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Anthony is an avid MMO gamer since childhood, with experience in all different kinds of games. From FFXIV as a Red Mage specialist, to Lost Ark as a Gunlancer, you can always find them (probably) getting way too greedy with mechanics and wondering how they wiped the group

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5 Burning Jobs for the New Maplestory Player

Despite a rocky start, MapleStory's New Age expansion has been a breath of fresh air. Lowry tries to guide some new players when choosing a class to jump into MapleStory for the first time.

Maplestory's New Age Update is Marred with Controversy

Maplestory's major content release, New Age, is out soon. With this update comes the introduction to the Sixth Job advancement, a very big deal for late-game and end-game players. Yet certain aspects of the update are controversial.

Interview: Chatting Lost Ark's Jump Start Servers, Balance And More With Amazon's Soomin Park

We sat down with Amazon Games's Soomin Park, the Franchise Lead on Lost Ark, to talk about a myriad of subjects, from the recent jump start servers, Thaemine raid on the Korean version, and much more.

5 Classes for the New and Returning Jump-Starter in Lost Ark

For the new player, choosing a class can be daunting, for many different reasons that can be specific to the player. Here's 5 classes to get you started quickly!

Black Desert Online: PvE Grinding - Season to Mid Game, What, Where, and Why?

Now that you've chosen a class, you're probably wondering where you should go now? In our latest Black Desert Guide, Anthony will help you along your PvE grinding path.

Thaemine Has Finally Arrived in KR Lost Ark - Who Will Claim World First?

Throughout its life, Lost Ark has defined itself by its raids. The MMOARPG just launched what is considered the grandaddy of them all - Thaemine - on the Korean servers. Anthony has their eyes on the race for the world first.

Black Desert Online: A New Player's Guide To Understanding Your Inventory

With all the new players rushing into Black Desert Online thanks to the release of The Land of the Morning Light, Lowry put together a guide to help you understand the pain point of Inventory Management in the MMO.

Black Desert Class Guide For Dummies

Black Desert has so many choices in class, spec, and builds, and knowing which one you want to go for at different gear levels can be daunting and overwhelming. Combine that with the generally overwhelming nature of learning how everything even works and, to be frank, the absurd amount of misinformation out there, it can take time to grasp what even to do. This will be an attempt to help with the very first step: Choosing a class.

Black Desert Online's FESTA Announcements Go in a Very Right Direction

Adding new time-limited content in Black Desert Online was a bit jarring, but Lowry is encouraged by the announcements from FESTA/Heidel Ball. Dive into the highlights with them:

Guild Wars 2: Balance Change Post-Mortem Concerns

Guild Wars 2 recently announced its latest expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, though Lowry still feels the game could use some love in the wake of its latest rebalance update. He lays out some of those concerns here.

Black Desert Land of the Morning Light Review

It's been just over a week since the Land of the Morning Light expansion launched for Black Desert Online, bringing the new location and boss blitz mode to the MMO. Lowry has spent time fighting each boss and checking out the blitz - here is our final review.

Black Desert Online Land Of The Morning Light Review In Progress

It's finally here: Land of the Morning Light has come to Black Desert Online as a free expansion. Lowry has gone hands on in a review build to put the expansion through its paces - here is our review in progress.

Guild Wars 2: Breaking Down The June 27th Balance Update

With fresh details about the Guild Wars 2 June 27th balance patch, Lowry is here to break down the main details for each profession.

Interview: Talking The Future Of Lost Ark With Community Manager Roxanne Sabo

Lost Ark has been one of the most successful MMOs in recent memory, having maintained a strong user base, consistent updates, and a thriving community. It's not always been perfect, but overall it's always great to see an MMO reach this level of success, and everyone involved, from the players, to the people working on the game, all make it happen. We spoke to CM Roxanne Sabo about the future of the MMOARPG here in the West.

What I Wish Happened In The Guild Wars 2 Balance Patch Preview

While the Balance in Guild Wars 2 has gotten better and better over the years, Lowry still has some things he'd like to see come to be in Guild Wars 2.