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Saga of Lucimia Interview on Sandboxes, Monetization & Group Content

Our good friends at MMOZG.net recently conducted a lengthy interview with Saga of Lucimia's Tim "Renfail" Anderson that covered a wide variety of topics including SoL's sandbox setting, group and solo game play, monetization and much more. Check it out!

Sponsored Albion Online's Nimue Update Launches Today (SPONSORED)

Nimue, the fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online, releases today, bringing Crystal Realm Battles, improved group-finding options, new creatures and accessories, and much more.

Danica Davidson - Minecraft & Education Make Sense Together

Last June something I never expected happened. I found myself speaking before a crowded room of European Union members, think tanks, NGOs, industry representatives, policymakers and their kids about my books and the incredibly influential game Minecraft. Why were they interested? I was talking about how my Minecrafter books and the game that inspired them can be useful in teaching kids about such far-flung topics as literacy, fact-checking and friendships.

Sponsored Travian: Path to Pandora Special Anniversary Server Detailed

Travian is getting ready to celebrate its 14th anniversary and this year promises to be bigger than ever. For the past 5 years, developers have treated players to a specially created server with unique mechanics and ways to play an old favorite. This year, developers have even more to add than ever before, effectively re-inventing the game.

Scum Hands On - Staying Alive Isn't Easy

Just barely a week after launch, SCUM has succeeded in bringing players the DayZ we've always wanted, to an extent. SCUM is a survival multiplayer/single player first person shooter. You have to eat and drink, you also have to urinate and do number 2 every now and then. Staying alive isn't always easy, but hey, what fun would it be if it were easy?

Sponsored World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth at $43.08 on SCDKey - SPONSORED

The folks at SCDKey have a bunch of sales going on for Battle of Azeroth’s launch, as well as the new hotness that is Monster Hunter: World. Today they’re giving our users additional discounts of 10% on all games, and 3% on all software. Check it out!

Sponsored A Peek at the Dawn of the Magician Update

The Dawn of the Magician Update will be free to all players as soon as it goes live. Everyone will be able create the all new Magician class ready to tempt you into chaos!

Sponsored VPN and the Importance of Internet Security (SPONSORED)

Security online is very important. Why wouldn't you want to protect something where all the precious data you have is placed? Modern smartphones and laptops are more than just communication tools. We read, shop, order, communicate, do banking, and run a business online. All of this make hacking into your computer even more attractive for a cyber criminal than it was a couple of years ago.

Sponsored What is MapleStory M? - SPONSORED

If you would love to take your MapleStory adventures on the road, Nexon has you covered and has given you exactly that for both iOS and Android mobile devices. MapleStory M is an all-new mobile adventure based on the original side-scrolling 2D MMORPG. It’s like a spin-off of the original, and one you can take with you everywhere you go.

Get Ready for the Next Battle: Nintendo Switch vs. PC

I am the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, and can say without hesitation that it’s terrific! That said, I’m not ready to make the claim that it’s a better overall platform than the PC for gamers. With an unparalleled user base, not to mention platform longevity, the PC has been and always will be KING.

Developing in Leaps and Bounds

Wargaming is widely recognized as the company that created the iconic game about tanks. It's also known as the creator of World of Warships, a game about ships created in the same historical setting. It represents the largest fleet in the gamedev world to date, and the developers clearly do not spare any effort expanding it further.

Sponsored Ntroy Introducing the World to Phoenix Dynasty 2 (SPONSORED)

Ntroy has announced the opening of Phoenix Dynasty 2, a game that has launched on four continents. Phoenix Dynasty 2 is an old school MMO that provides players with the features they most look for in a modern MMO experience.

Andaseat: Spirit King Gaming Chair:  A True King?

When it comes to gaming chairs, most of us go somewhere local and grab a cheap office chair. It’s cost effective, gets the job done, game over... Until it breaks in six months and then we’re forced to buy another one. I had the chance to try the new Andaseat Spirit King and will be comparing it to my current gaming chair. Is it worth the $329.99?

Sponsored Gamivo MMORPG.com Special Deals - SPONSORED

Gamivo is one of the top sellers of reduced-price Steam keys on the web. Today, we’re offering an exclusive deal to MMORPG.com readers to take an additional 50% off for MMORPG.com users (500 uses) and 10% for 1000 more users. Take a look inside!

Sponsored Steam Launch Day Arrives with Discounts & Goodies (Sponsored)

If it's May 16th, you know what that means: Albion Online has now officially launched on Steam! If that's not enough, Sandbox Interactive has a nice gift for ALL players as well as a sweet deal for anyone who's looking to buy in.