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Part-time game reviewer, full-time gaming geek. Introduced to Pac-Man and Asteroids at a Shakey's Pizza in the '70s and hooked on games ever since.

November 2012
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Indie MMO Spotlight: Community Is What Makes An Indie MMO

This week, Broken Ranks recaps their annual TaernCon, Corepunk is looking for content creators, and Spellfarers joins our list as it prepares for Early Access.

MMO Spotlight: Some MMOs Thrive While Others Die

This week, Anvil Empires heads underground, Coreborn is about to become Coredead, and The Quinfall says NO to buying Beta keys.

 Indie MMO Spotlight: 3 Years And Counting

This week, Palia was acquired by Daybreak Games, Soul Kingdoms looked back at its development history, and Broken Ranks prepared for a mobile test.

Indie MMO Spotlight: So Many Updates!

This week, Ravendawn teases its next update, Fractured Online announces a release date, and Coreborn has a lackluster launch.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Let's Get Visual

This week, Anvil Empires and Valorbound discuss visual upgrades, Coreborn goes full release, and a pair of superhero MMOs get dev updates.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Read The ToS!

Each week we scour the internet for all things Indie MMO-related so you don't have to. Check out this edition of the Indie MMO Spotlight.

Indie MMO Spotlght: $DREAD Is #DEAD

This week, Britaria becomes the next indie MMO project to die on the vine in 2024 while Ember Sword tries to keep the crypto game concept alive. Plenty of other stuff is also going on, so let's quit wasting time and get started with this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

Indie MMO Spotlight: It's Token Time!

This week, Ember Sword talks economy, Corepunk has a horrible Alpha Test, and Zenith: Nexus readies Season 3.

Indie MMO Spotlight: That Time Of The Month

This week, everyone posted their monthly dev update, Nightingale went offline, and a solo developer calls it quits.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Is Palia The Next Indie MMO To Fall?

This week, Palia cuts its staff by 40%, while Monsters & Memories and The Qunifall prepare for upcoming tests.

Indie MMO Spotlight: The Wagadon't Chronicles

This week, The Wagadu Chronicles is shutting down, Coreborn announces server wipes, and demons invade Fractured Online.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Betas Come And Betas Go

This week, the Cyber Immortals Android test is underway while BitCraft's Alpha 1 comes to an end, Oath Games acquires struggling MMO Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, and A Township Tale adds and then quickly removes a new feature.

Strategy Session: Manor Lords Early Access Review

Manor Lords launched into early access last week, and it's taken the internet by storm. But how does it stack up in its early stages, and is it worth your time? Here's our early access review.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Another One Bites The Dust

This week, Genfanad stops development, BitCraft explains skill progression, and Mad World celebrates its one-year anniversary.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Indie MMOs Rise From The Dead

This week, Legends of Aria Classic (image above) rises from the ashes, Broken Ranks finishes its gear rework, and The Quinfall sends out invites to its next Closed Beta.