca

January 2023
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March 2023
How is No Man's Sky's Player-built Blockchain Economy Working? | MMONFT

No Man's Sky has a community-built blockchain economy. But it's not what you think. Phil takes a deep look into how that community is doing, and whether the player made economy is thriving, or diving.

An MMO Clan at War: Embedded With Foxhole's 27th Corps

Foxhole provides a unique look at warfare in an MMORPG. Philip embedded with a major clan in the MMO to take part in that war, reporting how Clans work together to triumph in battle.