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Gears 5 Review: Testosterone Not Included

When I, and probably everyone else, think of Gears of War, the first thing that comes to mind is just how badass Marcus Fenix is. The dude was a wrecking ball throughout the original trilogy. Even though another man bearing the Fenix name is the main protagonist in Gears of War 4, Marcus still finds a way to steal the show. Now, with Gears 4 under their belt, developer The Coalition was ready to mix things up a bit with Gears 5.

Borderlands 3 Review: A Lootin’ Shootin’ Good Time

Borderlands 3 is a grand finale to a trilogy that started ten years ago. The core gameplay improvements in Borderlands 3 completely outshine the few blemishes that need to be ironed out, and any fan of the looter shooter genre should give it a try.

Borderlands 3 Review In Progress

With 20 hours played in Borderlands 3 I am enjoying my trip back to the Borderlands universe. All of the gameplay I loved seven years ago is there, but some technical issues have made for a bumpy start.

World of Warships: Hands On With Submarines

Players got their first taste of submarine warfare in World of Warships with last year’s special Halloween event, and now Wargaming has announced that submarines will be coming as the fifth playable ship class to the game. The submarines ability to submerge and resurface in unexpected places to unleash a sneak attack behind enemy lines adds a new dimension to the flat earth gameplay we have all been accustomed to. Destroyers will also be getting some new mechanics of their own to counter this new threat.

World of Warships: Legends Developer Interview

Over the years, Wargaming.net has brought tanks, planes, and warship battles to PC with great success. They followed those successes with a World of Tanks: Mercenaries launch on console and both World of Tanks and World of Warships on mobile devices.

Hexgears Venture Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

Just shy of a year ago, Hexgears made a splash in the wireless keyboard market with their Kickstarter campaign for the X-1 keyboard. They are back again this year with another crowdfunding project. The team at Hexgears did something more companies need to do: they took the feedback the community provided for their initial offering and applied it to a new design, the Venture Wireless Keyboard. Were the changes made enough to warrant a new Kickstarter campaign? Let's explore that question in our Hexgears Venture review.

Mordhau Review - More Than A Flesh Wound

In the week since release Triternion had to deal with several hiccups, a few speed bumps, and even a brick wall or two. What does that mean for people interested in picking up a copy of Mordhau? We explore that question in our Mordhau review.

Not So MMO: LifeAfter Review

Chinese developer/publisher NetEase is no stranger to the mobile arena. While we wait to see how Diablo Immortal turns out, they recently released LifeAfter, an MMORPG with survival elements in the West. While many titles re-released to new markets struggle with translation, NetEase did a stand-up job with the English translation. Did the gameplay survive the trip from the East as well, or is this just another "cash grab?" We explore that question in our LifeAfter review.

The RPG Files - Atom RPG Review

If you are looking for a classic RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world to play, then you'll be glad to know that Russian developer AtomTeam recently released Atom RPG. In Atom RPG, instead of tearing down the Berlin Wall the Cold War ended with the nukes launching. You play as a member of ATOM, an elite Russian force tasked with recovering pre-war era tech and restoring the Soviet way of life. Did the indy developer put out a worthy title, or did they just drop another bomb?

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep - First Look

With The Bard's Tale 4: Barrows Deep (BT4), developer inXile Entertainment (original developer of the 2004 Bard's Tale spinoff) is bringing us more than just a remaster of the original trilogy, we are getting a true sequel. Originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, the Backer Beta was released on July 12. So let's take a quick look at what the game has in store for us.

Gold Rush Or Fools Gold?

Wild West Online entered Early Access back in November 2017, and leading up to that point, the hype train had hit full speed. I admit I was pretty excited about a non-fantasy themed MMO, and contemplated buying into the EA. Fortunately, I rarely buy into an EA game sight unseen, and it only took a few minutes of gameplay footage to realize I had dodged a bullet.