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Shawn Schuster is the former Editor-in-Chief at Massively.com and founder of the indie gaming review site Shoost.co. Shawn has been writing professionally about video games since 2008 and podcasting about games since 2005. When he's not leveling yet another alt, he's running his organic farm with his wife and four kids.

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Don't Fear the Voxels!

When some potential Crowfall fans heard that the upcoming game will feature a world full of voxels, they panicked. Some moaned audibly while others swore off anything with the words "crow" or "fall" in it for eternity. But the fact is, we shouldn't be afraid of the almighty voxel.

The 3 Most Exciting Reveals This Week

Crowfall's big reveals this week include a Kickstarter campaign and much more information on how the game will set itself apart from the current crop of MMOs. In this article, I take a look at my three favorite tidbits from this infolanche and how much they appeal to me as a potential player.

5 Things that Crowfall's Countdown Could Reveal

The number one term applied to the development of Crowfall so far seems to be the H-word. Yes, folks, the hype train has left the station and it has a long journey ahead of it, but that's part of the fun of being an MMO fan, right? Many of us enjoy the excitement that comes from seeing a new MMO peek its head up over the horizon, as we hope and pray that it will fill the hole in our heart that was left after the last dozen games promised us the world.

State of the Game: Building the Mad Max MMO

An MMO set in the universe of Mad Max is something I've been clamoring for for years, but as with any popular IP-turned-online game, it's a touchy subject for die-hard fans. With the Fury Road movie and the single player game both on the horizon for this year, I thought it'd be a good time to revisit my favorite topic of all time: building a Mad Max MMO.

State of the Game: 10 MMOs to Watch in 2015

It certainly wasn't a record-breaking year, but it was what I'd like to think of as the calm before the storm. Right around 2011, game developers collectively regrouped, realized that copying World of Warcraft probably isn't the best idea, and took to this new thing called Kickstarter to bypass big, out-of-touch publishers to create what the people actually want.

Say Hello to Y2K

AckkStudios may be a small development studio comprised of a few family members, but don't call it a family business. "I usually cringe when people say that," co-founder Andrew Allanson joked during a phone interview this week. "But it is, yeah."

State of the Game: Who's afraid of the big bad MMO word?

Remember a few years ago when every new upcoming game had an MMO connection? Simply tack on the "online" word and you have yourself an instant hit! Right? Well, things have changed.

Gilded Wasteland - The Role of PvP in a Story-Driven Game

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Swordsman Online's Associate Product Manager Wayne Song to discuss the guild aspect of the new Gilded Wasteland expansion. This week, we're continuing that interview with some more from Song on the importance of PvP in the game and what role it plays in the endgame.

Gilded Wasteland - Focused on Guild and Large Group Play

Swordman is the new martial arts MMO from Perfect World Entertainment that just released in North America on July 29th of this year. It has so far enjoyed positive reviews from fans of the genre, but what's even more amazing is the fact that the game is already getting its first expansion this fall with Gilded Wasteland.

State of the Game: People Still Play That?

One issue that's near and dear to my heart is that of dedication to an MMO and MMO community. I wrote about loyalty a few weeks ago, and this goes hand-in-hand with that, but from a different angle. I have a five-stage period I go through when any new game launches. You might be able to relate.

State of the Game: Can Star Citizen Live Up to Expectations?

Earlier this month, it was announced that Chris Roberts' Star Citizen had broken a Guinness World Record for the top crowdfunding project of all time with $55 million being raised to help develop the game. While $55 million is far from the biggest game budget of all time, it's still an impressive amount of money to be raised by little more than word-of-mouth and a Kickstarter campaign.

State of the Game: Rewarding Loyalty

When players support your game in its pimply, awkward, squeaky-voice stage, you reward them appropriately when the cocoon bursts open to reveal a beautiful butterfly. But what you never, ever do is later offer those early founder's rewards in the cash shop for a few extra bucks. It's just not worth it. Betraying loyalty like that is a sure-fire way to lose the respect of those people who would probably still play your game after the tourists have come and gone.

It's All About the Nostalgia

The year was 1988. I was 12 years old and I lived on my Commodore 64. A handful of groundbreaking games were released that year, including King's Quest IV, Bard's Tale III, Ultima V, and Pool of Radiance. It was an important time for the RPG genre, but no single game meant more to me than Interplay's Wasteland.

Video Game Cosplay: Is It for You?

If you've ever been to Dragon Con, you know that costuming is a big deal at the Atlanta-based convention. This year broke another record with a reported 63,000 attendees paying tribute to their favorite sci-fi and fantasy genres of pop culture, and the costumes seem to get better each year.