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November 2016
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Is Mentorship Meaningless?

In February 2016, the developers of FFXIV implemented something that’s a very good idea on paper: a mentorship system. XIV’s always been great at accommodating newer players, such as by offering a bonus when taking someone through content for the first time, and allowing players to mark themselves as mentors seems like a natural extension of that.

Patch 4.3 Live Letter Wrap Report

This month’s Letter from the Producer was broadcast this weekend, and it’s a biggie. Producer Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) sat down and delivered the biggest infodump yet on FFXIV’s next chapter.

The Case for Horizontal Progression

A couple of weeks ago, I vowed to return to Eureka after I’d spent more time with it (You can read my initial impressions here). I’ve been back in a few of times since then, and, unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting much further. The content isn’t for me, but I still love what it represents, and I’m happy it’s scratched an itch for a bygone era of MMOs that a lot of people miss.

FFXIV’s Pokemon Go Prank (Plus: Yoshida on Future Content)

Yesterday was the first of April, so you know what that means: Hoaxes abound, with Google pitching a run of fake products and Burger King touting a chocolate Whopper. Sadly, this column was due out the day after April Fool’s Day, so I wasn’t able to join in.

Killing God Kefka

Well, this is unexpected. Just a couple of weeks after making a start, my static has cleared God Kefka, bringing the curtain down on the most difficult content in FFXIV’s latest patch. I recently wrote about the raids leading up to the final encounter and said I’d revisit the topic when we cleared the fight, but I didn’t anticipate it’d happen quite so soon. Still, it did — and I couldn’t be happier.

Eureka First Impressions

At long last, it’s finally here. Eureka — easily one of the most eagerly anticipated features of Stormblood — launched last Tuesday, and it’s fair to say it’s unlike anything else in FFXIV. In many ways, that’s arguably its greatest strength — as well as its greatest weakness. Eureka is many things depending on who you ask, but I think one thing everyone can agree on is that it’s divisive.

4.2 Savage Review

When patch 4.2 was released, one of the first things I did was review the new PvE content. However, I’m not a part of a particularly hardcore group, so I wasn’t able to see much of Savage beyond the first couple of fights. A month later, we’ve cleared Kefka — and started working on taking down his bigger, badder final form. Now I’ve fought through the majority of the encounters, it’s the perfect time to put down my thoughts about the FFXIV’s current round of hardcore content.

Patch 4.2 - The Best of the Rest

We recently looked at the PVE content in FFXIV patch 4.2 — in particular, the raid, and Byakko, the new trial. But what about everything else that was added? The Stormblood story rages on, new housing wards have been opened up, and the Glamour overhaul that was long promised is finally here — so let’s take a closer look now we’ve had some time to play around with everything. (Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.)

Eureka Live Letter

This month’s FFXIV live letter was broadcast on Saturday, with producer Naoki Yoshida hosting a Q&A elaborating on — among other things — what life will be like in Eureka, a new zone and activity coming in patch 4.25.

Patch 4.2 - PvE First Impressions

I’m going to hold off on discussing story content for at least a week to give people a chance to avoid spoilers and enjoy it themselves. Instead, I’m going to talk PvE, after spending a lot of time this week grappling with the new high-level content. Let’s start with the second part of the Omega raid series, Sigmascape, which pits you against enemies from FFVI.

The Rise of a New Sun

It’s time to bury the Deltascape, leave Skalla at home and say goodbye to Shinryu — because at long last, Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 comes out tomorrow! Draft patch notes for Rise of a New Sun have been released, along with a trailer showing some of the Warrior of Light’s coming travails.

4.2 Preview - PvP Updates, Glamour Changes & Beast Tribe Quests

Square Enix has released more information about FFXIV patch 4.2, Rise of a New Sun, which is due out later in the month. They’re showing off the new glamour system, a new PVP arena and the Ananta beast tribe quests that’ll debut when it arrives. No word on a release date yet, but if you want a peek at what’s coming up, here’s what’s on the horizon.

Is 2018 the Year of the Dragoon?

I’ve had a long, complicated relationship with Dragoon. The first character I made in FFXIV — during the 1.0 beta, in fact — was a lancer. Years later, when I returned to the game, I made the same again. Yet for the longest time, I couldn’t really stick to it. I leveled lancer, and then it successor, Dragoon, to 60 when that was the level cap during the Heavensward era, but quickly gave up.

Looking Forward to 2018

Happy new year, everybody! 2017 was an incredible year for FFXIV, and 2018 is already looking great. There’s a lot to look forward to in the short term: a new patch is dropping at the end of the month, along with a new raid tier, a new primal, as well as a continuation of Stormblood’s story, and shortly after that we’ll get Eureka and the next relic weapon grind. If you’re lucky, maybe someone you know in game will have sent you a gift to commemorate the year gone by.

Festive Events & Patch 4.2 News

Merry Christmas! The Starlight Celebration, FFXIV’s festive event, returns for another year. Decorations have been stolen from a town in the black shroud, and one of the witnesses says that they were taken by the trees themselves.