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Guild Wars 2 Developer Interview - Tales of the Warclaw

It’s not long since ArenaNet strode onto the battlefield, took a look across the rolling hills of the Alpine Borderlands and came to the conclusion that what we need is more cats! The newest feline additions to Tyria were, however, less Chauncey Von Snuffles and a little more Battlecat. Late in February 2019, Guild Wars 2 got the Warclaw.

Guild Wars 2: The End is Not in Sight

It’s finally here. More accurately it’s almost here. The reveal poster for Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4’s finale, War Eternal dropped and it signals the beginning of the end. The battle against Kralkatorrik didn’t go quite how we expected it at the start of the year, and the end of All or Nothing certainly landed an emotional blow. Now with War Eternal looming over us, it is down to ArenaNet to make that emotional investment pay dividends.

Welcome Back Commander – Why You Really Should Return to Tyria

“Welcome Back, Commander”. That was the opening salvo to our Path of Fire review here on MMORPG.com. The second expansion in a long lineage of updates, Path of Fire’s quest to take on a god dropped on us five years after Guild War 2 launched and it’s been almost 18 months since we first spotted the Crystal Desert. But what about those who missed the boat to Amnoon? Recently, ArenaNet announced a campaign to return many of its lost heroes to the world but should you consider jumping back in after a short, or long, break?

Snakebyte Head:Set Pro Review

Sometimes the latest gaming gear arrives without too much fanfare, ready to surprise you. The latest pair of headphones form German manufacturer Snakebyte made more of a superhero entrance when it landed on my doorstep, so I decided to see if it really does manage to save the day and maybe a few dollars.

Conqueror's Blade Interview on Forging a New Experience

It has been a couple of weeks since the Conqueror’s Blade House CBT downed swords and we all limped back to lick our wounds. While the battlefield remains relatively peaceful for now, the team behind My.com’s newest MMORPG are not away on R&R. Instead, they’ve been busily working on internal tests and processing the data they gathered over an intensive testing run, over the start of this year. While we had the chance, we sat down and spoke to Xi Wang from Booming Games, the blacksmiths forging this brand-new experience.

Guild Wars 2: More Than Just a Damage Number

It is almost a week on from the announcement that staff lay-offs were coming to Guild Wars 2 publisher, ArenaNet. As I begin to look back on the fall out of a pretty catastrophic wipe, Thursday morning is creeping up on me, and it seems like an appropriate time to sit and take stock of everything that has happened.

Spellbreak First Impressions

Announced back in October 2018, Spellbreak is not just another copy and paste battleground simulation. Peer into Proletariat's world for just a moment and you’ll find fireballs tossed around like frag grenades, whirlwinds, levitating icicles, and teleporting assassins all decorating a mystical landscape with the bodies of your enemies. Spellbreak is a fantasy-themed battle royale and after months of closed alpha testing, Proletariat’s own iteration on the battle royale genre apparates above the parapets today.

Guild Wars 2: Playing Together or Getting Further Apart?

After more than six years, I can still remember finding ArenaNet’s approach to gathering mind-blowing. Like world events and mob tagging, the gathering system in Guild Wars 2 dragged us out of the dark ages. In a move that seems almost obvious now, ArenaNet instanced gathering nodes, materials, and collectible resources to individual players wandering the Plains of Ashford or skipping through the Streets of Divinity's Reach.

Apex Legends Day One Impressions

The worst kept secret of the year is out! After a weekend that saw the internet awash with information, opinion, and enough hype to fuel a fleet of giant robot killing machines, the latest game from Respawn Entertainment is here. For those of you that have not had a chance to drop into the carnage, we got some teammates together and tried out Apex Legends for ourselves.

Not So MMO - Aion: Legions of War Review

Questionable armor options, pigeon insults and, and some of Gameforge’s later monetization decisions aside, Aion still retains a fond place in my memory. When an opportunity arose to get some time in a modern reinterpretation of the NCSoft original, I jumped at the chance. This is our review of Aion: Legions of War.

Conqueror’s Blade: Its Massive New World is Coming

It has been just over a month since Conqueror’s Blade let down the drawbridge and demoed castle sieges to the world. Now, My.com has given MMORPG.com a glimpse of how the game’s Developer, Booming Games, plan to put the massive into their medieval MMO. Maybe you’ve tried out the recent tests, challenged fellow commanders in the field, or laid siege to a castle but Conquerors Blade has a whole different world to explore.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+ Gaming Mouse Review

The R.A.T. is back. Thanks to Mad Catz, the iconic adjustable mouse is making its return. Today, our own Ed Orr takes a look at the flagship R.A.T. 8+. Does it live up to the weight of history? Join us as we find out.

Guild Wars 2: All or Nothing Hands-on Preview

Guild Wars 2 finally sits at the precipice of a massive moment. Kralkatorrik, the Dragon that broke Destiny’s Edge, lies before us. Think of the team here at MMORPG as your reconnaissance scouts, as we step towards the penultimate episode of Living World season 4, All or Nothing.

Guild Wars 2 - How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Golem

After years of apathy towards the marvels of the Asura, one moment gave me a reason to reconsider my reticence. Simply put, a little Golem stole my heart. That’s right, a glimmer of humanity among these walking inferiority complexes sprung into Living World episode, A Bug in the System made me look at the Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation in a different light.

Cyrus Soundkey Gaming Edition Review

Just like many of our readers, the team here at MMORPG puts a heavy focus on the last few feet of audio delivery. You’ll find a plethora of headsets that we love, but today we are going to look at something a little different. This is the Cyrus Soundkey DAC Gaming Edition, the solution to the dodgy middleman in your audio experience.