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January 2002
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January 2002
 FFXIV's Behemoth Lands, Ready to Do Battle

The PlayStation Blog has been updated with the news that the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV has finally landed in Monster Hunter: World. The blog post provides players with some tips for taking down this massive creature depending on the role they are fulfilling.

Developer Vlog Arrives with Free Cursed Sails Content Update

Sea of Thieves players can now sail into the game to take part in the Cursed Sails update, the game's second free update since launch. In the latest Developer update, Executive Producer Joe Neate takes the helm to talk Cursed Sails that brings skeleton ships, the Brigantine, Alliances and everything else you can expect when you log in.

Season 1 Trailer - The Drukhari Have Arrived

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr has been updated to bring the Season 1 patch on board. Players will have a new level cap (70) to achieve as well as lots of tweaks and bug fixes. In addition, the Triglav Subsector is now open that brings the Drukhari Dark Eldar faction to the fight.

Warbringers Animated Short - Sylvanas

The World of Warcraft YouTube channel has been updated with the second of three Warbringer videos, this time centered on the Horde Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.

Akali Champion Spotlight Gameplay

The League of Legends team has posted a new video to show off the reworked gameplay for Akali, a rogue assassin. In addition, the game's official site has been updated with all of the details on the changes.

Behind the Scenes: The Brigantine is Perfect for a Trio of Swashbucklers

The latest Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes video is out and the team spends time talking about the new Brigantine ship that has been added for those pirates in the awkward stage when a Galleon is too big and a Sloop is too small. When Cursed Sails launches, so too will the Brigantine, the perfect ship for a trio of swashbucklers looking to sail the open sea.

The (Casual) Endgame - Part 2 - TheHiveLeader

Final Fantasy XIV and TheHiveLeader haven't always seen eye to eye. But sometimes things change. Now that he's hit 70, TheHiveLeader is checking out the (casual) endgame of Final Fantasy XIV. Is it too hardcore for one man to handle? Not for TheHiveLeader! But yeah, it probably is.

New Video Short is Teasing New Skins & "Viper Paramilitary Organization"?

The Heroes of the Storm Twitter has been updated with a new video that shows of "Viper Paramilitary Organization" and new skins for Genji, Stukov and Ana. In and of itself, that's not a bug surprise. After all, we've just had the mecha-skins arrive, but totally without any type of lore. This time, however, Blizzard provides at least a sneak peek at...something? Will we learn more about Viper and their place in the Nexus? The team has been touting its own HotS-original stories for months now.

Varnimyr 2nd Dungeon Update Trailer

Elsword players can check in on two brand new Varnimyr dungeons. Varnimyr is the home of the Dark Elves and players can face off against some of the game's most formidable foes in Dark Elves' Outpost and Forsaken Spirit Asylum. To show off each, KOG Games has released a brand new trailer.

God Reveal - Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes

SMITE 5.14 has been deployed along with a brand new goddess joining the pantheon: Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes. The Polynesian Pantheon begins with Pele who, as expected, brings a fiery form of combat with abilities such as Everlasting Flame, Pyroclast and Eruption. The video also provides her origin story and a look at her in combat.

Whitemane Spotlight - A Hybrid DPS - Healing Hero

High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane is coming to the Heroes of the Storm Nexus in the near future and Blizzard has revealed that she will be something of a hybrid healing DPS class. Whitemane will heal her allies by damaging her opponents and she has some interesting abilities to make that happen.

Around the Verse - Ready, Set, Mine

The latest Star Citizen Around the Verse is now out and available that features "scramble races, marauding miners and a Ship Shape pipeline report in this week's update" along with some small improvements to the UI Arena Commander.

New Trailer Shows Off Weapons & Gear Coming in Forsaken

When the next Destiny 2 content expansion, Forsaken, is launched later this summer, players will find a lot of new weapons and gear to collect. Bungie has sent out this new trailer to provide a "sneak peek at some of the new loot coming" in Forsaken.

Citadel: Forged with Fire Reignited Teaser Trailer

Blue Isle Studio has released a new trailer to showcase the upcoming Reignited content expansion coming to Citadel: Forged with Fire. Players will find the patch packed with new things to do including spell-crafting, farming, a new quest system, more customization options and much more.

New Q&A Live! for July Features Stoneborn-Themed Location

Crowfall Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal takes the helm in this month's ACE Q&A Live for July. During the hour-long presentation, fans can find out more about the new Stoneborn-themed beachhead area. It features a pretty cool look at how game assets go from concept to grey-boxing to in-game presentation.