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Robin loves RPGs, MMOs, JRPGs, Action, and Adventure games... also puzzle games... and platformers... and exploration games... there are very few games she isn't interested in. When it comes to MMOs she focuses on WoW and GW2 but will pick-up other games as they catch her fancy. She's a habitual returner to FFXIV because that game is an all-around great MMO.

April 2016
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Assassin’s Creed Origins Review in Progress

After only a few hours in Assassin’s Creed Origins I’m already loving this game. The combat is fun and engaging. The prologue is long but by the end of it I was sold on the story and I’m all in with the main character Bayek. The scenery and all the amazing vistas are beautiful. Though I’m still very early on, and there is still a long way to go, Origins has all the makings of becoming one of the best additions to the franchise in years.

The Enchanting and Exciting World of Hob

My first encounter with Hob was at PAX West 2015 and I was enchanted from that first moment. The artwork and how every ability in game seemed to be used in both mundane and creative ways was really intriguing. Two years later Hob has been released and though the game has clearly changed from what Runic planned back in 2015, it’s still enchanting and fun. This is our Hob review.

Sandbox Done Right

Albion Online bills itself as a sandbox MMO where players can write their own story, and for the most part this is an accurate description. Everyone starts off the same; in their underwear with no possessions at all. There's the barest bit of a tutorial to show off the basics of the systems and how everything works, and then you are off to find your own adventure.

One Week Review in Progress

It’s been one week since Albion Online launched, and how’s it doing so far? Pretty smoothly… no really there’s been very few issues. This is our Review in Progress of Sandbox’s new MMORPG.

Stormblood Preview - Dungeons, New Jobs & the Underwater World

A couple of weeks ago I attended a media event for Stormblood and spent the day playing in some of the new zones, trying out Samurai & Red Mage, checking out the new job gauges, and playing one of the new dungeons which will be coming with Stormblood. I also had the opportunity to interview Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) to learn some more information not only about the expansion but also about some of their plans moving on past this expansion. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Stormblood Preview - Battle Systems, PvP & Boosts

A couple of weeks ago I attended a media event for Stormblood where we got to spend the day playing some parts of the new expansion and going over the upcoming changes to the game systems. The following covers the info we were presented with and which was in the Letter from the Producer on May 22nd. However, there is also some extra info which I gathered from Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) during my interview with him.

Open Beta Review - It's Rough, But There's Potential

It’s been the normal mode of business for free to play MMOs to have an Open Beta that’s essentially a soft launch. Most of the time things are pretty much done by the time Open Beta rolls around and the devs are just polishing and making sure their infrastructure can handle everything. This is not the case for Revelation Online.

PAX East 2017 - Space Wars Blending RTS with MMOs

Space Wars, a unique entry into the MMO genre, is a tactical turn based MMO where your avatar/character is a starship. Space Wars seamlessly blends some of the best qualities of RTS games with MMOs in a new and interesting way.

PAX East 2017 - Hands On with the Console Version

While at PAX East I had the opportunity to tryout Trove on the Xbox One and to chat with Character Animator Robin Luera about the upcoming console launch.

PAX East 2017 - A Name Change & a Bigger World Too

Legends of Aria, formally Shards Online, is a sprawling sandbox MMO which really lets players decide how they want to interact with the world. The main thing arriving with the name change is the world map just got much larger.

Let's Talk About the Bad Parts

Final Fantasy XV is overall an interesting game which I completely enjoyed and I can’t wait for all the upcoming DLC to arrive. As much as I loved the characters and playing the game, there are some frustrating issues which standout; largely because so most of the game is fantastic. I’d like to take a closer look at issues and examine what the core problem really is.

A Fun Romp Through a Lively World

When I first started playing Twin Saga I didn't really know what expect because it isn't a game I had been actively following. As an Anime MMORPG it holds onto a fairly niche market in the MMO world and I hadn’t played any of the previous Anime inspired MMOs. What I found was an interesting game with easy to learn systems, beautiful artistry, and a ton of content to dive into.

When Games Inspire - World of Warcraft

In celebration of the fact the Legion expansion will be out in a couple of weeks I decided to focus on some really interesting World of Warcraft creations. There’s a ton fan creations out there having to do with World of Warcraft, and choosing who to include was certainly difficult. I did make a conscious choice not to include any of the really big names.

When Games Inspire: The Wildest Hunt

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt not only served as a final chapter in CD Projekt Red’s telling of Geralt’s tory but it also introduced the characters and setting to millions more people than the previous games had. As a result, it’s hardly surprising to find there is no shortage of Witcher 3 Fan Art and cosplay. Here are some of the best I have found.

Fan Creations - Spotlight on Tyria

MMOs always tend to inspire a ton of fan creations which span a wide spectrum of possibilities, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. With the Livin Story picking back up next week this seemed like a good point to take a look at some of the incredible creations out there. Really there are so many interesting things fans have been creating over last four years I’ll definitely be revisiting Guild Wars 2 again for this column.