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Joseph has been writing or podcasting about games in some form since about 2012. Having written for multiple major outlets such as IGN, Playboy, and more, Joseph started writing for MMORPG in 2015. When he's not writing or talking about games, you can typically find him hanging out with his 10-year old or playing Magic: The Gathering with his family. Also, don't get him started on why Balrogs *don't* have wings. You can find him on Twitter @LotrLore

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Legends of Aria New Dawn Hits Today, Patch Notes Released

The next chapter for Legends of Aria has come, as the New Dawn update hits today, along with an extensive list of fixes and changes with Point Release 8.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Along With Brad McQuaid's Family Establish Scholarship In His Memory

Last month the MMO world suffered a blow as visionary game designer Brad McQuaid passed away. Today, the team behind his latest vision, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, have announced a new scholarship in his honor.

EVE Online Is Experimenting With A Zero Downtime Period Through December 5

Downtimes are part of MMOs. It's the nature of a game that relies heavily on server infrastructure. EVE Online typically has downtime daily - but the Icelandic developer is experimenting with a period of no downtime.

ESO Streamers Teaming Up To #SlayDragonsSaveCats Through December 8

The Elder Scrolls Online Community of streamers is banding together to make one more push in ZeniMax's #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity promotion. Benefiting the Best Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS, ESO streamers will be raising money for the charities with chances to win in-game loot for random donators.

ExileCon 2019: The Most Popular Game At ExileCon Might Not Have Been Path of Exile 2, But A Card Game

As I walked through the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand a few weeks back during ExileCon 2019, I noticed something weird. The line for the merchandise shop, usually long for any convention, was unusually short. Meanwhile, a queue extended across the main hall and at the beginning was a game developer, being mobbed for the cards he held.

Astellia's Latest Update, Miodan Mine, Is Now Live

Astellia's latest update to its endgame content, Miodan Mine, is now live on the game servers. Players can hop into the new content today and start adventuring in the new zone geared towards max level characters.

EVE Echoes Open Beta Now Live On iOS and Android Devices

The Open Beta for NetEase and CCP's co-developed EVE Echoes is now live today. Capsuleers eager to venture into a new version of New Eden on mobile can do so on both iOS and Android devices starting today.

The Lord of the Rings Online Minas Morgul Review In Progress

Resident Tolkien fanatic, Bradford, has been exploring the world of Minas Morgul since the expansion hit earlier this month. This week he comes upon the Morgul Vale, home to the Tower of Sorcery. Read on for his first Review in Progress of the Minas Morgul expansion.

ExileCon 2019: Path of Exile Mobile Surprised Me

At ExileCon 2019, Grinding Gear Games pulled the veil back on Path of Exile Mobile. As someone who is decidedly not a mobile player of practically any game, Bradford found himself intrigued at the notion. So how did it fare in its first public outing? Bradford put the mobile build through its paces - here's his impressions from the show floor.

Project C Gets A New Name - Life Beyond, New Gameplay Trailer

Project C has officially unveiled the name of the upcoming ambitious MMORPG. Darewise's single-shard MMO, Life Beyond, was unveiled a little bit more today with a new trailer showing some early glimpses at the game.

ExileCon 2019: Path of Exile 2 Hands-On

Path of Exile fans descended upon the Aotea Centre in New Zealand last week, hoping to get a glimpse of the future of the ARPG. They got more than a glimpse, as Grinding Gear Games showcased the first 45 minutes of their upcoming Path of Exile 2 to the world. We got to go hands on - so how did it fare?

World of Warcraft Classic's Battlegrounds Hitting Servers On December 10

Via a forum post today, Blizzard announced that the upcoming Battlegrounds update will be hitting on December 10th in World of Warcraft Classic.

Brad McQuaid, EverQuest and Pantheon Developer, Has Passed Away

Brad McQuaid, a legendary game designer who worked on EverQuest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and most recently Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, has passed away according to a tweet on the official Pantheon twitter.

Path of Exile 3.9.0 Expansion, Conquerors of the Atlas Launches on December 13th

The upcoming patch for Path of Exile has a name and release date. Today at ExileCon 2019, developer Grinding Gear Games showed off their upcoming 3.9.0 update, dubbed Conqueror's of the Atlas, and revealed a release date of December 13, 2019.

Path of Exile 2 Announced at ExileCon 2019

During the keynote at ExileCon 2019 in New Zealand, Grinding Gear Games dropped a bombshell, revealing Path of Exile 2. The new campaign will be supported alongside the original Path of Exile, and players worried that the expansions and updates that have made Path great will be lost with PoE 2 can rest assured - those will all be carried over to the new version when it launches.