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New World War PTR Test Abruptly Ends After Potential Dev Error, and Players Have Some Opinions

A PTR War with the New World devs to test out Leaderboards abruptly ended after a potential dev error, and the community has some questions.

Zenith: the Last City Marks a Year Since Launch, Talks Next Patch and PSVR2

Collect a new title to mark the first anniversary of Zenith: the Last City. The next patch, arriving in time for its PSVR 2 launch, will bring fixes, and a baby Arborhut pet.

Diablo IV Devs Break Down Details in the Release Date Trailer, Hinting At What's Coming

The Diablo IV team breaks down the release date reveal cinematic trailer, highlighting details and hinting at some of what we can expect in June when the game is out.

Decision to Delay The Day Before Again Was Made Before Any Trademark Issue

Fntastic admits that delaying The Day Before to November was their plan even before trademark issue happened, but ask people to believe in their work until you see it.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Shares Brand New  Lore, 2023 Roadmap Updates, and More Ahead of Pre-Alpha

Elaboration on the 2023 roadmap, a lore entry featuring a new nomadic people, and more from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Diablo III Opening PTR for Season 28 - Rites of Sanctuary

Next week, Season 28, Rites of Sanctuary heads to the Diablo III PTR with a new update, 2.7.5. Explore the mysterious Altar of Rites, unlock new powers, and more.

Old School RuneScape Updates Wilderness Bosses and Details Record Breaking New Skill Vote

The Wilderness Boss Rework is here for Old School RuneScape, with Jagex also reprting a record-breaking community vote on the upcoming skill.

Guild Wars 2 2023 Roadmap is Coming, and ArenaNet Reveals a Few Details For Now

ArenaNet promises a 2023 Guild Wars 2 roadmap within a few weeks, and reveals when WvW quality of life details, balance change notes, and more content changes, will happen.

V Rising Gets Hotfix and Sells 3 Million Copies, With Devblog Coming Soon on Upcoming Expansion

Stunlock Studios has a new patch for V Rising, and announces that the open-world vampire survival game has sold over three million copies in Early Access. The team also promises details on this year's expansion soon.

Meet Alyss, Tower of Fantasy's Next Simulacrum Coming Next Week

Alyss, Tower of Fantasy's next simulacrum, gets an introduction video to hint at her complex past, show her weapon, Unyielding Blade, and more. Plus, the team readies half-year anniversary events.

New High Level Content, Goblin Monks, and New Gear Coming in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7

World of Warcraft offers a preview of patch 10.0.7, which will bring new high-level content, new armor sets, and open the Monk class to new races.

ArcheAge: Unchained Fresh Start Servers Open February 9th With More Boosts and No Content Gates

A new round of Fresh Start servers for ArcheAge: Unchained opens on February 9th. This time, expect even greater buffs, boosted loot drops, and no content gates.

Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary With 2022 Stats, Free Premium and Events

 Broken Ranks is marking its first anniversary today, with some new statistics about the first year in service, some new events, a free week of premium, and events.

Valentione's Day Returns to Final Fantasy XIV On February 1st, With a Brand New Exclusive Emote

Final Fantasy XIV brings its Valentione's Day event back on February 1st, with new rewards, a new emote, and more.

Fatshark Aplogizes for WH40K Darktide's Launch and Will Dedicate Months to Fixing It

Developer Fatshark will delay Warhammer 40,000: Darktide content and console release in order to spend the next few months "getting the game to where it should be".