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April 2008
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November 2016
Development Team Interview

Earlier this summer, the developers at Virtrium (VI) released a new content update that included a number of improvements and updates on existing game features. Most notably, the dragon’s Adult Right of Passage received a large overhaul, as did the Scholar crafting school. MMORPG.com writer, Erin McManaway, had the chance to sit down with the development team to talk about the changes.

Dragons 101

MMORPG.com Istaria reporter Erin McManaway writes this look at what might arguable be the game's most defining feature: the race of Dragons.

"Scourge of the Skulks" Free Update

MMORPG.com Istaria Reporter Erin McManaway returns this week to talk about that game's most recent update.

Free to Play Vs. Pay to Play - Istaria Options

Did you know that Istaria actually offers three distinct pricing plans, one of which is a totally f2p option? MMORPG.com Istaria Reporter Erin McManaway re-introduces us to the three different ways to pay for the game formerly known as Horizons

Dralnok’s Doom: New High Level Content Tour

MMORPg.com Istaria expert Erin McManaway writes this look at Dralnok's Doom after receiving a tour of the upcoming high level content update from the folks at Virtrium.

When Community Really Counts

MMORPG.com Istaria Correspondent Erin McManaway writes this look at the tight knit community that exists in Istaria, the MMORPG formerly known as Horizons.