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Benjamin has been gaming since the 1980's. He's a self taught programmer that worked in the travel, health and sports industries before joining the MMORPG.com team in 2004.

May 2003
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May 2021
June Asset Update

EA/Mythic has released their June Asset update for WAR. MMORPG.com has put up a number of features from the update for it's users. We've added a beta journal, class overview, zone overview and an article outlining the armies in WAR.

CG Movie

Funcom has released this CG trailer for AoC.

Two New Movies!

MMORPG.com has added two new movies for Aion! The first features class combat footage and the second explores part of the world, features some character flight and at the end a city in the clouds!

Dev Diary - E3 2007, Continuing Content

Jeffrey Steefel is back with another dev diary for E3. This time out discussing continuing content in the game.

Issue 10: Invasion Trailer

NCsoft and Cryptic Studios have released this trailer of the upcoming expansion for CoH and CoV. This trailer shows the invasion of the evil Rikti aliens.

Heroic Characters Video

Perpetual Entertainment and Platform Publishing have released this new video showcasing heroic characters and terrifying myth creatures, including centaurs, the wolf-like Volta and minotaurs.

Video Interview and Combat Animations

We've added two new videos for Gods and Heroes. One is a video interview with Stieg Hedlund, design director about minions in the game and the second video shows off some of the upcoming games combat animations.

Revelations II Trailer

CCP Games has released this new trailer for the Eve Expansion being deployed today!

Book 9: Shores of Evendim Video

Turbine and Codemasters have released this new video showcasing some of the Evendim addon for LotRO.

'Quests' Podcast!

EA Mythic gives a firsthand look at the way the quest structure is broken down into charges, adventures and epics. Individual quest types like kill collectors, tome, exploration, RvR and public quests are each illuminated in a way that is only possible with the help of creative director, Paul Barnett.

Eyes of the North - Dungeon Video

ArenaNet and NCsoft have released a new video for the upcoming expansion to the Guild Wars franchise of games, Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

MMORPG.com User Blogs Launch!

MMORPG.com has launched blogs for it's members! All you have to do is have a free MMORPG.com account to get started blogging on MMORPG.com.

New Video!

NCsoft has released a new game trailer for Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriott's upcoming MMO.

David Perry Interview

Recently, MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to ask a few questions of David Perry, the Director of Acclaim's Top Secret project.

Elf Starter Guide Levels 1-5

Site member Mike McArthur (Exmond) has penned this starter guide covering the Elf race levels 1-5.