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November 2016
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An Invitation to The Feast

A new season of ranked PVP launched earlier this month in FFXIV. I’ve only touched upon PVP pretty briefly since Stormblood came out, mostly to say that it has drastically improved, so I thought now would be a good time to actually sit down and look at it properly.

The Moonfire Faire is Back! Plus Patch 4.06 news

It’s summer in Eorzea, and that can only mean one thing: the Moonfire Faire is back for another year. The event has always had a special place in my heart because it was active when I started playing the game, and, as a British person, summer is a season I see very little of.

The Savage Loot System is Broken

One thing that’s really hit home with FFXIV raiding is how much of a pain the loot system for Savage raids is. Previously I wasn’t in charge of organizing events — I was just lucky enough to be taken along by my FC — but now I’m scheduling things myself, the main problem I’m coming up against is trying to make sure everybody gets a fair shot at loot.

Omega Impressions

The first raid of Stormblood is here! Omega went live a couple of weeks ago, and this Tuesday marked the opening of Savage mode, where both the loot and difficulty are cranked up beyond anything else in the game. I’ve played normal to death and I’m on the second Savage encounter, so I thought I’d put down some of my thoughts. Beware: spoilers ahead.

Why Everyone Should Try Forming a Static

Anybody who plays Final Fantasy XIV knows that the easiest way to get stuff done that Duty Finder can’t handle is to find a static — a term unique to FFXIV and its predecessor, XI, that’s basically just a fancy term for a set raid group.

Stormblood SPOILER Talk

Last week I reviewed Stormblood for MMORPG.com and had a long list of good things to say about it. But I couldn’t talk too much about the story for fear of spoiling it for people who were still on the fence about buying the expansion or who hadn’t yet completed it. Thar be SPOILERS AHEAD! Consider yourself warned!

Stormblood Review - Heed the Call to Arms

Stormblood is the second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV and follows 2015’s Heavensward. Boasting a new adventure across two continents, new jobs, dungeons and gear, the latest instalment promises to build upon one the ongoing legacy of the most successful MMOs in recent years. Set just after The Far Edge of Fate, the last patch, the Warrior of the Light and their Eorzean allies embark on a journey to the arid nation of Ala Mhigo, and to the before-unseen continent of Othard.

Stormblood Week 1 - Rise of the Samurai

Stormblood is here! After a rough launch in which Raubahn single-handedly (see what I did there?) held up the main quest for most of us and everybody learned to queue like the British, things are finally straightening out, and we’re finally able to explore the brave new world of Othard and Ala Mhigo.

Goodbye Ishgard, Hello Stormblood

So, farewell then, Ishgard, and goodbye Heavensward. It’s been fun. I’ve played a hell of a lot of MMORPGs in my time, and this expansion has been one of the best.

Stormblood Job Impressions

It’s been a big week for Stormblood news — Square Enix have essentially pulled the veil off the expansion, and we know almost everything there is to know about the game without playing it.

Stormblood Brings Big Changes to Jobs & More

We’ve heard for a long time that big changes are coming to FFXIV when Stormblood finally launches — and now, just weeks away from early access, we have an idea of what we’re going to see, thanks to this month’s Letter from the Producer.

Preparing for Stormblood

The pre-expansion season is always a weird time to play an MMO. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably stuck between having things you still want to do on FFXIV and thinking that nothing you do now will matter once Stormblood comes out anyway.

How Could Jobs Change in Stormblood?

Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida has been teasing some screenshots from Stormblood showing new abilities for the game’s many jobs. It’s already been stated that Square Enix want to reduce the number of useless skills — like Feign and Featherfoot — but the overall amount probably won’t go down too much, so everyone should have a few extra tools by the time they hit level 70.

Stormblood Live Letter Plus The End for Cleric Stance?

Final Fantasy XIV’s Letter from the Producer series is always a treat. And with Stormblood so close you can practically taste it, the shows are stuffed to the gills with content. If you missed the stream — or don’t fancy wading through translations for the good info — here’s everything you need to know from this month’s stream.

In Good Company - Finding Your Place in FFXIV

There’s only so many different ways you can say Stormblood’s just around the corner — but with mere weeks until the expansion comes out, it’s hard to think of much else.