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Tyria Done Quick

We’ve all been there. You only got a spare few moments left before you are unceremoniously yanked out of Tyria. Pizza is on the way, the raid group has dispersed, or worse you’ve got to go outside. So instead here are a few ideas for things that you can do in Tyria that can be crammed into the space between. Let’s all them adventures in ten minutes or less.

Social Media Warfare Takes Down Two Writers at ArenaNet

We all know Social media is a quagmire of scum and villainy. The temptation to go full keyboard warrior, the white knights, and flaming. For all the good it can do, it can destroy just as easily. So, when the Guild Wars 2 subreddit started blowing up over some combative social media comments things weren't bound to end well for two of ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 writing team.

We Interrogate the Team Behind the Warface Console Invasion

Warface, the free-to-play FPS, is jumping from its home on PC and invading consoles later this year. Recently, ahead of its launch, a few select conscripts dropped into a secret Parisian bunker to try out tan early build of this console shooter. Publisher My.com is expecting big things from this title and after we locked and loaded, I sat down with Project Manager Alexander Shimov to talk about this leap over to console.

Long Live the Lich!

The last Living World episode was a fantastic diversion from the crushing doom that Kralkatorric presents. While the Crystal Dragon continues to loom ominously on the horizon and the branded still scramble around the outskirts of the known world, Living World has turned our attention on a much more imminent threat. Now, episode 3 of the latest Living World season brings the rise of Palawa Joko and an epic climax.

Hitting the Right Note

I’m going through a part of Guild Wars 2 that is often celebrated but rarely explored. While I had a chance to talk to ArenaNet about the tech behind their graphical updates during our hands on for A Bug in the System, it occurred to me that most of us rarely notice all the ways the development team build the world around us and never notice that this is probably one of the most diverse soundtracks you’ll hear.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Developer Interview

With Pathfinder: Kingmaker already in beta, the release of a brand new CRPG is surely imminent. After we dipped into Golarion for the first time, I had a chance to sit down and talk to Owlcat Games Creative Director, Alexander Mishulin, about the bringing this iconic table top game into the digital age.

Is It Time to Kill the Commander?

There’s a theme that, if you look for it, you’ll find threaded throughout Guild Wars 2. From the moment you push back centaurs at Shaemoor to the first steps on Orr and beyond. Guild Wars 2 takes player on epic adventures. Since August 2012, I’ve saved villagers, Slain Scarlet, put down Mordremoth, and faced off against Gods. I’ve survived magical uprisings, the destruction of Lion’s Arch, sinister plots, and I mentioned the time Lion’s Arch was destroyed, right?

Big Fish, Little Fish, Gargantuan Dragon. What About Bubble?

This week I’ve been unfortunate enough to face Kralkatorrik’s wrath when a lightening storm sent me back into an age of myth and magic. Ok, my broadband died. It did, however, leave me with some time to think about the future of those dragons.

Russian IP Blocks Keeping Players from the Games They Love

Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure! It might be a fantastic way to deal with your alien infestation but probably is not the sort of finesse you want when administering an IT issue. Unfortunately for a number of video games and the players who love them, the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications appears to have its finger on the big red button.

Taking a Look at Seasons & a Giveaway!

Just a few weeks ago, My.com announced a massive change in direction for Armored Warfare. The introduction of Seasons brings a whole new set of features to this ballistic brawler that will see the often overlooked tank ‘em up go up against World of Tank’s 1.0 update. So, with that in mind, we deployed to a secret London bunker to find out what makes seasons so special, and why it might be worth giving Armored Warfare another look.

Ready Player One Review - It Takes Us Back to Reality

It is not unreasonable to say that Stephen Spielberg is unparalleled in his craft. His work stands as a monument to everything great about film, building worlds where we can find a momentary escape from the drudgery of everyday existence. It seems fitting that a man that brought strangers from other worlds to our screens, brought giants of fact and fantasy to life, and took us on fantastic voyages should realize a tale that pays homage to all of these.

Know Your Enemy - Praise Joko, the Greatest Villain in Guild Wars 2

Praise Joko! The Dragons are dead! Well, they might as well be. Guild Wars 2 launched in 2012 with the promise of an epic story, wild adventures, and giant world ending dragons. The six prehistoric dragons have always hung over Tyria. But with the close of the latest Living Worlds episode, I wonder if the dragons are really the biggest threat Tyria has to offer, or if the best villains in Guild Wars 2 are neither gods nor monsters.

Otaku Attacks as SoulWorker Lands on Western Shores

Last month Gameforge finally brought Soulworker to western shores. After getting an early glimpse of the game back at Gamescom 2017, I’d been waiting almost a year for another taste of this colorful MMO. Now, with the equally animated Closers already unleashed on the masses, I logged into Soulworker to check out the competition.

Mechanical Animals – A Beginner's Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are as varied as the day is long. It can be confusing for a first time buyer to know what features to look for and things to avoid. Today, we present our beginner’s guide to the wide world of mechanical keyboards, presented by our own, Ed Orr.

Nothing is Quite the Same as Living World Returns to Guild Wars 2

Living World is back with the release of A Bug in the System, the latest chapter in Guild Wars 2’s ever evolving narrative. Unfortunately, so is Palawa Joko. This king of the undead recently returned from the underworld and he has already turned his gaze on central Tyria. Since the closing moments of Daybreak, his Awakened have terrorized the Plains of Ashford and the cobbled streets of Divinity’s reach with increasing regularity. Now, it is time to do something about it.