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Joseph has been writing or podcasting about games in some form since about 2012. Having written for multiple major outlets such as IGN, Playboy, and more, Joseph started writing for MMORPG in 2015. When he's not writing or talking about games, you can typically find him hanging out with his 10-year old or playing Magic: The Gathering with his family. Also, don't get him started on why Balrogs *don't* have wings. You can find him on Twitter @LotrLore

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The Elder Scrolls Online's Greymoor Chapter Brings Nostalgia, Indiana Jones To Tamriel

The Elder Scrolls Online's Greymoor releases later this year, but ZeniMax allowed us to go hands on with a preview build of the chapter last week. Here's our impressions of the latest chapter in ESO's story, as well as a brief interview with Creative Director Rich Lambert.

Celebrate Gondorian New Years In The Lord of the Rings Online

March 25th holds special significance in Tolkien's sub-universe, as it's the date the Ring was destroyed and Sauron defeated utterly. So why not explore some of the world of Tolkiens World?

Chronicles of Elyria Developer Soulbound Studios Shutters Following Its Settlers of Elyria Event

In a forum post, Soulbound Studios CEO Jeromy "Caspian" W posted a recap of its State of Elyria post, talking about the latest alpha release, Settlers of Elyria - and dropped a bombshell: Soulbound Studios is shuttering.

Bless Unleashed Review In Progress Part 2

In our second part of our review in progress for Bless Unleashed, Bradford finds himself exploring the story more, dabbling with an alt, as well as taking on the marketplace.

Last Oasis Preview Impressions

Last week, Last Oasis showed off a bit of their nomadic survival game ahead of its Early Access launch on the 26th. Here are our thoughts from our hands-off presentation.

Saga of Lucimia Showcases Upcoming Alpha In New Video

Last night the team at Stormhaven Studios streamed their upcoming alpha for Saga of Lucimia. If you missed it live, the team has put together an archive version to check out leading up to the April 3rd launch.

Standing Stone Games Just Made Most Of LotRO and DDO's Content Free For a Short Time

Players eager to hop into The Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons & Dragons Online but were worried about paying for content during the current climate, Standing Stone Games is here to help.

Black Desert Online Celebrates 4 Years With Collab Video

Black Desert Online is four years old this year and the team celebrated the milestone with a video collaboration with Carbot Animations.

Bless Unleashed Review In Progress - Initial Thoughts On The MMO

Out of the ashes of Bless Online, Bless Unleashed has...unleashed...on Xbox One. How does it stack up in the early hours?

MapleStory 2 Closing Down In May

Nexon announced this morning its plans to shutter MapleStory 2, stating that the global service will cease on May 27th, 2020.

Cross Play - Checking Out Black Desert's Latest Feature

Black Desert recently launched its cross play feature, giving console players the ability to join each other and quest regardless of platform. How easy is it to join your console friends, however?

Blizzard Will Finally Add Account-Wide Essences To World of Warcraft

The rejoice of fans everywhere, Blizzard is finally allowing for account-wide essences in World of Warcraft. In an expansion like Battle for Azeroth, where there has seemingly been one thing or another that has made players upset, the essence mechanic is one that definitely stands out.

Last Oasis Hits Early Access March 26th

The nomadic MMO survival game from Donkey Crew, Last Oasis, has an early access release date. Announced via a post on Steam this morning, the MMO will be coming to Early Access at the end of the month - March 26th to be exact.

ArenaNet Details The Future Of Guild Wars 2, Including A Third Expansion

In a blog post on the Guild Wars 2 website today, the team at ArenaNet laid out their vision for the future of Guild Wars 2, including word that they are hard at work on an upcoming third epxansion of the venerable MMO.

[RETRACTION] OPINION: Saga of Lucimia Creative Director's View of Crunch is Out of Touch

We have retracted this story and vehemently apologize to the Tim and the team over at Stormhaven Studios for any damage this piece might have caused.