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Book of Travels Update Brings WASD Controls, Foundation for Controller Support, and New Settings Options

Book of Travels patch brings some fixes, improvements, additional settings options, and some significant movement system changes.

Wild Terra 2 Getting a Free Weekend and Roadmap Update, With Full Launch on November 10th

Wild Terra 2: New Lands will release on November 10th, leaving early access with no server wipe. There's also a free weekend coming up this weekend and an updated roadmap laying out plans for 2022 into 2023.

Blade & Soul Will Add the New Musician Class, Ethereal Battlegrounds, and Lots More in the October 12th Update

NCSoft is unveiling details about Blade & Soul's next major expansion, Symphony of Destruction, which will bring a new class, the Musician, a new dungeon, events, and a lot more on October 12th.

Renewal of Ro Is EverQuest II's 19th Expansion, With Beta Starting Next Week

In the final quarterly EverQuest II roadmap update, we get the 19th expansion title, Renewal of Ro. Beta begins for the expansion next week.

Skull and Bones Delayed Again, This Time to March 2023, But Open Beta is Coming

After resurfacing a couple of months ago and setting a November release date, Ubisoft has once again delayed pirate MMO Skull and Bones.  The game has been moved to March 2023. 

New World Marks First Anniversary With Detailed Infographic and A Look Back

Amazon is marking the first year of New World with a brand new infographic celebrating all kinds of player milestones, community development, events, and a number of happenings throughout the first year of the game.

Massively Multiplayer Persistent Sandbox War Game Foxhole Goes Live Today

Exiting Early Access for final launch today is Foxhole, a massively multiplayer sandbox war game that lets players control everything about the war and its outcomes.

After a Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Genfanad Launches With a Trailer Skewering MMO Tropes

Inspired by classic MMORPGs and with a whole lot of tongue in cheek humor, Genfanad has officially launched following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Neverwinter Update Follows Up On Feedback That Changes How the Dev Team Rebalances Items

The Neverwinter team's latest update fixes some bugs, and makes some important balance changes. These changes follow an earlier community update and a vow to change the item balance process.

BitCraft Producer Shares a Development Update on What's Happening and What's Next in Pre-Alpha

The BitCraft team has been quiet for a while, but a new producer shared a development update for pre-alpha. Expect a new movement system, more ways to use the oceans, and increased reasons to explore.

Lost Ark Update Adds The Machinist Tomorrow, a New Legion Raid, and Starts the First Round of Server Merges

Tomorrow, Lost Ark's "Rage With the Machinist" update brings the Machinist advanced class, a new Legion raid, special practice modes, and begins the first round of server merges.

NCSoft Shows off Throne & Liberty Internal Beta Footage and Launches a 'Play Novel' Map Full of Lore to Explore

NCSoft is showing off some internal beta testing for Throne & Liberty. They've also rolled out a new story map taking us into some new details of the game's setting, characters, and lore.

Tower of Fantasy Starts Some Events and New Character, Weapons Engineer, Cobalt-B Arrives Next Week

The Vera update is coming to Tower of Fantasy later this fall, but first there are some new events, and a new character coming next week, Cobalt-B, whose flaming revolver and weapons design expertise make her valuable.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is Now Live for World of Warcraft Classic

Launch day has finally come for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, moving World of Warcraft Classic into its next (very cold) phase with the new expansion content.

The Elder Scrolls Online Renews Focus on High Isle With New Community Event

Firesong may be coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in November, but this week, there's renewed focus on High Isle, with the Heroes of High Isle community event.