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May 2006
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The Agency Announced

Staff Writer Joe Iuliani recently attended SOE Gamer Day. Most of his articles have already run, but this one was embargoed until today. Today, SOE officially announces their most recent (and until now secret) project, "The Agency", a spy-based MMORPG.

Exploring the Black Temple Patch

Staff Writer Joe Iuliani has been playing through the new Black Temple patch that was released at the end of May. Today, he files this report on the patch and what it's been adding to his gameplay experience.

SOE’s Gamer Day

On May 9th, Joe Iuliani attended the SOE Gamer Day in New York. Today, he writes this report on what he saw and heard at the event.

WAR ComicCon Preview

Joe Iuliani was at Comic Con last week. Today, he brings us a report on his hands-on experience with Warhammer Online.

Buying Virtual Currency

Joe Iuliani writes to give his opinions on the ups and downs of the Secondary Market.

The Effects of World PvP in WoW

Joe Iuliani and Garrett Fuller debate PvP and Ganking