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Team-Based PvP Title Project Loki Announces Alpha Start and NetEase and Nexon Publishing Deal in Asia

It's been a while since we've heard anything about team-based competitive PvP title, Project Loki, from Theorycraft Games. Today, the team has announced two major milestones, including the start of alpha and publishing deals in Asia and beyond.

Pax Dei Adds More Initial Wilderness Alpha Shards, Invites Will Go Out Tomorrow

Pax Dei's Wilderness Alpha will have more shards than originally planned, as invites are about to start going out.

Final Fantasy XVI DLC, The Rising Tide, is Out, Promising New Endgame Content and Leviathan Battle

Final Fantasy XVI's second (and final) paid DLC, "The Rising Tide" is out today on PlayStation 5. Play through new story with Clive, head to a new area, battle Eikon Leviathan the Lost, and take on new endgame content.

Hawked Adds a New PvP Mode, New Enemies, and More Artifacts For Your Loot Chase

Colorful extraction shooter Hawked has a new update that introduces new modes, including the new PvP "Wonder Rush" mode, along with new artifacts, new enemies, and more.

World of Warcraft: The War Within 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition Preorder Opens

World of Warcraft just opened signups for The War Within beta, and the countdown that was on the Blizzard Gear site has now revealed the full War Within 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

Legends of Aria Classic to Launch on Steam May 9th As Subscription MMORPG

Citadel Studios' Legends of Aria Classic, which is a "return to our...ruleset of 2019" will launch in May, after a series of overhauls, pivot to pay to earn, then spinning off Classic.

Demons are Coming to Fractured Online in The Invasion Update in May

The Demons are finally coming. Prepare for The Invasion in Fractured Online. The second major update since Early Access will be released on May 8th.

Time Warp in a New Way as Warframe Announces Protea Prime Coming May 1st

Warframe's next Prime Access release will be Protea Prime, set to release May 1st. Digital Extremes released details on Protea Prime, along with the next dev stream and what reveals are ahead.

Seekers of Skyveil Sets Two New Playtest Dates, Including New Asia-Pacific Test To Open New Servers

The next Seekers of Skyveil playtest dates have been announced, with the action RPG-extraction adventure title setting two new playtest dates in different regions, along with details.

Fantastic Pixel Castle's Scott Johnson and Brian Holinka on Combat and PvP, and Their 'Approachable' Design Goal

The latest Fantastic Pixel Castle podcast episode features Brian Holinka, former WoW Lead Combat Designer, on combat and PvP, classes, control schemes, and making an 'approachable' MMO.

The Quinfall Shows off Pets and Mounts, From Varieties (Bees?) to Evolution, Skills, and Taming

The Quinfall has another new gameplay video, this time showing off some of the pets and mounts you can acquire, along with their mechanics.

Elder Scrolls Online Issue Took Down the PTS and NA Live Server Temporarily, With Some Accounts Getting Rollbacks

The Elder Scrolls Online has restored all systems after an issue with the PTS and NA live server led to both being taken down temporarily. With services restored, some affected accounts facing rollbacks wil get compensation.

Last Oasis Releases Modkit and Teases PVP-Focus, With Season 6 in the Works

Last Oasis now has the modkit that developer Donkey Crew promised would be on the way in a post last fall. That post came after a year of silence, but the latest work and release also came with an update on a Season 6 to come.

Black Desert Online Adds the Ancient Anvil, Offering a Guaranteed Enhancement if You Fail Enough Times

Black Desert Online has formally introduced the Ancient Anvil, a new gear enhancement system that will give you another shot at guaranteed enhancement should you fail in prior attempts.

It's Super Adventure Festival Time in Guild Wars 2, With New Rewards, Achievements, and Adventures

It's Super Adventure Festival time again in Guild Wars 2, so head to Rata Sum for your annual adventures in Moto's game mode. There's an expanded Test Zone, new rewards, and more this year.