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August 2016
On The Road Again

In our latest Developer Perspectives, Sanya Weathers offers her usual pithy commentary about the developer side of the game equation and the news that this is, at least for now, her final column at MMORPG.com. But there are good reasons why as you will see. Check it out!

Closing Time

This has been a rough week in game development with studios closing, developers being laid off and games being canceled. In today's Developer Perspectives, we get an inside look at how it all feels and what it means. Read on!

Less Bias Means More Money

In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at the idea of bias in game development. Bias is a super-charged word and we've got lots to say about it. Keep reading!

You Can't Always Kickstart Your Heart

Last week, PitchBlack Studios announced that it was shutting down production of Dominus and fans of the game began calling for a Kickstarter campaign, today's answer to funding woes. In our latest Developer Perspectives, we take a look at Kickstarter projects. See what you think!

Why Don’t They...

There’s a line in Robert Heinlein’s last novel that reads “Any question that starts out ‘why don’t they—‘ the answer is always ‘Money.’” And so begins our latest Developer Perspectives column. Intriguing, isn't it? Keep reading!

Translations in Community Management

Developers, in case you didn't know, have a secret language all of their own when communicating with their players. In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at what is said and what it just might really mean. Check it out!

Message Board Warts

Message boards are both bane and boon to gamers everywhere. In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at some of the forum denizens in their natural habitats and offer some thoughts. See what you think then leave your comments.

A Note to the Vocal Minority

We all know who they are...heck, some of us might -be- these guys. You know the ones we mean: The passionate followers of any game. In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at the 'vocal minority'. See what you think and then weigh in with your ideas in the comments.

The Beta Blues

Beta testing is just a quick way to get into our most anticipated MMO IMMEDIATELY...right? Right? Well, maybe not as today's Developer Perspectives opines. We mourn the loss of what used to be an actual testing period for games. Check it out and then add your thoughts in the comments....unless you're That Guy.

Why I'm Freaking Out Over SOPA/PIPA

In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at SOPA/PIPA, two pieces of legislation currently active in the United States Congress. We get a unique peek at why this is so alarming to those who make the games we love. Read on!

Developer Perspectives: We Plan To Fail

In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at the fact that any time a game is being created, failure will happen and that it can happen in so many different places. See why it's important for devs gird their loins in preparation for this and find out exactly what the 'bus factor' is and then let us know what you think in the comments.

The Agility of a Startup

In today's Developer Perspectives, we're given an inside look at the concept of "agile development". The idea that a company can somehow be agile seems quite foreign but is ably explained. Find out what agile development is and how it is best accomplished. Leave us a comment or two!

Developer Perspectives: The Startup Staff

In her latest column for MMORPG.com, Pitchblack Studios' Community Weenie Sanya Weathers once again gives her unique perspective on start up companies. This time, Sanya turns her laser-like gaze on the staff and what any company worth its salt needs. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Developer Perspectives: Start Ups - Do It Youself

In a new Developer Perspectives series, Pitchblack Studios' Sanya Weathers offers her thoughts about the dev side of things. Today, Sanya talks start up companies and what it means to work at one. Sanya is currently the Director of Community for Pitchblack Games, a startup MMO company working on Prime Battle For Dominus. She has been working in the MMO industry since 2000, either as a journalist, a writer, or a community weenie. Read on!

MMO Underbelly: The Takeaway

MMORPG.com columnist Sanya Weathers wraps up her tenure here at MMORPG.com with this column reflecting on the ideas that she would like to leaves us with.