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Chris cut his teeth on MMOs in the late 90s with text-based MUDs. He’s written about video games for many different sites but has made MMORPG his home since 2013. Today, he acts as Hardware and Technology Editor, lead tech reviewer, and continues to love and write about games every chance he gets. Follow him on Twitter: @GameByNight

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iMovR Lander Lite Standing Desk Review

The quest for the right desk is one of many twists and turns. Depending on what you need and how much you’re willing to spend, you could find yourself with anything from hollow legs and a wire frame to a desk that will stand the test of time. Today, we’re looking at one of the latter with the brand new Lander Lite from iMovR. It takes the best features of the original Lander and slashes the price point to $799. Still, at $799 is it worth a buy?

TCL 5-Series Review: Affordable 4K, HDR Gaming

4K has arrived: content is plentiful and games look more beautiful than ever before. With each passing year, the tech gets better and the prices become more affordable. If you’re still on the fence, the TV we’re looking at today may just make you jump down. Coming in as low as $299 for the 50-inch version and $529 for the $65-inch, does its input lag and picture quality make it a worthy buy? Join us as we find out!

Ducky Mecha Mini Mechanical Keyboard Review: Heavy Metal

Back in May, we took a look at the Ducky One 2 Mini, the 60% keyboard that made the gaming world pay attention to 60% keyboards. Before the holiday, we received a surprise package from Ducky with the Mecha Mini. It features a full, CNC-milled aluminum case, as well as a few other changes. At $119, is it worth picking up over the original?

Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 Tube Amplifier Review

So you’ve decided that you’d like to pick up a headphone amplifier. Like many things in the world of audio, deciding which to buy can be a rabbit hole of different designs, types, and price points. We’ve looked at quite a few amps and DACs here at MMORPG to help clear up those muddy waters and today we’re back again with an incredibly interesting option from Schiit Audio: the Valhalla 2 Tube Amplifier. It’s simultaneously classic yet distinctly modern and sounds amazing. Let’s dig in.

G.SKILL Unveils New 32GB Module, Low Latency DDR4 RAM Kits

Earlier this week, G.SKILL announced an all new series of high capacity RAM with low latency to boot. Check out what we learned!

MMORPG Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Christmas is almost upon us, but there’s still time to pick up that perfect gift for your loved one. We’ve gathered some excellent options for the gamer in your life. Read on for our gift-giving choices of 2019!

AKG Lyra USB Condenser Microphone Review

With the rise of streaming, the market of USB microphones has absolutely exploded. It’s been exciting to watch as both quality and variety have skyrocketed. Today, we’re looking at the AKG Lyra USB Condenser Microphone. It’s an especially interesting option since the AKG name carries a pedigree from years in the audio game becoming one of the leading brands for audiophiles worldwide. Does the Lyra live up to AKG’s reputation and compete in a crowded market?

NZXT Reveals World of Warcraft Themed H510 PC Gaming Case

Are you a World of Warcraft player in the market for new case? NZXT has one of the coolest options we've seen with the brand new Alliance and Horde themed H510 PC Gaming Cases. Only 1000 units of each case will be made, so it will quickly become a collector's item.

Elgato Multi Mount Review

Elgato has been in the business of taking your content to the next level for years, so it should come as no surprise that one of our very favorite, and easily the most unexpected, content creation tools of the year should carry the Elgato name. Are you a streamer? If so, the Elgato Multi Mount may just be the tool you never knew you needed. Let’s dig in and find out exactly what makes this seemingly simple tool so good.

PSA: You can use your FSA to buy computer glasses from SportRx

As gamers, we spend a lot of time in front of screens. This holiday season, SportRx wants to remind you to take care of yourself by caring for your eyes, tax-free. Unlike many computer gaming glasses, which filter out blue light and reduce eyestrain, SportRx is able to cut prescription lenses to match your choice of frames, which means it's eligible for tax-free flex spending accounts before the year is out.

Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

This summer, Sennheiser released its first wireless gaming headset with the impressive GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset. While we loved it, the $349 price put it firmly out of the reach of many gamers. This season, Sennheiser is back at it with the GSP 370. It brings back much of what we loved with the GSP 670 plus a massive 100-hour battery life. At $199, is this the headset for you? Join us and find out!

Feiyu-Tech Announces Small, Powerful 4-in-1 Gimbal: G6 MAX

Back in August, we took a look at our very first gimbal here at MMORPG.com with the Feiyu-Tech AK4500. It was big and glorious but definitely overkill for casual content creators and family video-makers. Today, the company announced their small yet powerful G6 Max, a gimbal that can adapt to smartphones, action cams, point and shoots, and even mirrorless cameras with lenses.

Unboxing a Real Life Loot Box: Drop Bounty Box 2

We’ve all heard of loot boxes in video games before. But what about a real life loot box? That’s what we’re looking at today with the Bounty Box 2 from Drop.com. It’s a gamified grab from a selection of curated community favorites. We open it together in this video unboxing and article breakdown. Ready to roll the dice with us?

DXRacer Partners with Microsoft for Gears 5 Esports Majors

DXRacer announced this week that they will be partnering with Gears Esports to become the official gaming chair for this year's Gears 5 Major. Players will be competing for more than $2,000,000 in total prizes while enjoying specially themed chairs reflecting the best of DXRacer's gaming chair designs.

VIVIFY to Sell Custom Length Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

Nearly all of us use HDMI cables for one reason or another. Whether it's to connect your PC and monitor, game console and TV, or pieces of your home theater setup, quality cables are important. VIVIFY announced their XENOS W30 this week and the ability to order custom fiber optic HDMI cables for lengths over 50-feet.