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Rob Lashley is a Staff Writer and Online host for MMORPG.com. Rob's bald and when he isn't blinding people from the glare on his head talking in front of a camera you can chase him down on twitter @Grakulen or find him on YouTube @RobUnwraps.

March 2012
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September 2021
Mobius Final Fantasy: Combat on the Go

Square Enix has released their second mobile only Final Fantasy spin off in the last two months. Read on for Rob’s hot takes on this newest entry.

Dungeon Punks

Rob’s back this week to check out a Tag Team Brawler RPG. Never heard of a Tag Team Brawler RPG? Neither had Rob. Read on to learn what it’s all about.

Nyko Type Pad: Nice Fit

With all the MMOs making their way to console’s being able to type has become more important than ever. Rob checks out the Nyko Type Pad this week to see if it is worth your money.

Chaos Omen CCG Paving the Way for an MMO

Visions of Zosimos by Forever Interactive is a forthcoming trading card game, part of an Intellectual Property that will eventually become an MMO. We had the chance to sit down with a trio of members of the development team to find out more.

The Deepest Dungeon

Rob’s back this week with exciting news about Deep Dungeon, a Free Login Campaign, and a pop culture crossover.

The PlayStation 4 Launch Day Interview

Neverwinter has hit the ground running with the release of the game on PlayStation 4. We had the chance to talk with Producer Ben Bascom about the move to PS4 and consoles in general. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.

A No Holds Barred Interview with Sergey Titov - WarZ & Beyond

Shattered Skies is a survival shooter by the same people who made the much derided WarZ / Infestation. We were given the opportunity to interview Sergey Titov in a no holds barred series of questions to learn more about the game and about why people might be skeptical about his latest venture. See what he had to say in this exclusive interview.

A Return to Form for JRPGs

New Square Enix studio Tokyo RPG Factory releases its first effort I AM SETSUNA in the west this week. Read on for Rob’s review of this throwback RPG.

One Last Port Call

Neverwinter makes the jump to PS4. Read on for Rob’s impressions on this MMORPG on the most popular console of this generation.

A Survival Guide for Would-Be Trainers

Nintendo and Niantic have scored a major hit with their new mobile app Pokémon Go but there is one thing you really need to know before you get going. Read on for Rob’s expert advice.

Riders of Icarus - A Ho Hum Affair

There is a new MMO on the loose so Rob’s back this week with some hot takes on Riders of Icarus and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Going Deeper Underground

On Tuesday the Division released its first bit of paid DLC, Underground. Rob immediately dug in and reported back with his results.

5 Ways SO5 Would Make a Great MMO + 5 Things to Know Before You Start Playing

Check in with Rob as he discusses the newest jRPG to come out this week. In this column he offers up five ways that Star Ocean could be morphed into a MMO as well as five things you should know before you get started.

Interview with Kevin Neibert, Lead Game Designer

Livelock is an upcoming top-down shooter-slash-online Action RPG from Tuque Games and Perfect World Entertainment. It’ll be on PC, XB1 and PS4, and it launches on August 2nd. We managed to catch up with Livelock’s lead designer Kevin Neibert to chat about the game, its reception since debuting at PAX, and what players can expect when it launches in just over a month.

Fan Festival

This year’s North American Fan Festival is being held Friday October 14th, and Saturday October 15th at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Tickets are $135 for both days. With that $135 you’ll get admission to the convention as well as a physical swag bag and in game goods. Those in games goods are a Rikku minion and a glamour outfit listed as a “secret” because they haven’t finished it yet.