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Philip is a lifelong gamer and writer. His interest in MMOs started in 2010 with Runescape (he was way too young to be playing online games), but in recent times he's become particularly interested in MMO depictions of war, economics, and politics. He's fascinated not just by games like Foxhole, EVE Online, No Man's Sky, and others, but by the communities that add amazing richness to the game experience. Philip edits Polar Stories (polarstories.ca) and he has print and digital bylines all around. Website: philharker.ca

January 2023
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March 2024
The Division, MMO Shooters, and what could have been

Ubisoft's 2016 looter shooter was a brilliant idea. And it turned gamers off of the genre entirely

How Generative AI Might Change MMORPGs

Will tools like ChatGPT make core MMO pillars obsolete? Philip discusses this in his latest feature.

Case Studies in First-timer Indie MMO Development - Part 2

Don't make an MMO for your first project... unless you really want to.

Opinion: For God's sake, don't make an MMO for your first indie game - Part 1

Philip looks at the indie MMO scene, in the first part of his series talking about building an MMO as your first game. In this somewhat tongue-in-cheek piece, he explains why an MMO probably shouldn't be your studio's first title.

The Planetside 3 Question - Will the legendary MMOFPS franchise get another sequel?

Planetside 2 has been out for nearly 11 years now, and the MMOFPS is starting to really show its age. Philip wonders if it's finally time for the legendary MMOFPS to get a sequel.

Opinion: Roleplaying in MMOs is kind of boring. That's why I love it.

Role-playing games are an excellent vessel for escapism, and for many of us it's because we can shed our real-life identities to take the role of someone else. Sometimes that can be...boring, though. However, Philip explores precisely why he loves it that way.

How is No Man's Sky's Player-built Blockchain Economy Working? | MMONFT

No Man's Sky has a community-built blockchain economy. But it's not what you think. Phil takes a deep look into how that community is doing, and whether the player made economy is thriving, or diving.

An MMO Clan at War: Embedded With Foxhole's 27th Corps

Foxhole provides a unique look at warfare in an MMORPG. Philip embedded with a major clan in the MMO to take part in that war, reporting how Clans work together to triumph in battle.