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Garrett Fuller / Garrett Fuller has been playing MMOs since 1997 and writing about them since 2005. He joined MMORPG.com has a volunteer writer and now handles Industry Relations for the website. He has been gaming since 1979 when his cousin showed him a copy of Dungeons and Dragons. When not spending time with his family, Garrett also Larps and plays Airsoft in his spare time.

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Elder Scrolls Online at GDC – Necromancer and Dragons

This past week at GDC we got the chance to join Elder Scrolls Online for their Elsweyr Update. In the demo we got to play the Necromancer and see a dragon, two of the biggest additions coming to the game. Here are some of the take-aways from where ESO is going.

Esports & Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is one of the oldest, most venerated properties in the world and it's priming itself for robust esports action. Garrett Fuller sat down with Wizards of the Coast Director of Esports Bear Schmiedicker to learn how that will look in 2019.

GDC and PAX East Preview – The Indie Surge

decade ago. The console cycle is nearing its end. AAA publishers are struggling with their stock drops and bad press. You have few large games coming to market this time of year. The indie game scene is thriving and continuing to grow. The question is, where to host your game?

We Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Runes of Magic in Our Exclusive Interview

It's hard to believe that Runes of Magic is celebrating its tenth anniversary, but it is! We're celebrating right alongside the development team with an exclusive interview with Associate Game Manager Belen Banos Trujillo.

Pagan Online Hands On Preview

We got the chance to sit down with the team from Pagan Online to go over some of the updates on the game making waves in the action RPG space. In a genre which continues to innovate and bring players together from a very hardcore community, Pagan Online is bringing a fresh take on the hack and slash nature of these titles. Created by Uros Banjesevic and the team at Mad Head Games, Pagan is published by Wargaming.net which turned a few heads when announced. Overall, the game looks to break new ground and so far we like what we see.

Warhammer: Chaosbane Hands-On Preview

Warhammer fans rejoice, wait, old Warhammer fans rejoice, wait… everyone rejoice! Chaosbane is here, and fans of action RPGs will have a lot to be excited about. We got the chance to preview the game in beta and while it pays homage to all the RPG tropes we have all become familiar with the game offers a fun look into the Warhammer Old World for fans. The only class available in the demo was the Imperial Soldier. We did not get to play the High Elf or our personal favorite the Dwarf Slayer.

Anthem Woes

Bioware teased their game Anthem a while back to a knowing and jaded game industry. At E3 2017 the game was shown off as part of EA’s new line up. People were excited but calls of Destiny suddenly were heard and here we are in early 2019 as the title is already starting to feel the pinch.

The RPG Files: What Is Epic Seven?

Epic Seven is a mobile turn-based RPG from Smilegate. It challenges players to unique visuals and strategies to challenge all players at all times. We had the chance to speak with Content Director Yuna Kim to learn more about Epic Seven.

To Sequel or Not to Sequel? That is the Question.

In video games the idea of creating a sequel means you pretty much kill off the original, right? That is unless you use some methodology which works to bring the characters, design, and world up to speed in a new version of the game which adds in a much-needed boost. Lately, games have relied on DLCs to make these updates, and they tend to do well. Recently, we saw a sequel announcement from the team at Red Hook for Darkest Dungeon 2. Here is why it went well.

How MMOs Have Improved

No matter what you think about current MMOs there are still games out there that do extremely well in today’s market. There are two that I can think which provide updates and content for their user bases as well as fast leveling practices and multi-tiered cash shop options. Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online remain strong money makers for their respective markets and also keep the classic fantasy feel we all grew up with.

The Blizzard Problem

This was a tough week for anyone who works for Blizzard Entertainment or anyone who is a fan of the games. The Blizzard community has grown and fostered over many years now. Always heightened at BlizzCon the company was preaching unity, equality, and passion for their games worldwide. This message rung true to millions and it showed. However, all that began to take a turn for the worse these past few months.

From The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj to Marshmello – Live Events

This past weekend Fortnite hosted a concert. It was not the boring snooze fest of the Super Bowl, or even the Half-Time show. No, this weekend Marshmello played a live concert in Fortnite, if you were there then you saw something spectacular which had been attempted many times before and failed. This time, the ideas were right, the impact was strong, and everyone loved it. Now, let’s go back a few years to see where these ideas began. The death of Lord British is the best place to start.

The Wars in Atlas

Atlas came on the scene recently as one of the wildest MMO stories in years. Out of nowhere ARK creators launched their MMO which had pirates, islands, and all kinds of crazy technology for players to battle it out. However the communities are forming up on either side in a warfare that looks similar to EVE Online.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire - A Chat with the CEO of Nexon Red

Nexon has announced that AxE: Alliance vs Empire, an expansive massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), will be launching to the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices worldwide this winter. AxE ushers in the next generation of fully featured MMORPGs on mobile devices with a sprawling and ever changing open-world and an immersive fantasy story of a civil war between the Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance.

Activision and Bungie: The Tale of Two Titles

Are we starting to see a trend in the end of big publishers? Yesterday’s split between Bungie and Activision serves as a major move within the games industry. I was writing a column on the power of the EPIC Store and then well, this happened. Are the two related? Maybe, but more on that later. For now, let’s explore the split between Bungie, Destiny, and Activision. What does it mean and who benefits?