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Joseph has been writing or podcasting about games in some form since about 2012. Having written for multiple major outlets such as IGN, Playboy, and more, Joseph started writing for MMORPG in 2015. When he's not writing or talking about games, you can typically find him hanging out with his 10-year old or playing Magic: The Gathering with his family. Also, don't get him started on why Balrogs *don't* have wings. You can find him on Twitter @LotrLore

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April Fools Day 2024 Edition - The Best Pranks From MMOs And The Games Industry

April Fool's Day seems to bring the best out of many of the social teams that power our favorite MMOs and RPGs. Here are many of the pranks and gags being pulled across the world of gaming, all in one convenient place.

Interview: Chatting Wtih Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Matt Firor About The MMO's Longevity

The Elder Scrolls Online turns ten next week, and during GDC 2024 we had the chance to chat with game director Matt Firor about the MMO's longevity.

Warframe's TennoCon 2024 Tickets Go On Sale, Legendary Tier Includes A Voice-Over Recording Session

TennoCon 2024 ticket sales went live today, with Warframe players able to snag passes to the live event this year - this time spanning two days in July.

GDC 2024: Inkbound Interview - Looking Back On Early Access And Ahead to Rise of the Unbound Launch

During GDC 2024, we had the chance to visit Shiny Shoe's offices in San Francisco to talk to the team about the lessons learned during early access, as well as what new things players can expect when its Rise of the Unbound 1.0 launch hits on April 10th.

Guild Wars 3 Confirmed To Be In Development, Though It Seems It's Still In Its Early Stages - Updated

Guild Wars 3 came up in a recent shareholders meeting at NCSoft, with the company effectively announcing it's in development.

Marvel Rivals Is A 6v6 Multiplayer Hero Shooter From NetEase, Closed Alpha Begins In May

NetEase and Marvel Games have officially announced Marvel Rivals, a 6v6 Hero Shooter set in the marvel universe, coming to PC.

DCUO Gets A Native PS5 Client, Looks Ahead To Episode 47 In Latest Dev Blog

DC Universe Online has had a quiet 2024 thus far, but today the team at Dimensional Ink laid the ground work for what's to come here in the second quarter of the year.

Throne and Liberty Sets Closed Beta For April 10th, Sign Ups Now Live

Throne and Liberty is gearing up for its first major test of the year, with a closed beta test announced for April 10th. Sign-ups are now live.

GDC 2024: Survival Crafting MMO Bitcraft: Age of Automata Hands On Preview

During GDC 2024, we had the chance to chat with the Bitcraft team, as well as go hands-on with the survival crafting MMO ahead of next month's alpha.

5000 EVE Online Players Are Fighting In One Of High Sec's Most Trafficked Systems

Early this morning, a fight erupted over multiple structures in the High Sec system of Perimeter in EVE Online, one of the most trafficked and important systems in the MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV Has Finally Launched Today On Xbox Series Consoles

After a decade of PlayStation console exclusivity stretching back to the PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy XIV has finally launched on an Xbox platform.

GDC 2024: The Elder Scrolls Online Has Seen 'Nearly $2 Billion In Customer Spend' Since Its Launch

During a panel at GDC 2024, Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Matt Firor noted that the MMO has brought in a staggering amount of player spend over its decade in operation - almost $2 billion.

Riot's League of Legends MMO Going Dark For 'Several Years' After Getting Reset

For those looking forward to the Riot MMO, you'll be waiting for 'several years' to hear anything thanks to the project being 'reset.'

Razer Iskur V2 Gaming Chair Review

Bradford has a lot of gaming chairs in his house, yet the Razer Iskur V2 might be the best. Read on for our thoughts in our official review.

Xbox Is Giving Away A Non-Functional Final Fantasy XIV Console

To celebrate Final Fantasy XIV finally coming over to Xbox in a week, Microsoft is giving away a one-of-a-kind Xbox Series X console outfitted for the MMO. Except it doesn't work.