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Anthony is an avid MMO gamer since childhood, with experience in all different kinds of games. From FFXIV as a Red Mage specialist, to Lost Ark as a Gunlancer, you can always find them (probably) getting way too greedy with mechanics and wondering how they wiped the group

March 2022
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Lost Ark's June-July Roadmap: The Quick and Dirty

This past week, Amazon-Smilegate revealed their Lost Ark roadmap for June and July. A lot of it was expected, and some were surprising. Lowry breaks down what they are looking forward to with the upcoming content in the MMOARPG.

Opinion: Lost Ark's Biggest Obstacle Is Community Misinformation

Misinformation can spread quickly, whether we mean for it to or not. Anthony looks at the misinformation being spread across the Lost Ark community and how it's one of the games biggest obstacles to overcome.

Interview: Chatting Lost Ark with Community Manager Roxanne (Roxx) Sabo

PAX East for Anthony was busy to say the least, so for his final interview at the packed event was a laid back conversation with the Community Manager of Lost Ark, Roxanne Sabo, also known as Roxx! Enjoy this light-hearted chat on how Roxx became the community manager of Lost Ark and what she really enjoys about the job and the community!

PAX East 2022: Talking Final Fantasy 14 Raiding With Prolific Raider Rin Karigani

At PAX East, Anthony was able to sit down with many players and talk MMOs. One player, popular raider Rin Karigani, was able to chat to Anthony about the newest raid in FFXIV, as well as high-level raiding in general.

PAX East 2022: Interview With Black Desert Online's Executive Producer Jaehee Kim

At PAX East, Anthony had the chance to meet up with Black Desert Online Executive Producer Jaehee Kim and talk all things Mountain of Eternal Winter and the recent Drakania class.

Finally, Lost Ark's April And May Roadmap Has Been Revealed, We Break It Down

Lost Ark finally released their roadmap and Lowry breaks it down. They pick out what is good and what could be cause for some concern down the road. Check out their thoughts.

It's Okay To Take Your Time In Your Favorite MMO

Anthony breaks down the idea of FOMO and how it's okay to take your time, using his experience in Lost Ark as a perfect example why.

The Implications of Argos and Future Lost Ark Content

Lost Ark has had one of the most successful launches of nearly any MMO in history, yet players that remain are still looking for more content. Anthony explores Argos and the implications the content has on the MMO ARPG.