Dark or Light


March 2004
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August 2006
Risk vs. Reward

In his first submission to MMORPG.com in this role, our new World of Warcraft Correspondent Darren Bridle files this article discussion risk vs. Reward in the most populated MMORPG ever created, Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

Bi-Weekly Q&A #11

A number of folks from SOE take the time to answer some questions from Darren Bridle in our continuing bi-weekly Q&A series.

Raids: Contested vs. Instanced

Darren Bridle and Robert Fitzgerald square off.

EverQuest II: Kingdom of the Sky Review

We take a peek at SOE's latest expansion.

Casual Raiding

Darren Bridle looks at this issue facing guilds in MMORPGs.

Interview with Brad McQuaid

The father of the original EverQuest talks to us about his new game.

Q&A #4

Once again, the Lead Designer of Dark and Light drops in to answer our questions.

Q&A #3

Stephane Quilichini, a.k.a. Vuuar, answers our questions as we resume a bi-weekly Q&A series with the people behind Dark & Light.

Depths of Darkhollow Q&A

It has been a long time since we caught up with the former king's of the hill - SOE's classic EverQuest. Now, with yet another expansion heading down the pipe, we talk to Craig Knapp, Producer.

EverQuest II Content Galore!

Since the release of Everquest 2 in November 2004, Sony Online Entertainment has experienced tremendous success and laid claim to its 2nd established MMO. So what is Sony’s secret to success? Let’s take a look at what has been added since release, just a short 6 months ago.

Thoughts on Station Exchange

Darren Bridle has put up a small article looking at the new "Station Exchange" system that SOE has recently announced.