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Joseph has been writing or podcasting about games in some form since about 2012. Having written for multiple major outlets such as IGN, Playboy, and more, Joseph started writing for MMORPG in 2015. When he's not writing or talking about games, you can typically find him hanging out with his 10-year old or playing Magic: The Gathering with his family. Also, don't get him started on why Balrogs *don't* have wings. You can find him on Twitter @LotrLore

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Guild Wars 2 World Boss Rush Event Begins Today

Guild Wars 2's special event begins today, giving fans another round of boss killing for bonus rewards. The Guild Wars 2 World Boss Rush event begins today, July 16, and runs through July 23.

Final Fantasy XIV Certainly Has Some Interesting Tie-Ins

Final Fantasy has always had some weird tie-ins, most prominently the Coleman camping supplies and Cup of Noodles in Final Fantasy XV. However, Final Fantasy XIV might just have beaten those seemingly bizarre product placements.

RuneScape Community Prepares For Double XP Weekend In Late July

RuneScape fans will have a chance to seriously power level their characters in an upcoming weekend event. RuneScape developer Jagex has announced that their next double XP weekend is scheduled for the end of the month.

PUBG Details An In-Depth Look At It's Anti Cheat Efforts In A New Video

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has always dealt with cheaters. Every major online game in recent memory has dealt with cheaters of every kind. PUBG Corp has taken steps throughout its life to quell these cheaters, and a new video by the battle-royale maker hope to detail some of the behind the scenes work it's taken towards these efforts.

Bungie Recaps The Week In Destiny 2, Including Some Bad JuJu, GCX And More

In this week's Destiny 2 update, Bungie detailed some bad juju that has come to it's popular looter shooter - and it's not just talking about the pulse rifle.

Blizzard Is Gifting World of Warcraft Game Time To Inactive Players

Inactive players of World of Warcraft who might have been interested in potentially exploring Azeroth again might have a reason to log back in, if only for a few days. Blizzard is apparently gifting World of Warcraft players whose accounts are inactive game time through the Battle.net app during the month of July.

Growing MMORPG.com Into the Next Decade

For those who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Bradford and I will be stepping into the role as MMORPG’s Managing Editor. Since 2012, I’ve written about video games and the industry as a whole on multiple outlets, such as IGN, Playboy, and GamesRadar among others. Since getting my start writing about LOTRO for Middle-earth News earlier this decade, my career has been a whirlwind. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best editors in our industry, make lifelong friends, and live out a dream I’ve had since I was a kid.

EVE Online's Big Shake Up is Rubbing Many Capsuleers the Wrong Way

EVE Online has already carved out a reputation for being the catalyst for some of gaming’s most interesting stories. Those stories are driven by the thousands of dedicated players who make EVE’s New Eden home. Whether it’s backstabbing an alliance someone has infiltrated or exploring every system in New Eden, EVE Online players have proven themselves to create some of gaming's most unique stories to date.

Cooler Master SK650 White Limited Edition Keyboard Review

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Cooler Master SK650 Low Profile Keyboard. Cooler Master has since announced a limited edition to this unique gaming keyboard, but is it truly any different than what has been released already? How does it stack up compared to other Cooler Master keyboards, as well as the competition? And what about that sweet, sweet RGB? Here is our review of the Cooler Master SK650 White Limited Edition Keyboard.

Astro A40 Tournament-Ready Headset & MixAmp Review

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been one for the traditional gamer headsets. Usually they are gaudy pieces of cheap plastic designed to “look cool” but oftentimes skimp on what’s important: the sound quality. Over the years I’ve used quite a few brands, but one that I’ve never had the opportunity to really use other than at press events were the Astros.

Razer Ripsaw HD Game Capture Card Review

When most people are shopping for capture cards, Razer may not enter the conversation. Razer has made and released a capture card, the Ripsaw, which took aim at Elgato’s stranglehold on the streaming accessory conversation. Razer has improved upon the original Ripsaw with the Razer Ripsaw HD. This time they are squarely targeting the Elgato HD60 S, but does it do enough to put it in the conversation as a viable mid-range gameplay capture option?

Streaming EVE Online: An Interview with Streamfleet

No other MMO in today’s gaming industry has a more storied, player-driven history than EVE Online. One might argue the legends of “World Firsts!” guilds in WoW can give EVE a run for its money, but simply no other game today can compete with the player-driven and player-created drama that unfolds daily in New Eden. From political controversies to back stabbings and alliance betrayals, the stories of capsuleers in New Eden are the lore many gamers love to learn about.

i5-9600K Review - A Solid Mid-Range Option

What if you could have a mid-range chip option that competes not only with its competition, but what is considered to be the go-to option for gamers for the past year? Enter the i5-9600K, a fantastic midrange option for those looking to stay in the Intel family, but don’t want to spend the extra money on the i7-8700K or even step up to the 9700/9900K options. This is our i5-9600K review.

Cooler Master Tenkeyless Keyboard Round-Up

Finding the right keyboard isn’t easy. Factoring form (do you want a full keyboard or tenkeyless?), switch type, and most importantly RGB capabilities are simply a few of the decisions you have to make when buying such an integral part of your gaming rig. Think about it - practically everything you do on your PC is through the keyboard: from sending an email to outmaneuvering a Hanzo-main - making sure your weapon of choice is comfortable and of high quality can invariably affect your whole experience.

CCP Removes EVE Online CSM Member After Alleged NDA Leak

EVE Online is never without its drama. Player fueled vendettas, propaganda and sabotage are commonplace. It also never ceases to be driven by the actions of its players. However, sometimes even those actions have to be reined in by CCP, which happened today.