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May 2003
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Painstaking Desert and Evil Hole Trailer

Here's a couple of trailers joined together featuring the Painstaking Desert and Evil Hole areas in Elf Online.

New Trailer

To celebrate the latest stage of beta testing, Spellborn has just released new video. You’ll see the starting zone located on the Parliament Shard, Hawk’s Landing, just outside the city of Hawksmouth.

New Trailer

Fight the post-GDC lull with Requiem: Bloodymare’s most intense trailer to date. If blood-stained broadswords slicing through monstrous abominations are your cup of tea, this is for you.

Book 12 Dev Diary Video

Developer diary video discussing the free book 12 content update.

Video Dev Diary

The Green District Conception with Romano Molenaar (Lead Concept Artist) Video Dev Diary.

Kamael Videos

NCsoft has provided us with two new videos of the free Kamael expansion. Check them out.

Two New Movies!

EA/Mythic have released two new movies for WAR. Come check them out!

Bar Story Trailer

"Now I bare many scars, but I will walk no other path..."

The Kamael Movie

This video showcases some of the massive content updates in store for L2 when this free update goes live.

New Video!

We've recieved this new Age of Conan video for your enjoyment!

Issue 11: Flashback

This video shows off the headline feature of Issue 11 which is the ability for players to “flashback” in time to participate in exciting events from the history of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Video Dev Diary: Housing

Jeffrey Steefel is back and he's discussing player housing in the upcoming book 11 update.

G-Star Korea 2007 Movie

In the video you will see different parts of the Spellborn world: the Arena, Deadspell storm and last, but not the least - the Mines. You'll also see tons of wicked combat.

Birthday Movie

EQ2 just celebrated it's 3rd birthday and here's a video to commemorate it.

New Videos!

In this months asset update EA/Mythic included two videos. The first is a new trailer for the upcoming MMO and the second features the first game play footage of Altdorf, the Empire capital city.