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Unlike Black Friday, this time PureVPN is offering 89% Off specially for the community of MMORPG on this Cyber Monday 2019 with an awesome deal than ever. Grab the popular 5-year plan for only $1.15/m instead of $10.95.

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PureVPN, a rising name among the gaming community, is offering a fantastic Black Friday VPN deal. This limited-time deal is being offered at a staggering 88% off. As always, PureVPN’s Black Friday deals are exciting, but this years’ VPN deal tops the charts.

Sponsored Dragon Storm Fantasy - Become The Dragon (SPONSORED)

Dragon Storm Fantasy is a mobile 3d fantasy battling game that allows players to experience a sprawling, unfolding story while it pits players against each other in epic PvP combat. Using a fully 3d engine, along with beautiful lighting and shadow effects, Dragon Storm Fantasy puts you in a dark and beautiful fantasy world.

Sponsored Storied MMO Ragnarok Online Brings Revo-Classic To Europe (SPONSORED)

Ragnarök Online is one of those games many players have heard about, and even more have played over its long history. Initially launching in 2002, Ragnarök’s storied history has brought countless hours of adventure, suspense, drama and enjoyment to millions of fans around the world.

Sponsored True Intergalactic Combat Starts in Second Galaxy (SPONSORED)

Second Galaxy, the sci-fi MMO mobile game from ZLONEGAME, will on September 10th and many players are eagerly awaiting Second Galaxy as the first game to transform an intergalactic MMORPG game from PC to mobile devices.

Sponsored Comrade Recruitment Event for the 5th Anniversary of Clash of Kings Has Begun! (SPONSORED)

Clash of Kings has been celebrating its 5th Anniversary, this time with a Comrade Recruitment event.

Sponsored Clash of Kings Hosts Kings Night In NYC (SPONSORED)

Clash of Kings, a SLG mobile game, recently held an event in New York City for Clash of Kings VIPs. Called “Kings Nights,” 22 players from around the world representing countries such as the United States, China, Japan, and more were able to come together to celebrate Clash of Kings with mods and game developers from the studio. Clash of Kings VP, Chief of Game Design and Chief of Operations were also there to interact with players as well as discuss the future of the game.

UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Review: The Full Package

If you’re in a gamer in the market for a new desk, you’ve probably noticed two things. First, “gaming desks” are the new fad but rarely offer more than a built-in mouse pad or cup-holder for their extra price. Second, standing desks are absolutely taking off. Today, we’re looking a premium sit-stand desk from UPLIFT with the V2 Standing Desk. It leaves the “gaming” branding at the door and instead focuses on premium features and build quality. Does it deliver? Let’s find out.

OPINION: Activision’s Late Addition of Microtransactions in Crash Team Racing is a Total Disappointment

Crash Team Racing has been nostalgia-filled fun since I purchased my copy nearly two months ago at launch. However, this time, it has an unwanted addition: newly-added microtransactions.

Sponsored The King's Dispute Has Been Upgraded! (SPONSORED)

Since being launched, Clash of Kings, as the representative product of SLG, has been welcome and supported by players from all over the world with its thorough innovation and the interactive gameplay that allows players from all over the world to play in the same server.

The Art of Catching Spies in EVE Online

EVE Online has a long and sordid history with intrigue and spycraft. This includes major, landscape shaking tales such as Judgement Day, which saw one person hand over the main fortress of his coalition to their bitter enemies. But also much smaller tales, like the spy Heavy Interdictor who trapped his own fleet in position just long enough to be bombed during the battle of UALX, leading to nearly 200 of his supposed allies being wiped out in an instant.

OPINION: Is The Nintendo Switch Lite For Me?

Guest writer Allyson shares her initial thoughts and concerns with Nintendo's recently announced Switch Lite.

Sponsored Clash of Kings Royal Arena, Global War Again! (SPONSORED)

The Royal Arena of CoK, an SLG mobile game, will be released! Players from all over can fight against each other, regardless of server! Millions of players will be gathered here in fierce competition between the powers of power and rights, only the global overlord can break through and be listed on the top!

Sponsored MID-YEAR MADNESS Hits GoodOffer24: The Best Software Deals! (SPONSORED)

Just for MMORPG.com readers, GoodOffer24 is running it’s Mid-Year Madness special, meaning if you’ve been waiting to upgrade, now is the time!

Sponsored Clash of Kings World Quest: Kingdom Heart & 5th Anniversary Celebration Begin (SPONSORED)

Heroes create the history of CoK together, the celebration will begin now! As the most welcomed war and strategy game all over the world, CoK will welcome its 5th birthday. In the CoK world, Lords are ready to celebrate the memorial moment. At the same time, Clash of Kings also prepared many surprising events, such as the sweeping world quest and the strongest Cavalry hero Zhao Yun in the legends!