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November 2016
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Alliances Announced!

Without a doubt, World versus World is one of the least updated aspects of Guild Wars 2. Which is why when Arenanet announced yesterday that they were working on a massive overhaul to the server and population balancing systems of WvW, players went into a hype frenzy! This system will take several months to develop, with no ETA as of yet, but is promising to be the biggest change that WvW has ever received.

Preparing for the Year of the Dog

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and as always, Divinity's Reach will enter a period of celebration and festivities to mark the upcoming Year of the Dog. These celebrations take place in the Crown Pavillion, and are focused around obtaining the Divine Lucky Envelopes.

Playing the Price

Guild Wars 2 has, since the release of Heart of Thorns, been slowly creeping deeper in to the micro-transaction pit. Customisation options for Gliders and Mounts, huge selling points for both expansion, are almost entirely gated behind the cash shop, and the RNG and gambling aspect of both the Black Lion Chests and Mount Adoption License have only added fuel to the fire.

We Talk Daybreak with Andrew Gray & Mike Zadorojny

This week, MMORPG.com was lucky enough to chat to Living World Season 4's developer Andrew Gray, Game Designer Jason Reynolds and new game director Mike Zadorojny, about what it takes to get an episode off the ground in light of a brand new expansion.

Competitive Communication – What’s Next for PVP and WvW?

Over time, developers have taken more and more steps backwards when it comes to communication -- backpedaling from Colin Johanson's hype train approach to allow players to experience the content as it arrives. And whilst the PvE releases are sticking to an open approach, the competitive game modes WvW and PvP are being left in the dark, leaving many of us wondering just what ArenaNet has in mind?

What Does Class Diversity Mean?

At launch, Guild Wars 2 was an MMO that strove to break the boundaries set by the classics of the genre and sought to achieve this through a diverse set of skills and abilities that each class could bring to an encounter. Now more than ever, Guild Wars 2 and the community expect certain roles for any difficult encounter, with specific classes fulfilling these roles either exclusively or objectively better than any other.

The Gemstore Endgame

Any online game with a buy to play or free to play business model needs a way to generate profit long in to the game’s life spam. For Guild Wars 2, the Gem Store is the way in which Arenanet gets most of its profit outside of initial sales and expansions. Players can also choose to purchase their items with in game gold, converting them to gems to buy the flashy cosmetics and convenience items that come exclusively from the cash shop.

ArenaNet Discusses the Balance in Tyria

Balance between classes in Guild Wars is an always changing thing. We managed to take questions from popular sites like Metabattle and PVE Specialist to probe ArenaNet for their thoughts on the matter. Read on for some insight...

Imperfect Balance

One of the biggest problems for Guild Wars 2 developers facing this stance in on balancing lately, however, has been the frequency that patches are being delivered to the community, with the meta shifts being too slow, too far between and too small for a great deal of the vocal community.

Skill Visibility

As Guild Wars 2 ages, skills have become flashier and larger, to make sure new elite specialisation skills look as good as they feel. This is leading to an ever-increasing issue of visual clutter, with PvP situations in particular becoming almost impossible to see some small but important animations, and enemy AoEs in all content becoming hidden amongst dozens of allied particle effects.

A Story Worth Dying For - Beware of SPOILERS!

Warning! Countless spoilers ahead!!! To me, this story was highly successful and one of the best that Guild Wars 2 has delivered to date, both extremely enjoyable to play through and delivering intensity in spades. Here is my small reaction to Path of Fire.

The Joys of Exploring

Path of Fire has been a big win of an expansion so far for the majority of the active player base and reviewers, with some of the best new content and gameplay of any major update the game has ever released. Compared to the poorly received Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire has been the ‘golden child’ of the game’s life, and a huge factor in delivering this great experience has been the beautiful exploration available within the Crystal Desert.

The Six Big Wins for Path of Fire

Path of Fire is officially here! Travel across the sandy plains of the Crystal Desert as you chase down the God of War, Balthazar, and do your best to save not only the people of the desert, but the entire world. Path of Fire has launched to a wonderful reception so far from the community, and it brings with it both some amazingly gameplay as well as brilliant quality of life and class improvements. Here are the six biggest wins from Path of Fire so far!

7 Things to Do Before Path of Fire

In a few short days, Path of Fire will be hitting the homes of players around the world, with new content, new builds and amazing new features. Before that day comes, players will be frantically making sure they have everything ready for a trip into the desert. This checklist will help you decide how to best use your last days of Heart of Thorns.

What Class to Play?

Path of Fire, the upcoming expansion, is just 10 days away! With its release players will be getting an influx of new content, maps, story, gear and more, including the release of the highly anticipated Elite Specialisations! These new specs will be much like the Heart of Thorns ones before them, new ways to play the existing classes that offer unique and divergent pathways for players. The biggest question now for many new and returning players is- what to play?