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August 2022
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Summoner's War Chronicles Interview With Executive Producer Eunjae Lee

Summoner's War: Chronicles recently released on mobile as well as PC, and we had the chance to speak to Com2us' Eunjae Lee, executive producer on the MMORPG in an email interview and about the MMO, its future and more.

Summoners War: Chronicles PC And Mobile Preview

Com2us has built up a fanbase around their Summoners War games and is trying its hand at an MMO. How was it? Not bad, but very mobile

Blade & Soul Symphony of Destruction Update Preview

Blade & Soul's Symphony of Destruction Update will be live soon, and I had a chance at a sneak peek, let's take a look at what's coming in!

Conan Exiles Preview: Checking Out Age Of Sorcery Ahead Of Its September Release

Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery Patch is eldritch, dark and seems like it could be a good time, from what I can tell after my brief tour of the new mechanics and systems coming in.

Noah's Heart Review

I spent the last week playing around in Noah's Heart, just to see if it was any good. Is it? Spoiler Alert: If you're a PC gamer, no...no it is not.