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Steven has been a writer at MMORPG.COM since 2017. A lover of many different genres, he finds he spends most of his game time in action RPGs, and talking about himself in 3rd person on his biography page.

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Dune: Awakening Updates FAQ's with Beta Selection Info and Teases 'Lone Wolf' Playstyle

Today, the team has updated their FAQ's with some new information touching on closed testing, the NDA, and how you can get selected for the next set of tests.

MMO Launch Spotlight | A Huge Social Adventure MMO Tops Our List of Releases This Week

his week saw a number of MMO's hit Steam. A long-time peaceful cooperative social game made its way to a new platform, and a new indie PC MMO hitting the scene. Here's our shortlist of what launched this week.

AFK Journey Review: Heroes, Guilds, and Gacha - Should You Invest Your Time?

Millions of players have hopped in between the PC and mobile version to get in on the ground floor of the next big gacha hero collector. Should you join them?

Inkbound Review: Rise of the Unbound Merges Polish, Strategy and Story in this Co-Op Roguelike

Inkbound has come a long way, and it seems like the majority of Rise of the Unbound irons our the rough edges for new players. Read our full review to find out how!

MMO Launch Spotlight | Dive into Medieval Fantasy with This Week's MMO Releases

The weeks feel like they've been flying buy in 2024, and another week means another series of MMO launches.

Interview: Honkai Star Rail Devs Reveal Penacony Development & Future Game Plans

The development team at Hoyoverse provided some details on Penacony, version 2.1, and what comes next in this rousing interview held with the team back in March.

Discover Warframe's Next Chapter: Dev Team Talks Dante Unbound, 1999, and Soulframe | PAX East

Digital Extremes sat down for an interview during PAX East, and spoke candidly about Dante Unbound, how they balance their frames, the upcoming 1999 update, and Soulframe.

AFK Journey Impressions - A New Idle Obsession on the Rise with a Big Catch | PAX East

AFK Journey has been rising in popularity since its launch March 27th. After a visit with Lillith games at PAX, and some extensive post-launch play, here's our early impressions.

MMO Launch Spotlight: A Massive Week for MMO Launches - From Fantasy Adventures to Shooters

It may be our biggest week for MMO launches so far! Let's check them out!

Dune: Awakening's PAX East Impressions: Combat and Harvesting Front and Center, But Missing a Crucial Piece

Funcom showed off some new gameplay in another hands-off presentation at PAX East. Check out Steven's impressions, and find out what he liked, and why he was disappointed.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide Interview - Naoki Yoshida and Takeo Kujiraoka Talk Leviathan, a PC Demo and a Secret Endgame

We were able to sit down with DLC Director Takeo Kujiraoka, Producer Naoki Yoshida and Localization Director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to talk about what's to come in Final Fantasy 16's upcoming DLC The Rising Tide.

Reign of Guilds Misses Early Access Launch Window, Pushes Game Back to March 28th

Indie MMO Developers Atlant Games had some bad news last week when they announced that Reign of Guilds wouldn't meet their Early Access launch deadline of March 10th.

New MMO's Launched This Week - Here's The List | MMO Launch Spotlight

This week we have 3 new MMOs for you to jabber about while you await all the news to come out of next week's conventions.

Big Time's Bold Vision: A Web3 Game That Appeals to All Gamers | Developer Interview | MMONFT

Fantasy MORPG Big Time just hit Pre-Season with some stunning dungeon-based gameplay. The Big Time Studios team addresses gamers that aren't into Web3, and how their NFT cosmetics are completely optional.

MMO Launch Spotlight | Check Out the Weirdness in This Week's Releases

This week certainly didn't see anything monumental release, but what we received instead are 4 games, with at least one of them that is completely wacky.