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February 2014
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LockSixTime - First Impressions

The TL:DR version is... The nuts and bolts of Wind of Luck are pretty solid, but it has some technical issues and a clunky 90s interface/UI that make it difficult to like. It's pretty fun, but probably one for people who love this era of naval combat.

WildStar F2P  Please Stop Selling Me Money

Check out Lock Six's latest! Free to Play is like walking a tightrope for any game, and Lock thinks that WildStar is so overburdened with coins, currencies and points the rope may snap under the weight.

LockSixTime - Keeping The Secret World

Funcom is in some financial trouble, and Lock doesn't want you to miss out on experiencing a grown up take on the MMORPG.

LockSixTime - Exploring Kyn, an RPG with Soul

Kyn is a single player, strategic action RPG. Blending multiple genres, the player controls up to six Vikings in a challenging world where magic is present. Magic, both coveted and feared, has been one only the most skilled warriors had access to. Now that peace is threatened by what may be abuses of that very magic, it may be something you need to learn to harness. The game features lots of enemies to fight, loot to collect, and tactical combat to keep you busy and guessing as you explore the v

LockSixTime - Guild Wars 2 Adventures Await

Lock is looking forward to Guild Wars 2's upcoming expansion: Heart of Thorns. Why? Well, listen to his reasons and see if you agree!

LockSixTime - ESO's DLC = Tamriel Limited?

In this week's video, Lock takes a look at the recent Imperial City announcements from Elder Scrolls Online. While the content sounds great, he's not sold on how it's being monetized. Watch and find out if you agree.

LockSixTime's Tribute to Satoru Iwata - Games Are For Everyone

Today LockSixTime memorializes Satoru Iwata, a gaming icon, though many PC gamers might not realize it. Consoles, after all, aren't known for their MMOs. Still, the work of this one man touched the lives of millions, and he will be missed.

A Whole New World of Tanks (LockSixTime)

Today Lock is diving into Obsidian's Armored Warfare, a brand new modern tank combat MMO from My.com. What makes it different than World of Tanks? Let Lock tell you...

LockSixTime - A Look at Trion's New MMO

Take a look at Lock's first steps inside of Trion's upcoming imported MMORPG, Devilian. Lock hopped into the Thai version of the game (which is not necessarily 100% indicative of the build Trion will bring us), to poke around and take a look at how it plays. Watch on for his first impressions! Subscribe! - http://www.youtube.com/mmorpgcom Follow Lock! - http://www.youtube.com/locksixtime Be sure to visit our sponsors - http://www.maingear.com

LockSixTime - The Future is MMOBile

Today Lock opines about the unstoppable rise of MMOs on mobile devices, and what he thinks could happen in the next few years.

How Siboot Could Finally Let You Roleplay In Your MMORPG

Legendary game designer Chris Crawford has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a very different kind of game. Siboot is a game that will test your emotional intuition, rather than you puzzle solving ability, and demonstrate a radical new technology designed to take interactive storytelling to the next level. The plan is to make this technology open source, a move that could revolutionise how we understand and interact with virtual worlds.”