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PAX Prime 2010

MMORPG.com's Angie Webb recently had the opportunity to attend PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. In today's article, Angie talks about PAX Prime and her impressions of several games as well as some general thoughts about PAX Prime and about the convention season. Check it out and then jump into the conversation on our forums.

GameCrush.com PAX Interivew

At the recent PAX convention in Seattle, Washington, MMORPG.com's Angie Webb and Garrett Fuller took some time out to talk with Eric Strasser (CEO of GameCrush and GameCrush "Play Dates" Amber Cyr (ambibambi23), and Gina Tran (SuperVillain). GameCrush.com has a simple premise: Find, chat and game with the girl of your choice. Sounds good, hm? If so, you'll want to read more!

A Basic Recap of DCUO

MMORPG.com columnist Angie Webb recently had the opportunity to sit in on a live demo of DC Universe Online. During the demo, she saw developers play through an area called Amusement Mile, the proverbial playground of The Joker and Harley Quinn. Find out what Angie thought of the demo and about some of the nifty small touches devs have included in the game (the Jester hat equip!).

Who Are The Syndicate?

Recently, MMORPG.com's Angie Webb attended Syndicon in San Diego, California. During the convention, Angie visited with game luminaries but also had a chance to check out The Syndicate itself. After all, the entire convention was arranged as the annual meet-and-greet for the guild called The Syndicate. Just who are The Syndicate? Find out in Angie's profile of this groundbreaking gaming guild.

End of Nations at Syndicon

MMORPG.com writer Angie Webb recently attended the Syndicon meet up in San Diego, California. While there, Angie had a chance to check out End of Nations, a new MMORTS currently in development by Petroglyph and set to be published by Trion Worlds. Angie has news and information about the game to share so be sure to check it out to see how End of Nations is progressing.

John Smedley Interview

This past week, MMORPG.com writer Angie Webb had the opportunity to attend the Syndicate Guild Conference in San Diego, California. Sony Online Entertainment was there in force and luminaries included SOE president John Smedley. Angie had the opportunity to spend some time with Mr. Smedley to discuss SOE's stable of games and its relationship to the Syndicate. Read the full report!

Creativity. Where is it?

In Her Opinion, Angie Webb thinks that creativity is a bit lacking in some of today's MMOs. Angie goes through the creative process and discusses ways to make MMOs more interesting and original. For instance: If you're designing new monsters, take a trip to the zoo. See what else Angie recommends to give today's MMOs a fresh creative look.

Women in the Industry

After interest in 'behind the scenes' activities in game development was kindled by one of Angie Webb's recent columns, she made the decision to give readers more insight. Over the next few columns, Angie will be featuring prominent women in game development and about the industry in which they work. Check out Angie's latest, a chat with Camille Chu (animator), Georgia Nelson (software engineer), and Rebecca Orozco (producer).

Keeping Our Gamers Healthy

In this week's column, MMORPG.com's Angie Webb takes on the issue of gamer health. Angie looks at the symptoms...and the solutions...to the sometimes problematic issue of loving our games and remembering the larger world too. See if you are a healthy gamer.

LARP & Player Generated Content

In this week's column, MMORPG.com writer Angie Webb tackles LARP, or Live Action Role Playing and the tie-in with MMOs. Angie calls "LARPers" the "geekiest of the geeks in the gamer world". She's got some fascinating thoughts about LARP, MMOs and player generated content. Check it out!


Angela Webb has an inside look at Quality Assurance for Warhammer Online. As she says, "It's a lot of fun, but don't get confused, it's a lot of work." Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the heroes behind the scenes in this terrific inside look.

Interview with EJ Moreland

MMORPG.com's Angie Webb sat down with APB's Lead Designer EJ Moreland for an interview during her recent visit to the offices of Realtime Worlds.

One Girl's Opinion

MMORPG.com's Angie Webb recently had some hands-on time with Realtime Worlds' APB. One of her assignments was to write an article based on her own unique perspective as a female gamer.


MMORPG.com's Angela Webb writes this report of her brief time spent playing APB at a recent press event. Please note that this is not a full game preview, but a first impressions preview based on a few hours of gameplay.