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Monster Hunter: Iceborne Review

The Monster Hunter franchise is always unique in how every battle feels like a dance. I played most of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne solo and every monster might as well have been my dance partner. The Iceborne expansion delivers a sequel’s worth of content with how much it expands Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Impressions - Winter Wonderland

Join Jeffrey as he breaks down his impressions of Monster Hunter world's latest expansion, and why he feels it could be a great addition to any hunter's arsenal.

Guild of Dungeoneering: A Fun Tabletop Card Game with a Twist

When I first saw Guild of Dungeoneering, I’ll admit, I wasn’t interested in the slightest. By taking one look at a screenshot it almost looked too simple to me. Despite the common saying of not judging a book by its cover. 10 hours later and the developers at Gambrinous have completely proven me wrong with an early build. Guild of Dungeoneering appears simple from the outside, yet it gives you a fun tabletop card game to play with its own unique twist.

What's the Big Deal About Glyph?

In our last column on ArcheAge we had some announcements, random experiences, and PvP chatter. Rather, this week we're here to discuss Trion World's Glyph and what the big deal is about ArcheAge. So stay a while and listen if ArcheAge is your game!

Announcements, Experiences & Thoughts on PvP

Today is the day for more ArcheAge goodness. In my last column I discussed all the different forms of transportation and my encounters with them. This time around we're going to take a moment to talk about my latest experiences with ArcheAge, some announcements, and PvP as much as I understand!

Cars and Gliders and Boats, Oh My

Here we are yet again, another day, another column, another post to discuss ArcheAge! My last column was mostly to discuss the news on Founder's Packs and a few other in-game experiences. Since then we've had one new blog post from Trion Worlds that discusses, “Traversing the World”. Let's leap into discussing that first and see where it goes.

Build Your Own Galaxy & Your Path to Glory

If you're looking for an open world space Action RPG, look no further, Void Expanse has you covered! Atomic Torch allows you to build your own procedurally generated galaxy and make your own path to glory. What makes Void Expanse fun is that it has a large world for you to explore full of encounters of all sorts. Better yet, it's up to you whether you play alone, with friends, or hundreds of other random people.

So Much to Look Forward To

Welcome back into the world of ArcheAge! Last week I gave you a fresh look at ArcheAge after having played it for a few hours. Since then I've gone gliding, explored further, quested more, and of course got my hands on the crafting system. In terms of news the only new thing we've gotten was last week when Trion Worlds announced their three Founder's Packs.

A New Guy's Perspective on Trion's AA

Instead of discussing the latest news Trion Worlds has on ArcheAge, we're going to focus on the game itself. Last week I found my way into the ArcheAge alpha and was finally able to get hands on with it to see what all the rage is from region to region for ArcheAge. Despite all the 1.0 patch nonsense, now I was able to see why everyone in the community has been voicing their opinions so loudly for Trion to hear.

This Week's AA News Round Up

A bit over a week ago GDC kicked off and with it came more ArcheAge news from Trion Worlds. More specifically, Producer Victoria Voss, Community Manager Evan Berman, and CEO Scott Hartsman were on the scene! If you haven't been following our column on ArcheAge, Bill Murphy's preview provides an informative overview on AA. Whereas Som Pourfarzaneh's preview gives a closer look to the sandbox side of the game.

IP Blocking & a New Community Manager

Our last article was focusing on Trion Worlds stating they'll be making their way to the Game Developer Conference, going on for the next few days. This time around we have a two new topics to delve into, IP blocking and a new promising Community Manager on ArcheAge! Many of the things we discuss in today’s article were confirmed earlier this week in the exclusive MMORPG.com interview with Trion CEO Scott Hartsman.

Russian Beta & Trion Talks

Since my article two weeks ago discussing the issues revolving around the 1.0 patch a few things have happened. ArcheAge in Russia entered their open beta on February 22nd allowing for even more people to get their hands on the game. The launch of this version has led to several English communities forming in a few different servers with a popular one being Nova. In the process players are of course dealing with large queues as long as a few hours to get into a server.

Is the Sand Leaving the Box?

XL Games has been calling their MMORPG title ArcheAge a sandpark for quite a while now, a mixture of a themepark and a sandbox game. One would assume it's certainly a sandpark game. You've got trading along the vast seas, 120 different class combinations, castle sieging, housing, and more allowing for players to really leave their impact on the world. But wait a second, let's take a look at a recent update to the Korean version that has some people not quite so happy!

WildStar-ESP Interviews Matt Mocarski

The team over at Spanish WildStar fansite WildStar-ESP recently scored an interview with Creative Director Matt Mocarski of Carbine. We've teamed up to transcribe the full interview for you here, while the Spanish translation is over at WildStar-ESP. Enjoy!

Spikes, Stims, and Weapons, Oh My!

Defiance players will have an opportunity to check out the latest DLC, Arkbreaker starting tomorrow. We spent some time checking out the new content and much more. Check it out before heading to the comments to chat.