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Garrett Fuller / Garrett Fuller has been playing MMOs since 1997 and writing about them since 2005. He joined MMORPG.com has a volunteer writer and now handles Industry Relations for the website. He has been gaming since 1979 when his cousin showed him a copy of Dungeons and Dragons. When not spending time with his family, Garrett also Larps and plays Airsoft in his spare time.

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Which Fantasy Sandbox Game?

This past week we were introduced to Citadel: Forged in Fire. The game heralds a survival style game with wizards, melee, spells, and dragons. It is a solid entry into the genre that has been around for a while and done extremely well among MMO fans. There are other in the genre that have also done very well. Conan Exiles has been fantastic for Funcom and yet still more may be on the way.

Citadel: Forged With Fire Open Beta Preview

Citadel had its open beta this weekend just days before its early access coming up on the 26th of July. The best way to begin our impressions feature is with three words: wizards, wands, and dragons. This sandbox takes what is best in games like Ark and DayZ and brings it into a solid fantasy genre where you are a wizard. Instead of guns and dinosaurs, you’ll have spells, staves, and plenty of monsters to battle and tame.

Wargaming Brings the Battle of Dunkirk to Life

In the early days of World War II the battle of Dunkirk was one of the most climactic battles. It is said that the Axis powers allowed time for the Allies to be rescued from the coastal city which kept Europe from being completely overrun. Now with the new movie coming out this summer, Wargaming is honored to bring this event into their world. Here is an interview with developers outlining the event and the history behind this monumental battle.

Top 5 Industry Benefits of Runescape Mobile

In yesterday’s news, it was announced that RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will be making the leap to mobile. Not only that, they will be playable on PC and mobile and all that great stuff. This is really the first MMO to truly move into the mobile market. RuneScape has a rich history and follows a simple interface which has changed over the years, but maintains a huge core following.

Richard Garriott - Goals, Milestones, and Expectations

Last week we got the chance to talk with Richard Garriott about the state of Shroud of the Avatar and all the upcoming milestones for the game. Many people continue to watch the progress of the game closely as backers and players get ready for the full release of the game. Early Alpha and Beta phases have been tested heavily by fans. Now Richard explained that they are making the final 20% push into release. What will the rest of the world think?

A Fresh Take on the Sandbox Exploration Game

This week we are looking at Arcfall, the old school style MMORPG which brings an online world into the current times. Similar in scope to Ultima Online, this game offers players a fresh take on the sandbox exploration game with fighting, crafting, and housing to fill out the menu for players.

Megalithic Update Interview

This week we spoke to the Trove team about the Megalithic update’s launch on consoles. With PC players already in sync, the great news is from now on Trion will be launching all future updates across all platforms. So no more waiting and out of sync events. The Megalithic update has some great features and the Dino Tamer class who fits right along the Jurassic Jungle new zone. We spoke to the team on how the game has been ported over to console play and what players can expect from the update.

Exploring the Destiny of Bioware’s Anthem

Teased about two years back, EA has finally shown its new game universe off to the public and press. Anthem is an action RPG where you control a suit of super armor and explore a vast science fictional landscape fighting foes as well as defending your settlement from the Wilds. Hang on a second, powered armor, lone protectors, defending your fortress from alien and hostile foes in an overgrown wasteland that sounds a lot like Destiny.

An Interview with Voice Actress Kipleigh Brown

Star Trek Online has been consistent with updates and content for years now. The team continues to provide plenty of expansions in the form of Seasons for players. This past week we got to chat with Kipleigh Brown who is the voice actress for Captain Kuumaarke in the game. Kipleigh gave us some unique insight into the character, her passion for Star Trek, and what it is like to do game voice acting.

Five Reasons Why MMOs Are Making a Comeback

Many game industry people continue to talk about how MMOs have come and gone. However, we continue to see major events which point to the opposite. Players are seeking more online experiences through console and mobile gameplay. As many in the industry predicted early on, eventually every game will move into the online space. Sure, plenty of RPGs or fighting games might keep off the intrawebs, but as trends continue, there will be plenty of MMOs coming over the next few years.

A Month Before E3 and What Do We Have?

Over the years we at MMORPG have attended countless game shows. Every one of them is unique and has surprises that we try our hardest to share with fans. This year however, on the heels of a very strong PAX East we are entering the E3 territory and many of the big game reveals do not seem like they are on the horizon. How will E3 play out in a few months is anyone’s guess, but here are a few theories for you to consider.

What I Miss from MMOs

In playing MMOs since Ultima Online there are a long list of reasons why I used to log in every night. As you get older and life kicks in, it becomes harder to find time online. However, there are certain aspects of MMOs that I feel really bring out why we play these games. It is the reason so many independent projects are finding funding now, because we want to play together.

Choosing Your Character

The debate on characters in games goes back and forth over the decades. There are countless video games with an infinite number of characters, some iconic, some obscure. However this debate is not about who is more popular: Sonic or Mario. It is about how games present character choice to a player at the beginning of the game.

Why Aren't There More Horror MMOs?

MMO games have been made in many settings. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or even Superhero they have all been launched and made money. It is a huge shame that the Horror genre of game has never seen a solid MMO on the market. For years, CCP held the rights to World of Darkness and it looked like we’d get a vast game of werewolves, mages, and most of all vampires. However, that project ended and now we are left with next to nothing in terms of horror for MMOs.

Frontline Provides Massive PvP Mayhem - Our Exclusive Interview

Frontline is the latest expansion for World of Tanks which allows players to join much bigger battles. The games now host 30v30 combat scenarios for everyone to join. We got the chance to talk with the World of Tanks’ Chris Stott to go over this latest edition.