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We Finally Got to Play the SoulWorker Open Beta!

Soulworker officially made it to western shores earlier this week. Originally developed by Lion Games and already a well-established commodity in eastern markets, Gameforge’s anime-inspired MMO surprised us all by going into open beta on Monday. This news comes hot on the heels of En Masse Entertainment’s Closers. So after investing time on kitting out Yuri did I really need a new waifu?

An Angel has Landed in Maplestory!

Anime seems to be all over my online world right now. Maybe I’m just a massive weaboo, but with our recent coverage of Closers, Soulworker, and Peria Chronicles on the way, Japan seems to be creeping closer to home these days. Nexon, the team behind MapleStory haven’t been slow to jump on board as they unveil the MaplStory x Evangelion event.

Vermintide 2 Looks Like It’s Going to be Chaos

The Warhammer Universe is difficult to describe in just a few words. It is a massive, sprawling beast that encompasses gods, men, and monsters. It has seen kingdoms rise and worlds descend into chaos, but I am not here to talk of these momentous moments. Instead, I got a taste of Vermintide 2, the tale of five warriors and their personal battles against the encroaching darkness.

Tiamat Preview - It's a Nightmare!

As a recovering weaboo and long-suffering MMO junkie, Closers unique game features were something I couldn’t help but love. Like many of my contemporaries, I found combat across my opening experience far from challenging. Flashy moves and a satisfying power creep allow players to easily overcome the latest threat, just like any good Shonen manga. The launch of Closers on February 6 is set to change all of that.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Review – A Short Lived Success

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is the latest in a series of wireless headsets from Turtle Beach targeted at console gamers. It sits squarely between the 600 and 800 series devices and crams in an absolutely bewildering array of features to keep you ahead of the competition. To find out if it is worth adding to the pile of presents under your tree, we put the Stealth 700 through its paces.

A Recognizable Threat – Creating the Thargoid Menace

Back at the beginning of 2017, the first evidence of an alien race was discovered as an unsuspecting commander was dragged out of Witch Space by the aliens. The Thargoids have since evolved from an won't series of distractions into the central narrative force in Elite Dangerous.

Everything Coming to Commanders in 2018

The impending threat of alien invasion, or maybe just utter annihilation, looms heavy on the horizon for players of Elite Dangerous. The Thargoids came back to the fore this year and during the keynote speech at Frontier Expo 2017, we found out that this is just the start of the action.

Getting Closers - First Impressions of the Alpha Test

With Soulworkers western migration already under way, it seems that more anime inspired mayhem is on the way to our shores. This time it comes courtesy of En Masse entertainment, publishers of ZMR and Tera, and is called Closers. Hailing from South Korea and developed by Naddic, this massive multiplayer adventure is full of big guns, bigger swords and even bigger anime tropes.

Gamescom 2017 Hands On Preview

Soulworker is an online action MMORPG created by Lion Games in South Korea and coming to western shores, as a Free to Play PC game, before the end of 2017. It blends a kinetic action combat system, MMORPG elements, and some striking aesthetics into a package that stood out form the crowd when I faced the void at Gamescom 2017.

Classes, Content & Expansions All Coming Soon

Teased as far back as 2016 in Korea, where it was labeled the Maestro, the arrival of the Gunslinger has been anticipated by Blade and Soul fans for some time now. We got some hands on time with the Gunslinger during Gamescom 2017, where NCSoft introduced their latest update, the opening salvo in a barrage of updates planned for the rest of this year.