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Robin loves RPGs, MMOs, JRPGs, Action, and Adventure games... also puzzle games... and platformers... and exploration games... there are very few games she isn't interested in. When it comes to MMOs she focuses on WoW and GW2 but will pick-up other games as they catch her fancy. She's a habitual returner to FFXIV because that game is an all-around great MMO.

April 2016
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When Games Inspire - An Age of Dragons

Dragon Age is a series of games which prides itself on telling stories which connect with people on a personal level. Because of this and also because it has existed for about seven years at this point there is an ample amount of high quality fan creations devoted to Dragon Age and I am sure I’ll revisit this fandom a few times. Also, though I do have a few things from DA2 most of what I have today is from the most recent game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

For the Price, It Provides a Fair Amount of Entertainment

Landmark started out as a game tied very closely to EverQuest Next. Unfortunately, EverQuest Next was canceled and now Landmark has launched as a standalone game. I don’t tend to often enjoy sandbox games too much and I’ve never really gotten into the whole “Minecraft” sorts of games, so for me Landmark was really different from the usual… and it is quite enjoyable though there are a few issues.

When Games Inspire: The Overwatch Edition

Overwatch has exploded onto the scene and in a little under a month is already boasting 10million players. Even though Overwatch has only been out about a month fans have been hard at work creating ever since the game was first announced; which makes this a great time to start looking at some of the incredible creations out there.

When Games Inspire: The Diverse Realm of Fan Creation

Video Games are a wonderful form of media which can do more than just entertain; they can open whole new worlds and possibly up which we might not have ever found. Being a creative endeavor it isn’t really surprising when video games then inspire their fans to go off on their own and create things.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan - A Game Filled with Surprises

One of the best things about video game conventions, and PAX conventions in particular, is the sheer number of indie games which get to be put in front of thousands of people right along with the big names. With so many indie games gathered together I always manage to find a few which are really interesting but had previously escaped my notice. This year Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is the one which really surprised me.

Metronomicon - Mixing Rhythm Games & RPGs in a Fun New Way

Being a fan of RPGs and Rhythm games it’s sort of weird to realize I’ve never considered the possibilities of mixing the two together. It might seem like mixing these two genres would be a bit weird but Metronomicon manages to meld them into a wonderfully entertaining and exciting package.

Pyre - An Intriguing, Beautiful, Mishmash of Genres

Pyre is an intriguing, beautiful, and weird mix of a RPG with a mini-game filling in for what normally would be fighting in most other games. The PAX East demo was only about 20 minutes long, but it packed a ton of different aspects of the game into those few minutes.

Goliath - A Mix of Genres with an Emphasis on Discovery

Goliath is a mix of action/adventure/survival games where the player is alone on a distant world and must explore and find food and resources to make it. Emphasis is slightly less on the need to find food and more on finding resources and building tools to survive. While exploring this world the discovery is made there are not only friendly creatures but there are also dangerous animals and warring peoples.

MXM - PAX East 2016 Hands On with NCSoft's MOBA

During PAX East I met with NCSOFT to get a hands on first look at their new MOBA Master X Master and the four heroes they are unveiling today Taejin, Sizuka, Cagnazzo, and Demenos.

I Am Setsuna: Leveraging Modern Tech While Paying Homage to the Past

For anyone who is a fan of classic JRPGs, especially Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna is a game you should be looking forward to. This game leverages all the technological advances of the last 20 years while also paying homage to the old classics. Although I had previously heard about this game the demo here at PAX East was my first chance to actually play.