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June 2003
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May 2020
Interview With Dallas Dickinson, SOE Producer

Reed Hubbard asks Dallas Dickinson a few questions about the upcoming expansion "Rage of the Wookiees" for Star Wars Galaxies.

Preview of 1.19 Patch

Reed Hubbard previews the upcoming 1.19 patch for WWII Online. The feature even includes 3 exclusive screenshots of upcoming weapons!

March 18-20 Beta Weekend Event Diary

Reed Hubbard will be spending the weekend enjoying the beta weekend event. He will be creating diaries of each day's journey.

Interview With Chris "Mo" Sherland

Our staff writer Reed Hubbard along with many of our community members got a chance to ask Chris "Mo" Sherland a few questions about WWII Online and the upcoming 1.19 patch.

Dragons of Norrath Interview With Alan Crosby

Reed Hubbard sits down with Alan Crosby of Sony Online Entertainment for a brief Q&A. In this special interview we feature questions that were submitted by our fine community!

Our Exclusive Preview

Reed Hubbard has been jacked into the Matrix Online for weeks now. Read his preview to find out more about this exciting game!