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Benjamin has been gaming since the 1980's. He's a self taught programmer that worked in the travel, health and sports industries before joining the MMORPG.com team in 2004.

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Valentine's Day Contest

A series of events will be held to celebrate Valentine's day!

Valentine's Day Event

The FFXI site has some information on a special Valentine's event to take place in game on that special day!

Love is in the Air

If you've been waiting for just the right time to confess your love to your in-game sweetheart, send your love letter to Lineage Radio DJ Mustang Sally by February 4. You might win the in-game wedding of your dreams on the Erica server, just in time for Valentine's Day! Visit the Lineage Radio message board for more information.

Subscription Info

The official site for Saga of Ryzom has posted information about the new long term subscription information.

Pre-Order Access

The official Vanguard: Saga of Heroes site has posted information on how you can register your pre-order key and get started on playing the game 4 days before the rest of the population.

eBay Delisting Virtual Property Auctions

Slashdot Games reports on eBay's decision to delist all RMT auctions off there website.

2 New Movies

Turbine and Codemasters have released 2 new gameplay movies from LOTRO. The Shire and Duilond movies show off this impressive looking upcoming MMO.

Griffin Mount Footage

Dive into deep canyons and explore the peaks of towering mountain ranges by riding griffins and other flying mounts available to high-level players. Land mounts, flying mounts, and craftable ships are available to players as they traverse the three distinct continents in the world of Telon.

Official Trailer

NCSoft has released this trailer for their upcoming MMO Dungeon Runners. Check it out.

The Howling

When two creative and artistic minds create something new together, it is bound to be something special and unique. Last February, Spellborn NV announced a special partnership with Within Temptation, a symphonic rock band known for its haunting Celtic melodies and powerful vocals and the fruits of this partnership are now starting to emerge with a special 6 minute long game-trailer for The Chronicles of Spellborn called 'The Howling'.

Game Play Video

This trailer shows gameplay from races, deathraces, and arena combats. In addition to the actual combat/race events shown here, long-term strategy is carried out using the website.

Conall’s Valley Flyover

This video shows off the location called Conall’s Valley, giving a particularly good insight into the landscape technology used in the game. Hopefully it also conveys the grittiness and realism of the game’s graphics.

Combat Abilities Movie

The first in a series to showcase the different combat abilities you can command your personal squads to perform, this movie shows some of the melee abilities available.

Echoes of Faydwer Gameplay Video

This new video highlights many of the wonderful gameplay features encountered along the journey into a magical forest realm filled with intrigue, enchantment, and unlimited adventure!

Issue 8 Highlight Movie

NCsoft and Cryptic have released a highlight movie of the upcoming free expansion to City of Heroes, Issue 8: To Protect and Serve. The video features scenes from the new Safeguard Missions, the updated Faultline zone and the new costume pieces and powers released as part of the veteran rewards program that is part of Issue 8.