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Born in the heyday of mullets and the El Camino to a tech-foward family, Damien joined the MMORPG.com team back in 2017 to review hardware and games as well as provide coverage for press preview events. He has participated in a number of MMOs over the years, including World of Warcraft, RIFT, Guild Wars 2, and the Destiny series. When he isn't writing for MMORPG.com, Damien is a pastor by trade who loves talking with anyone interested about life, God, and video games (in no particular order). He also co-hosts a podcast dedicated to these conversation with fellow MMORPG writer Matt Keith called Roll The Level.

July 2016
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September 2020
Respawn RSP-200: A New Heir in a Long Line of Chairs

One of the biggest considerations in the conversation about gaming chairs is price. Is it possible to get a decent quality, racer-style gaming chair on a budget? Respawn would like to think so.

SponsoredOur First Look at Xaya's Blockchain-based Gaming Platform (SPONSORED)

The Chimaera Project is an ambitious platform that aims to give developers and gamers ownership of the game worlds that they develop and play through the power of scalable, blockchain-based gaming. Simply put: Xaya wants uninterrupted gaming with potential pay-off through the power of cryptocurrency. Within this article, we are going to do our best to break down what Xaya is and how it works.

Vertagear Triigger 350 – Beyond a Gaming Chair

Over the last several months, we’ve been looking at a series of gaming chairs to help you make the best call. Today, we’re examining the Triiger 350 from Vertagear. It’s not a racing chair but it’s stylish, unique, and absolutely the kind of premium ergonomic chair you should be considering.

Cooler Master MasterPulse MH320 – On a Budget?

Over the last month, Cooler Master has released its line of budget-conscious peripherals for new PC gamers and those who want quality without breaking the bank. In August, we looked at the MS120 keyboard and mouse set and were impressed. Today, we’re looking at the MH320 headset. Will it also deliver?

What To Do at Level 20 in Destiny 2

You’ve completed the Campaign mode, all that’s left to do is sit back and bask in the light of the Traveler, right? Oh, no buck-o. Strap yourself in because Destiny 2’s end-game is filled with some very rewarding gameplay even after the dust settles. In this article, we’re going to answer the question burning in everyone’s mind: What do I do at the end of Destiny 2?

The Hand Grenade and the Hiding Place

This is family meeting time. No, you’re not in trouble - we all are. I’m not going to yell at you, but this going to be like eating your green beans: you may not like it, but it’s good for you and might make you a wee bit gassy.

Atlas Rises - You Can't Take the Sky from Me

Over the past year, Hello Games has been releasing major update patches for No Man’s Sky to try to bring us back to the stars. While the previous updates introduced new vehicles, base building mechanics, and fixes to graphical issues, No Man’s Sky’s 1.3 patch focuses on developing the story, new ways to play the game, UI improvements, and some MAJOR quality-of-life components. While there are many parts to the Atlas Rises update, in this review, I will be focusing four elements of the update.