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Downtime Chat

Join us for the Downtime STILL Sucks chat at 10pm EDT in the MMORPG.com Live Chatroom!

Empyrean Age Dev Chat Log

The folks from CCP joined us on Sunday for a developer chat. Here are the complete logs of that chat for your reading pleasure.

Dev - 06/01/08, 1pm EST (1700 GMT)

Please join us on Sunday, June 1st at 1pm EST (1700 GMT) for another MMORPG.com dev chat!

Dev Chat Log

On Tuesday, the folks from EverQuest dropped by our chat room to talk a little bit about their game and to answer questions from MMORPG.com members.

Dev Chat - TONIGHT! - 7pm EST

Please join us tonight at 7pm EST for another MMORPG.com dev chat!

A Chat about MMOGChart

In her final report coming out of the Indie MMO Developers Conference, Laura Genender talks to Bruce Woodcock, better known as "Sir Bruce" of the interesting and sometimes controversial traffic-tracking site MMOGChart.com.

Government in Games with Dr. Richard Bartle

While attending the 2008 Indie MMO Game Developers Conference, Community Manager Laura Genender had the opportunity to hear Dr. Richard Bartle speak on the relationship between online games and governments; exploring both real life situations and hypothetical outcomes that may be on the horizon.

The Newbie Experience

While attending the 2008 Indie MMO Developer's Conference in Minneapolis, Community Manager Laura Genender sat in on a panel discussing the importance of the newbie experience. In this report, she brings the thoughts of the panelists and those of her own to the table as she discusses this important element of game design.

The Great EULA Debate

While attending the 2008 Indie MMO Developer's Conference in Minneapolis, Community Manager Laura Genender sat in on a round table discussion about the ever-popular End User License Agreement (EULA).


Last weekend, MMORPG.com's Laura Genender attended the 2008 Indie MMO Developer's Conference. While there, she attended a round table discussion on the impact of players not spending time gaining “experience points” at the expense of experiencing the content

Live Gamer Update

About a month ago, at the Game Developer's Conference, a technical glitch meant that we couldn't bring you our interview with the guys from Live Gamer. This week, Community Manager Laura Genender brings us this interview meant to replace the one that the technical gremlins stole in the first place.

Dev Chat Log

On Wednesday, March 12th, the developers from SOE's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes stopped by the MMORPG.com IRC to talk about their game. Today, we present you with the chat log.

The Council of Stellar Management

Recently, Community Manager Laura Genender had the oportunity to sit down and talk to Petur Oskarsson, a Researcher and Developer at CCP who is currently working on the Council of Stellar Management, EVE's forray into democracy.

Javien: A Payment Company

At the Game Developer's Conference, we talk to all kinds of companies, form game developers to AI engineering companies. Today, Larua Genender files her editoial report on Javien, a payment company.