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Chris cut his teeth on MMOs in the late 90s with text-based MUDs. He’s written about video games for many different sites but has made MMORPG his home since 2013. Today, he acts as Hardware and Technology Editor, lead tech reviewer, and continues to love and write about games every chance he gets. Follow him on Twitter: @GameByNight

September 2009
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Letshuoer S15 Planar Magnetic IEMs Review: A New Favorite

The Letshuoer S15 are our new favorite planar magnetic IEMs. For gaming, music, movies and more, these are currently the best planar magnetic IEMs you can buy. Find out why in this review.

Fiio Jade Audio Q11 Portable DAC/Amp: An Affordable External Sound Card

Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your PC's audio to a high-res listening experience? The Fiio Jade Audio Q11 portable DAC/amp will allow you to do that for only $89.99 and virtually no lost desk space. Find out if it's worth picking up in this review!

LUMINKEY LK80 Mechanical Keyboard Review

The LUMINKEY 80 is an affordable custom keyboard that you don't have to build yourself. Starting at $215 and featuring 2.4GHz wireless, an aluminum and copper case, and top-tier sound and feel, this is a keyboard you don't want to miss!

Fiio FT5 Planar Magnetic Headphones Review

Fiio has entered the planar magnetic space. Challenging industry stalwarts like Audeze, the new FT5 promises exceptional sound at a lower price but can it deliver? Find out if it has what it takes to compete in this review!

Akko MOD007B-HE Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard Review

Akko has quietly been making some of the best budget mechanical keyboards for years and it's back with its very own take on Hall Effect magnetic switches. The MOD007B-HE offers customizable actuation, quad-action keys, rapid trigger and more. Join us as we find out if it's worth picking up in this review!

Shure SM7dB Review

One of the most classic microphones of all time is back with an upgrade, making it a better fit for content creators than ever before. The Shure SM7dB is the same SM7B we know and love, but it's now ready to use straight out of the box, no booster required. Find out if it's worth picking up in this review!

Linsoul Launches Early Black Friday Sale

It's Thanksgiving Week, and that means Black Friday is almost upon us! Linsoul is joining the fun with its own round of sales and promotions. If you've been waiting to upgrade your audio setup, now looks like a good time to take the plunge.

Earthworks ETHOS Gets Even Better with New Bundle

Are you a content creator looking to take your recordings to the next level? If so, the Earthworks ETHOS is already a microphone that you should be considering and the value just keeps getting better. The company just announced that it has partnered with Native Instruments to bundle each new ETHOS with a copy of RX 10 Elements, a software plug-in that adds studio-grade effects to help you sound your best.

Exploring Linsoul IEMs, Edition 1 - Quick-Hit Reviews: Kiwi Ears, 7Hz, and Tripowin!

We at MMORPG sometimes get more products than we can devote full reviews to, so in this feature, we're taking a look at an assortment of recent earphones that have made their way across our desks and sharing our thoughts! It's a shotgun blast of neat audio products you won't want to miss!

Gizaudio × Binary Acoustics Chopin IEM Review

Another audio collaboration has landed, this time with YouTuber Gizaudio and Binary Acoustics. These new earphones promise a sound that's full, rich, smooth, and detailed -- perfect for music and gaming alike. At $199, do they deliver? Find out in this review!

AFUL MagicOne IEM Review

Putting the name to the side, AFUL has been one of the most innovative companies in the earphone business for the last year. It has literally dubbed its latest release "magic." Is the AFUL MagicOne truly magic for your ears? Find out in this review!

Ducky ProjectD Tinker65 Review

Building on the success of the Outlaw65, Ducky is releasing a more affordable VIA-compatible keyboard, packed to the brim with custom-keyboard features, starting at only $89. Find out if it's worth picking up in this review!

Drop + xDuoo TA-84 Review

Drop just released its latest collaboration, an OTL tube amplifier made to drive demanding headphones like the HD6XX - that also just happen to be top picks for gaming. Is the Drop + xDuoo TA-84 worth investing in at a pre-order price of $349? Find out in this review!

Chillkey Paw65 Mechanical Keyboard Review: Cute or Stylish?

The Chillkey Paw65 is a brand new, extra-affordable mechanical keyboard kit that starts cute and can transform into something quite stylish. Starting at only $79.99, it offers a lot for a little, but is it right for you?

1More Penta Driver (P50) Headphones Review

Looking for a great pair of next-level earphones that won't break the bank? 1More has been in exactly that business for years and the new 1More Penta Driver P50 may be exactly what you've been waiting for.