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Joseph has been writing or podcasting about games in some form since about 2012. Having written for multiple major outlets such as IGN, Playboy, and more, Joseph started writing for MMORPG in 2015. When he's not writing or talking about games, you can typically find him hanging out with his 10-year old or playing Magic: The Gathering with his family. Also, don't get him started on why Balrogs *don't* have wings. You can find him on Twitter @LotrLore

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i5-9600K Review - A Solid Mid-Range Option

What if you could have a mid-range chip option that competes not only with its competition, but what is considered to be the go-to option for gamers for the past year? Enter the i5-9600K, a fantastic midrange option for those looking to stay in the Intel family, but don’t want to spend the extra money on the i7-8700K or even step up to the 9700/9900K options. This is our i5-9600K review.

Cooler Master Tenkeyless Keyboard Round-Up

Finding the right keyboard isn’t easy. Factoring form (do you want a full keyboard or tenkeyless?), switch type, and most importantly RGB capabilities are simply a few of the decisions you have to make when buying such an integral part of your gaming rig. Think about it - practically everything you do on your PC is through the keyboard: from sending an email to outmaneuvering a Hanzo-main - making sure your weapon of choice is comfortable and of high quality can invariably affect your whole experience.

CCP Removes EVE Online CSM Member After Alleged NDA Leak

EVE Online is never without its drama. Player fueled vendettas, propaganda and sabotage are commonplace. It also never ceases to be driven by the actions of its players. However, sometimes even those actions have to be reined in by CCP, which happened today.

EVESterdam 2019 - The Council of Stellar Management

EVE Online is a world of its own - something the developer and players would freely admit. In a game that is so player driven, EVE Online drives unique stories and experiences found literally nowhere else in all of gaming. This extends to the power struggles and political side of New Eden. Part of that is the democratically elected Council of Stellar Management, or CSM. This is a body of players, voted on by players, to represent the people who make up New Eden with CCP Games.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Cooler Review

Keeping your CPU cool is an integral part in ensuring your PC runs smoothly. There are many different theories on what method is best: air cooling, liquid cooling, using massive heatsinks or custom-made cooling loops. However, when looking at the different options, price becomes a massive factor in someone’s build decision. How much of your budget can you spend towards cooling arguably the most important part of your PC, and do you really need to spend a massive amount on this area to get some great results?

Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard Review

Motherboards are an interesting component in a PC. While the CPU is the brain and the GPU drives the visuals, the motherboard is the body while enables all of these components to work in concert with each other. However, for many people, myself included until recently, the motherboard was always an area to save a little extra money. However, having a quality gaming motherboard can go such a long way to maximizing the investments you’ve made elsewhere in your gaming rig.

The RPG Files: Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

As the credit rolled onscreen, I sat in disbelief at the journey I was just on. Almost seventeen years of storytelling wrapped up in a 30-hour ride of joy, sadness, laughter and anger - and I couldn’t believe it was over. Yet, even at the end, Kingdom Hearts 3 left even more questions than answers, prodding me to immediately load up my save and start playing it again, desperate to capture any detail I might’ve missed previously.

AMD Radeon VII Review - More Compelling Than Ray Tracing?

It’s no secret that over the last two years AMD hasn’t been able to truly compete in the enthusiast graphics space. While they are taking market share away from Intel in the CPU world thanks to their incredible Ryzen CPUs (love my Ryzen 7 1700, by the way), the company’s flagship consumer card, the Vega 64, failed to capture the high end market as many consumers were hoping for.

Cooler Master CK530 & MK730 Keyboard Review

Cooler Master is not a brand I would have originally associated with keyboards, however, so I was pleasantly surprised when they sent me their new CK530 and MK730 Ten-Keyless mechanical gaming keyboards to review. Using them for the first time felt amazing, though not without some draw backs.

The RPG Files: Kingdom Hearts 3 Review in Progress #1

The wait is over - Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally upon us after being first announced at E3 2013. The latest installment in the zipper-clad Disney-Square Enix opus aims to tie up all of the loose ends that many fans have been wondering since we first saw Sora, Riku and Kairi run on the beach in Destiny Islands all those years ago. Though I’m only about 8 hours into Kingdom Hearts 3 so far thanks to external circumstances, here’s what I’ve thought thus far.

GameSir VX AimSwitch Review

GameSir’s VX AimSwitch looks to bring the precision and accuracy of a PC to your console, and do so in a compact and stylish way. Sporting only half a keyboard and wired mouse, the AimSwitch is relatively simple to set-up and use, however, it begs the question: is it required in a day and age where consoles are already starting to support keyboard and mouse natively?

Bloody MP-60R Mouse Pad & SP80 Mouse Review

The V8 Headshot mouse was my main tool of for almost five years and was possibly the best mouse I had ever used, specifically because of how the Bloody’s metal mouse feet kept gliding across my mouse pads. After half a decade of use, my mouse stopped working properly. Bloody’s SP80 Bleeding Edge Gaming Mouse follows in its footsteps along with their RGB-infused gaming mouse pad. However - are they worth the cost?

Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 PWM HDB Cooling Kit Review

Imagine my happiness when I realized Cougar’s new RGB equipped 120mm triple fan cooling kit provided both RGB lighting and fans that kept my neurotic fear of overheating in check. The Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 PWM HDP Cooling Kit might be some of the best fans I’ve ever put into a case, and I definitely don’t say that lightly.

ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac Motherboard Review

The last two times I’ve bought a new motherboard I’ve had to do it because of a CPU upgrade, so most of my money has gone into that part. With my last system overhaul, after picking up my new i7-8700K a few months back, I again skimped on the motherboard. I went with a Gigabyte Z370P-D3 motherboard because the 6th-Gen variant I used with my 6700K was decent.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Expansion & Blue Mage Revealed

Today in Las Vegas, Square Enix pulled back the veil on their newest upcoming expansion to the incredibly popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Titled “Shadowbringers,” Final Fantasy’s newest expansion brings players to the brink of finally taking down the Garlean Empire.