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Garrett Fuller / Garrett Fuller has been playing MMOs since 1997 and writing about them since 2005. He joined MMORPG.com has a volunteer writer and now handles Industry Relations for the website. He has been gaming since 1979 when his cousin showed him a copy of Dungeons and Dragons. When not spending time with his family, Garrett also Larps and plays Airsoft in his spare time.

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Interview with Path of Fire Composer Maclaine Diemer

One of the hallmarks of Guild Wars 2, aside from its visual beauty, has always been its soundscapes. For Path of Fire, the most recent expansion, ArenaNet enlisted the help of composer Maclaine Diemer. We spoke to him about his work, and the upcoming vinyl release of the soundtrack.

Every Game Will be an MMO (of sorts)

With consoles now catching up to PCs and MMOs hosted on every platform including mobile, players pay through microtransactions and DLC content. It is a proven income which works well finding that fine line between buying a single player game and forcing a subscription on players after they have left a game. It all adds up to the saying, every game will be online in the future.

Interview with World of Tanks Composer Akira Yamaoka

World of Tanks is proud to work with composer Akira Yamaoka on its upcoming project for new artists. Akira is best known for the Silent Hill series which took the horror genre of games into a whole new level. He has been making music for games as far back as Contra. Akira will be judging the music submitted by fans for World of Tanks. He also will have a song on the new soundtrack. We got the chance to sit down with Akira and ask some questions about his career and passion for World of Tanks.

Overwatch League – Presenting The San Francisco Shock

NRG Esports is a well-funded organization with some of the top investors run by Andy Miller. They were one of the first teams to enter into the Overwatch League. Now, they have unveiled their team, the San Francisco Shock.

Valnir Rok Interview with Sebastian Rahmel

This week we spoke to Sebastian Rahmel, Game Director for encurio GmbH about the upcoming Viking game Valnir Rok. The game brings a fresh classic Nordic take on the survival genre. The appeal to fans comes with a fresh look at the pantheon and mystical elements which go deep into Viking history.

PUBG and Fortnite – The Drama Continues

This week Fortnite launched their Battle Royale expansion giving players the chance to compete against each other in a hunger games style scenario. Many people in video games will try new things and usually see modes of games coming into play from other games in the market. This is how it has been for years. That is until the news that Player Unknown Battlegrounds is clearly not happy with the Battle Royale style content. So what happens now?

CBT2 Preview - A Fast-Paced Play Style

For those not following along, Lost Ark is an action RPG MMO testing right now in South Korea. It has been extremely popular with MMO fans and presents a fast paced play style similar to Diablo. The game is doing very well and western fans have been trying to break into the closed beta as they have been launching. Here is what we know so far.

PAX West 2017 - Plains of Eidolon Preview

Warframe hosts millions of passionate fans. The best part about building up this community is that you now have a solid game with a great group of players who can communicate and provide feedback to make a much better product over time. Warframe is doing just that. They are planning their most ambitious expansion yet with Plains of Eidolon and players cannot wait to get a taste of the new content.

The MMOism of Public Events

One of the best features in Destiny 2 is the Public Event system. This idea has it roots as far back into MMOs as Warhammer Online in 2007 and 2008 when the game launched. Destiny 2 has taken the model and adapted it for players to boost their experience and leveling while exploring the narrative zones. It also brings in players from around the zone to join into an epic battle. One more thing, there are heroic versions as well.

PAX West 2017: Hi-Rez Studios' Hand of the Gods

Early morning at PAX we got the chance to meet with Hi-Rez about their Smite Tactics strategy game Hand of the Gods. Hand of the Gods mixes classic card game style building with a strategy board that plays out like chess. There is much more to the game than just drawing cards and matching abilities. There is movement, board control and a great mix of characters to choose from.

PAX West 2017 - Clockwork City Preview

This week at PAX we spoke with the Elder Scrolls team to find out about their next DLC, The Clockwork City. Coming off the success of Morrowind, the game is not slowing down. Now with this new DLC players will get the chance to explore the crazed underground world, but the Dwemer did not build this one. Here are some of the details.

Rend PAX West Preview - A Great Surprise

MMOs continue to come out and many of us are happy to see them return. REND is a survival MMO that we cannot wait to play. The game hosts what is best in survival with a three way battle for supremacy on the map. With a twist on bows and crossbows in fantasy this game plays like a shooter, but keeps its fantasy edge. Here are some of the details about REND.

Top Thrilling Announcements from Gamescom

We have been following Crowfall from the beginning even before the game was officially announced. We got to see some of the design ideas and meet in person with the team before the Kickstarter. Now here we are with Gamescom this week and the team is attending a big game show and showing off a lot of great material. For MMO players this is a very exciting time coming into the ideas and philosophy that Crowfall brings to the table.

Valnir Rok: An Interview with Game Director Sebastian Rahmel

Survival games continue to become the new playground of MMOs. Valnir Rok takes a great approach capturing life during the Viking era. You’ll have to battle it out, feed yourselves, and work to grow your reputation. Sebastian sat down with us to talk over the historical and mythical aspects of the game which brings this popular era to life.

The Frozen North is a Great Expansion to the Game

Robert E. Howard captured an amazing world with Hyboria. Conan was the main character, but the backdrop of the world he lived in, really breathed along with him. In Conan Exiles the team at Funcom picked up that breath and turned it to frost. The Frozen North is a fantastic expansion to Exiles and one that continues to capture Howard’s vision. Here is a breakdown of what to expect and how the game plays.