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LucidSound LS25 Headset Review

When it comes to audio, sometimes what is really needed is a simple idea done well. LucidSound’s latest headset offering is a fine example of this philosophy. Coming out of the Californian sunshine, the LS25 is LucidSound’s newest headset designed to bring a rock-solid performance to any the eSports arena.

Guild Wars 2 PvP – Automated Atrophy?

It’s been more than 7 months since Steven touched on PVP and metabattle. He proposed that jumping on the metabattle bandwagon could make you the PvP problem but I’ve been swinging swords on various accounts over recent months and I don’t think PvP really needs a moratorium on metabattle. Instead, this month’s PvP lets play with community partner Jebro highlighted more fundamental issues with Guild Wars 2’s competitive game.

Holiday 2018 Gift Guide: Services

As part of our holiday gift guide series, we decided to also include those services that aren’t directly related to gaming, but still keep us protected while we game. It includes a look at VPN services, anti-virus, cloud backup, and cloud gaming, all of which can keep your rig locked down while giving you freedom to play anywhere

Conqueror's Blade Siege Tests Debrief

At the end of July 2018, I got an early look at Conqueror’s Blade and was pretty positive that it was a glorious descent into a bloody battle. This massive MMO war front finally gave commanders the chance to test their mettle over the last two weekends with a series of technical siege tests and I managed to slip into the invited ranks and bash some skulls, here’s our after battle debrief.

Guild Wars 2 Mount Racing Making a Mountain out of a Wurmhill

My skeleton bashing was interrupted, this time, by the addition of a mount race in the Mad King’s domain. A relatively small slither of new content for this seasonal update, this is one of two new mount races in a marathon of content that is intended to give players value from their time.

RuneFest Cosplay

It’s a common misconception that the best games are built by developers. Sure, great games need incredible talent, but the truly exceptional titles, the ones that stand the test of time, are born of their community. While Activision finishes squeezing the last vestiges of loyalty from those willing to suffer Destiny 2, a seemingly plucky British upstart continues to cultivate an unusual level of loyalty from its players. I am, of course, talking about Runescape.

Runefest 2018 - The Music of Runescape

music from virtual worlds can be an epic affair, following players on their journey through these vast worlds. Huge sweeping scores and haunting orchestral arrangements are now common. You only have to take a quick look on Spotify to find it brimming with albums from the latest AAA releases. Runescape recently joined these and released collection of music that picks from 17 years of this mythical world. At this year's Runefest, we were privy to a very special presentation of this.

Who Wants to Play WvW in Guild Wars 2?

Way back when Guild Wars 2 released I came into Tyria riding high off the waves of Atreia. NCSoft’s pigeon loving playground was a haven for many of us that loved large scale combat. Gigantic battles full of factional warmongers were regular as clockwork and Guild Wars 2’s World vs World seemed like the natural successor.

Blue Yeti Nano Review:  A Little Bit of Perfect?

If there’s one name synonymous with live streaming setups, it’s Blue. Their range of hardware is a go-to option for anybody who wants an assurance of quality. Today, we’re looking at their latest release with the Blue Yeti Nano. Billed as the smaller of the Yeti species, the Yeti Nano is an obviously pared down version of the Yeti and Yeti Pro. Read on for our full review.

Soulworker at Gamescom, What’s Coming in 2018?

Ever since it launched back in February 2018, Soulworker has been a staple of my own MMO roster. The fluid combat systems, the instanced dungeons, and let’s face it, the anime aesthetic made this way more than just another otaku cash grab. Now, Gameforge has unveiled the game’s biggest update. I had a whirlwind tour and hands-on preview of the latest addition to Lion Game’s MMORPG.

Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2018 Interview: Looking Back at Living World

After 6 years ArenaNet of game changing events, we got some time to sit down and talk to Mike Zadorojny, Game Director, and Elisabeth Cardy, Global Brand Manager, to talk about how Living World has changed the way ArenaNet tell stories.

Going Face-to-Face with the Community

ArenaNet’s latest expansion is not long out the door and with no sign of us jumping into a new expansion pack quite yet, they didn’t bring a floor presence to Gamescom 2018. What they did do, however, was continue a process they have been slowly chasing for the last year, of attending in a way that allows fans to come together. From the Griffon that landed outside SDCC to last night’s community party, these events are incredibly important.

ArenaNet! Bring It Back!

After roughly 4 years of absence, it was incredible to get back into the Aspect Arena and call on the elements to assist me. With the return of this festival, it reminded me of a few things that only existed in Tyria for a fleeting moment. Who knows, maybe we will see them again. Maybe, for some, there is a good reason to let them fade into memory and we won’t ever see their like again

Hands On Preview - Spilling Guts Never Looked So Glorious

I might not talk much about it much but my current gaming compulsion really started in Realm vs Realm warfare. A lapsed relationship with video games meant I missed the wonders of Warhammer and Age of Camelot. Conqueror's Blade is the latest MMO to tantalize us with epic battles and massive fortress sieges, and I got shipped to the front lines ahead of today’s announcement.

Shining Resonance Refrain Review - It's An Epic Tale

When I first reported on Shining Resonance Refrain over at Gamespace.com, it was something of a revelation to me. The hype that so many of my friends and colleagues had built up around the game seemed well placed after I got hands on the Nintendo Switch demo. Now, we can finally follow Kirita, Sonia, and Yuma on the rest of their journey as Shining Resonance refrain launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.