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If it's May 16th, you know what that means: Albion Online has now officially launched on Steam! If that's not enough, Sandbox Interactive has a nice gift for ALL players as well as a sweet deal for anyone who's looking to buy in.

Sponsored Albion Online is Coming to Steam on May 16th! (Sponsored)

The official Steam launch announcement has arrived from Sandbox Interactive: Albion Online will be released on Steam on May 16th. It will include new achievements that will also be available for those who use the "native" Albion Online client.

Sponsored What is Sword Art Online: Integral Factor? (sponsored)

Sword Art Online is one of those enduring anime series that so many people are familiar with. The best part is that the IP has come out of passive viewing and into the realm of gamers. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a new free to play mobile online RPG that brings many of the most familiar aspects of great RPGs to players around the world.

Echoes from the Past & Bright Future - Gloria Victis is Better Than Ever!

A lot has happened in the Gloria Victis development over the last few months. One of the most important changes, crucial for the game’s open world PvP and non-target combat formula, is the recently applied huge synchronization & controller update.

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The team over at Bananatic really wants to give away some free games and are providing fans with a chance to do just that. Find out how after the jump!

Sponsored Introducing Reign of Guilds - a First Person Medieval MMO in the Making (Sponsored)

Reign of Guilds is an upcoming first-person MMORPG where players themselves are the story from their first minutes in the game. It incorporates many of the features hardcore MMORPG players have found lacking in the current MMO generation. So what is Reign of Guilds? Read on to find out.

The Races of Union

The Union is one of two warring factions in the world of Bless Online. After the dark ages and the Holy War, the Union formed in the south while the races of the north drove back the barbarian hordes invading their lands. Led by the Amistad humans, the Union has united the peoples of the Southern Continent to live under the banner, of progress, science, and freedom to fight back against the holy rule of the northern Hieron.

Sponsored Lancelot Update is Released! (Sponsored)

Lancelot, the third major post-launch content update for Albion Online, is now live! But what’s new?

Sponsored Next Island - The Endless Universe - SPONSORED

Next Island is an MMO that has globally integrated servers with a real currency economy. The in-game currency, PED can be exchanged at a 10-1 ratio to the USD through both deposits and withdrawals from the universe. Come see what Next Island has to offer...

MAESTROS: The Lore of the Regalis

As you battle through Maestros, there is one faction that will appeal to the Alchemist in everyone. The Regalis are the military power which rose up through alchemy. These “mad scientists” had experimented on all forms of life. They augment abilities and turning animals and plants into deadly forces which do battle. Check out this exclusive developer diary to learn mnore.

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We have a very good surprise! We just found a brand new and shiny PlayStation 4 Console. We do not know what to do with it! We thought that you may need it more than we do – ain’t that right? Well you know we have one now but how do you get it? Well, During the Event, Collect as many bananas as you can playing games and finishing our Xmas Calendar. Share the PS4 Console Event on your Facebook. Write your name on the PS4 event post to get your name in the race.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Welcome to Camp, Please Feed the Animals

Nintendo has started releasing mobile games utilizing a popular swath of beloved, previously console restricted, franchises on android and iOS, the newest of which is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Does Nintendo keep to the tried and true feel of the Animal Crossing games in their new mobile iteration? Here is our Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review.

Sponsored A Peek at the Shadowblade Update - Sponsored

Just this week, My.com launched the massive Shadowblade update for Revelation Online. With a new class, tons of new content and improvements, it might be time to dip your toe back into the free to play MMORPG. Read on as we’re outlining all the new stuff to play with in the Shadowblade update.

Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Today's a big day for Lineage 2 Revolution fans with the game's official launch. We've partnered with the dev team to provide you with some handy gameplay tips to get you started on the road to glory.