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Albion Online Adds New Victory Emotes To Add Some Flair to Your Kills

In today's update, Albion Online adds several new victory emotes to add some style to your player kills. Today's patch also has some improvements and balance changes.

Swords of Legends Online Adding Some New Hard and Extreme Raids, and a Rewarding Dragonstar Anniversary

Swords of Legends Online will get a new patch tomorrow with its weekly reset. The new update will add advanced difficulty modes for two raids, begin the Dragonstar Anniversary with a special quest, and more.

New World XP Bonuses Coming Tomorrow Before Brimstone Sands Update; This Week's Patch Fixes Issues

With Brimstone Sands coming October 18th, New World has a housekeeping patch and a major XP bonus progression event arriving tomorrow.

Guild Wars 2 Releases Major Profession Balance Change Patch After Community Feedback Period

ArenaNet , after promises of greater transparency, has released a new major professions balance patch for Guild Wars 2. The update also revisits some prior mechanics and fixes some issues.

Blizzard Brings Back Winds of Wisdom XP Bonus and Begins Another Round of Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum

As promised, Blizzard has brought back the Winds of Wisdom XP bonus, at least until Dragonflight's pre-patch is out. World of Warcraft has also begun another round of  the Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum event.

Apple to Raise Prices Starting Tomorrow, Affecting Some Mobile and Cross-Platform Games and Cash Shops

Tomorrow, Apple will begin raising the prices of apps and in-app purchases across several regions and countries, and this will affect some cross-platform and mobile games' cash shops going forward.

Company of Heroes 3 Delayed to February for Additional Development, Fixes, and Polish

Those who have been looking forward to Company of Heroes 3 will have to wait a little longer. The game has been delayed from November to February 23, 2023.

Lost Ark Roadmap Unveils the Summoner and Reaper and the 'Most Challenging' 8-Gate Brelshaza Legion Raid

The end of 2022 roadmap for Lost Ark is packed with challenges, events, the Summoner and Reaper advanced classes, the 'most challenging' 8-gate Brelshaza Legion Raid, and more.

CitizenCon is This Week, and Star Citizen Will Give Backers Digital Gear and Space Whale Plushies

It's almost CitizenCon time and a big week for Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium has revealed the upcoming talks and a special gift pack for backers with a special party animal included.

Updated Guild Wars 2 Roadmap Details ArenaNet's Plans For the Rest of 2022

Guild Wars 2 has an updated roadmap covering the rest of 2022. There will be two planned major profession balance updates, events, the final Living World Season 1 episode, and more.

Old School RuneScape Getting Fresh Start Worlds Starting October 19th

On October 19th, Old School RuneScape will open up Fresh Start worlds with a completely clean slate economy, World Firsts, and a new achievements system for new players.

The Preacher is the First Class Profile for Warhammer 40K: Darktide

With release set for next month, Warhammer 40K Darktide introduces the Preacher, a class option for the Zealot. This melee holy warrior deals more damage with lower health, and can get teammates out of the fray.

Brimstone Sands Arrives in New World on October 18th

Brimstone Sands will arrive in New World on October 18th. Amazon Games also has a new behind the scenes feature on the creation of the upcoming update, lore, and inspirations.

Papaya Play Officially Opens Its Echo of Soul Service With Lots of Character Transfer Rewards

Papaya Play has officially taken over publishing Echo of Soul globally, and has opened character transfers, along with some rewarding events.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Update Coming October 20th, With Steam Launch the Same Day

Tower of Fantasy will get its first major update, the previously teased Vera expansion, on October 20th. On the same day, the game will also be made available on Steam.